My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

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Episode 15 of My Lovely Liar starts with Do-ha at Sol-hee’s bedside as she gets treatment at the hospital. Once she wakes up, she asks about Deuk-chan, and Do-ha tells her he suffered severe injuries. The doctors are currently operating on him, but Do-ha is more concerned about her. 

The doctor informs them that she suffered a vasovagal syncope due to the shockwave from the explosion. He states it is nothing serious, and she will be fine. Gang-min overhears the conversation and is relieved that Sol-hee is okay. He approaches and lets them know Deuk-chan’s operation will take a while. In the meantime, the evidence has been handed to the forensic team. 

Soon after, Sol-hee checks out of the hospital but leaves Do-ha behind. She assures him she is fine and asks him to stay and wait for Deuk-chan to wake up from the surgery. Do-ha says he wants to ask Deuk-chan the truth about what happened to Eom-ji and why he killed her. Sol-hee is so distracted she fails to notice her ability is no longer working.  

Do-ha stays behind with Gang-min and thanks him for his help. Gang-min admits he blamed Sol-hee’s ability for their breakup, but he is happy it helped Do-ha. On the other hand, Do-ha promises to be a better boyfriend to Sol-hee. This conversation brings them closer, and it seems they might get along well in the future.

Once Deuk-chan wakes up, Do-ha scolds him for trying to kill himself. He also asks about the night Eom-ji died. Deuk-chan explains it was an accident. He and Eom-ji got into an altercation after he realized she knew he loved Do-ha. Eom-ji mocked him and said Do-ha would never reciprocate his feelings.  In anger and jealousy, Deuk-chan grabbed her neck. There was a struggle, and she fell and hit her head on a stone. He then went back to the bar to watch the game.

Later that night, he buried her and did his best to make it look like a suicide. He got rid of everything except the blouse she wore that night. He didn’t realize until later that Eom-ji had grabbed the ring he wore on his necklace. This was the ring that was found at her burial site. It belonged to Deuk-chan; he got a similar one because he wanted to match with Do-ha. 

Deuk-chan admits that he kept Eom-ji’s blouse because he was scared that Do-ha might go to jail for killing her one day. If that were to happen, he was prepared to turn himself in and save Do-ha. All his life, he has been feeling guilty. He promises to pay for his crime since his suicide mission failed.

He apologizes, but Do-ha says it won’t solve anything. Deuk-chan’s actions hurt many people, and Eom-ji deserves justice. Do-ha acknowledges it must not have been easy for Deuk-chan, too, and they say their goodbyes. 

The media picks up on the story and reports on it. The journalist who did a documentary on the case and blamed Do-ha opts to issue an apology. Jae-chan sees the news from the holding cell and feels sad for his brother. J Entertainment shuts down, and the healing process starts for everyone.

Do-ha and Sol-hee attend Eom-ji’s funeral. Eom-ho is the chief mourner. He sincerely apologizes to Do-ha, who forgives him.  Sol-hee says she came to the funeral because she also has something to say to Eom-ji. She asks Eom-ji to allow Do-ha to rest and at least get some peaceful sleep. She believes Eom-ji brought them together so she can help Do-ha with her ability. Speaking of her ability, she no longer hears lies and thinks people have stopped lying.

Elsewhere, Cho-rok is chastised by her friend when O-baek shows up, asking her to join him for lunch. It turns out Cho-rok dumped O-baek because she found out he was working at a shady bar. O-baek tried to explain that he didn’t know and only worked at the till before quitting the next day. Sadly, Cho-rok didn’t believe him. He overhears how the friend chastises Cho-rok and feels despondent.

As the days pass, Do-ha and Sol-hee continue to date. Do-ha is a bit jealous about how Sol-hee addresses Gang-min as oppa. She decides to start calling him oppa, and he also addresses her as dear. This was such a lovey-dovey scene; why are they so cute? On the other hand, Gangmin is touched when she sends the officers coffee but gives him juice instead. He is also happy about the possibility of getting a special promotion.

Back to Sol-hee she only realizes her ability is not working when she gets hired by a client. The client wanted her to find out why a certain woman kept turning him down. They meet up, and the woman lies and tries to give various excuses, which Sol-hee establishes as accurate.

The woman gets fed up as her date insists, claiming he is fine with all her reasons. Ultimately, she loses her cool and admits she finds the man unattractive but can’t tell him since he is the chairman’s son. Sol-hee gives him a full refund and pays the penalty for breach of contract. 

In the meantime, Do-ha gets back to writing music and thinks about helping Ethan. Sol-hee interrupts him and tells him about the loss of her ability. He tries to cheer her up and even suggests they go back to the hospital. Sol-hee says it is useless; no doctor has ever been able to explain her phenomenon. She believes once her ears fully heal from the damage of the blast, her ability will return. She asks Do-ha to lie but gets offended when he does. 

Concerning her work, Sol-hee confesses the truth about her ability to Cassandra and Chi-hoon. Cassandra is not surprised that Sol-hee isn’t a shaman and can’t speak to the spirit of truth. As always, Chi-hoon is the last one to find out things. Sol-hee asks them if they are willing to continue working even though they will have to be paid the regular salary of cafe attendants. Chi-hoon and Cassandra agree to continue working with her. 

Syaon drops by to try and convince Do-ha to move with her to a new agency. Do-ha says he is working on something and has no plans to join an agency. Later, Syaon offers Chi-hoon a job as her bodyguard. This puts Chi-hoon in a dilemma as he worries about leaving at such a delicate time for Sol-hee. He asks Cassandra for advice, but she doesn’t help him decide.

Elsewhere, Tae-seob appears on a show to talk about living in the mountains. Although his face is blurred,  Hyang-sook is able to recognise him. Tae-seob narrates how Hyang-sook’s cheating on him ended their marriage and broke his heart. Hyang-Sook ignores her new sugar daddy, who is planning their trip abroad, to watch the video. It seems she still has feelings for Tae-seob, but is he remorseful about what she did?

In the meantime, Cho-rok seeks help from Sol-hee to find out if O-baek lied about working as a barman while they were dating. Unfortunately, Sol-hee is unable to help as she longer has the ability to detect lies. Cho-rok leaves more agitated since she was hoping Sol-hee would tell her O-baek is a good man.

Do-ha decides to use this opportunity to allow Sol-hee to enjoy the ordinary things she couldn’t do because of her ability.  He takes her to watch plays, surprises her with dinner, and they continue to get close.  Sol-hee starts to believe losing her ability is not such a bad thing. The episode ends with them romantically making out after dinner. 

The Episode Review

With everything settled on Do-ha’s part, he can now focus on his relationship with Sol-hee. He meant it when he said he would be a good boyfriend. Man is out here raising our standards! He is so considerate and loving; Sol-hee is lucky. 

As for Sol-hee, we hope her ability returns. It is how she makes a living and needs it to help other people like Cho-rok. However, it is good that she gets to be normal for a while and enjoy the random things other people take for granted, like watching a play with her cute boyfriend. 

We are heading to the finale and look forward to seeing how Hyang-sook and Tae-seob wrap up things. 

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