My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

 The Remains of Eom-ji

My Lovely Liar episode 11 starts with Sol-hee and Do-ha enjoying themselves at the festival. Meanwhile, in Hakcheon, some people are hired to move a burial site and are shocked to discover two bodies. They immediately call the police to inform them of their finding. 

Detective Kwak gets the call about the body discovery when he is still having dinner with Gang-min. Gang-min decides to tag along and visit the scene with him. Once Detective Kwak arrives, he takes charge of the scene and examines the burial site. He finds a ring and quickly hides it in his pocket. Gang-min misses this as he is busy examining the ground layout. 

He believes the body is Eom-ji and is certain she was killed and dumped. The burial site is near the beach area where Eom-ji was last seen. It is, therefore, not a stretch to assume the bones belong to her. However, Detective Kwak quickly asks Gang-min not to interfere, especially after he points out there have been no other violent, missing cases in Hakcheon.   Detective Kwak is giving suspicious vibes; what is he up to?

In the meantime, back in Yeonseo-dong,  Sol-hee invites Cassandra and Chi-hoon to get some drinks to celebrate the festival’s success. The two subtly turn her down to give her time with Do-ha. Cassandra says she is tired, and Chi-hoon claims he has to prepare to watch a movie that Syaon did a soundtrack for. Do-ha suggests they go to the local bar and celebrate with the other neighbours. 

The celebration becomes lively as they drink and make casual conversation. The question about their status arises, and Do-ha proudly admits he is dating Sol-hee. He seems exceptionally pleased to be her boyfriend. On the other hand, Ch-rok is there with her new crush. O-baek is feeling jealous but tries to remain calm. The new guy lies that he fell for Cho-rok at first sight and is not seeing anyone. Sol-hee picks up on his lies and warns Cho-rok to be careful with the jerk. 

As they party, Young-jae asks Do-ha to help him write a song. He is sure that he is the famous songwriter and wants him to be his mentor. The others wonder if  Young-jae is too drunk, but he insists. Do-ha is about to tell them everything, including why he wears a mask, but is interrupted by Cho-rok’s crush, who was on a toilet break. Sol-hee asks the others to keep Do-ha’s identity a secret.

Later, as they head home, Do-ha tells Sol-hee that he feels sharing his secret will help him feel better. He is tired of hiding and is happier without always wearing the mask. He credits Sol-hee for these changes. She, however, worries that others won’t believe him. She jokes that she believed him too easily, and now he has faith in humanity. He points out that she didn’t believe him easily.

They get all lovey-dovey and are about to kiss when a drunk Young-jae shows up crawling. They take him to Do-ha’s house since he is too drunk. Young-jae still insists on begging Do-ha to be his mentor. 

As they get Young-jae comfortable on the sofa, his brother, Ethan, calls. Do-ha picks up and explains that Young-jae is too drunk. He is willing to let Young-jae sleep on his couch but changes his mind when he starts snoring. He asks Ethan to come pick his brother up. Ethan soon arrives and takes Young-jae home. He doesn’t believe it when Young-jae says Do-ha is the famous songwriter. 

Elsewhere, Cho-rok is about to check into a hotel with her new crush. The jerk is on the phone with another lady whom he has cunningly saved on his phone as his aunt.  O-baek overhears the conversation, and they get into a fight. At first, Cho-rok thinks O-baek is acting out but soon realizes the jerk doesn’t even remember her name.

She ends up staying at the hotel with O-baek, and they bicker the next morning as always. O-baek is a great guy; hopefully, Cho-rok will give him a second chance!

The following morning, Sol-hee and Do-ha get some hangover soup and enjoy each other’s company. They reminisce about the old days when Do-ha always wore a mask. They get wrapped up in their conversation and miss the news on the TV about the body found in Hakcheon.

Speaking of Hakcheon, the police start their examination of the bones. They are certain it is the remains of a 20-year-old woman who most likely died from a blunt head injury. Detective Kwak tries to reach out to Yeon-Mi, but she is busy giving her acceptance speech. She is officially the party’s candidate and will be vying for a Governor’s seat in the upcoming election.

On the other hand, Gang-min finds Detective Kwak’s response to his questions odd. He decides to call a friend to connect him to someone who works at the National Forensic Service. 

Back at Yeonseo-dong, Hyang-sook visits Sol-hee’s tarot cafe to apologize for her behaviour last time. She is also curious about Tae-seob and the woman he is supposedly dating. Sol-hee is shocked to hear this and asks where she saw her dad. Hyang-sook confesses she went hiking and saw him in the mountains. She is also concerned about Sol-hee’s new man. She wants Sol-hee to find a rich guy who loves her. She says love and wealth are the two crucial things to consider when dating someone. 

Meanwhile, Do-ha sets the Jazz club on fire with his performance. He is unaware that Gang-min is having a conversation about him with Sol-hee. Gang-min is worried after the discovery of the new body. He warns Sol-hee that Do-ha was on heavy sleeping pills when Eom-ji went missing. He fears that Do-ha might have killed Eom-ji but has no memory of it due to his medication. Sol-hee remembers seeing Do-ha sleep medication but remains adamant that he is innocent. She assures Gang-min that he should trust her and that Do-ha is innocent. 

She later goes to the Jazz Club and finds Do-ha finally telling Joong-kyu his second name. Do-ha plays her some music, but she seems glum. He asks her what is wrong, but she tries to lie. She only hugs him and fails to mention the discovery of the body in Hakcheon. She may want to save him from the chaos the discovery is bound to bring. She sees he is in a good mood and wants him to be happy for a little longer.

The next day, Chi-hoon heads to the cinema to support Syaon’s soundtrack in the latest movie. He ends up being alone at the cinema until Syaon later joins him. She cries as she watches the movie. Chi-hoon recognizes her and asks her to consider her own happiness. He gives her the courage to think about taking a break from music.  Syaon recognizes him as the fan who has always saved her. 

She visits Deuk-chan and tells him about her plans. She asks for an indefinite leave to recharge. She wants to focus on learning music and writing her own songs. Deuk-chan is surprised by her request but agrees to it. He then meets with his team and makes three announcements. He notifies them that they will no longer be working with Do-ha, Syaon is on a break, and all artists who are not ready should be dropped. Unfortunately, Atlantis is given an axe even though Ethan has been practising really hard to be a great vocalist.

Back in Hakcheon, Eom-ho causes a scene at the police station. He demands answers and to see Eom-ji’s remains. The police try to calm him down as he confronts Detective Kwak. They promise they will notify him when they have more answers. Later, Detective Kwak calls Yeon-mi and gives her a heads-up on the case. Yeon-mi doesn’t want Do-ha to be called in for questioning and lies he is in Germany. Detective Kwak tells her about the ring and how he took care of it. He asks her not to worry; he has things under control.  

We also see Deuk-chan see the news about the body discovered in Hakcheon. He seems anxious. Is this because he lied when he gave Do-ha an alibi? Is there more to his suspicious behaviour?

The media also gets a whiff of the news and decides to cover it and get back at Yeon-mi, who dissed their program.  A video of Do-ha playing at the festival also starts going viral. It is only a matter of time before the media links him to the Hakcheon case, and things start crumbling!

Yeon-mi tries to reach out to Do-ha and warn him, but he ignores her call. He is later called by a detective from Hakcheon and asked to submit himself to Hakcheon for questioning. Do-ha is surprised to learn that Eom-ji’s remains were found on a mountain, not the ocean. Sol-hee tensely listens to his conversation. 

Yeon-mi later calls and warns him to be careful about the questioning. She asks about his matching ring with Eom-ji, and he says he threw his ring in the ocean. He also tells her that he won’t hold back. He plans to reveal everything he knows to the police and prove his innocence. Yeon-mi is not pleased to hear this; she wants him to keep a low profile and help her focus on her campaign.

Back in Hakcheon, Eom-ho is finally allowed to see Eom-ji’s remains. He breaks down and weeps for his sister. 

Do-ha leaves for Hakcheon the next morning, and Sol-hee sees him off. She even packs some food for him and offers to come with him.  He refuses her offer but is glad for the meal. Sol-hee spends the day distracted, and Cassandra asks her what is wrong. Cassandra believes that Do-ha is innocent and that Sol-hee is not dating a murderer.

Sol-hee is anxious and wishes more people believed in Do-ha’s innocence. Her anxiety heightens after Cassandra shows her the viral video of the latest Hakcheon case developments.

Elsewhere at J Entertainment, Moo-jin tries to get back into Deuk-chan’s good graces. He overhears Ethan calling Young-jae, asking him to introduce the guy to Do-ha. Ethan is gutted about Atlantis’ disbandment and hopes a song from Do-ha will launch his career. Moo-Jin asks Ethan if he knows Do-ha’s true identity and suggests they work together.

In Hakcheon, Do-ha presents himself and answers Detective Kwak’s question. He admits he was out of it the night in question. Detective Kwak quickly switches off the camera and cautions Do-ha about changing his statement. He warns him that Deuk-chan will be in trouble for giving him an alibi and to think about his mom’s career. 

Do-ha remains adamant that he walked home that night and arrived at dawn. He was unable to sleep and thought it best to skip town.  Detective Kwak wonders if the discovery of the body scared him to confess. However, Do-ha insists he is innocent. Detective Kwak asks about the ring, and Do-ha explains he threw it away. He is then set free to leave.

On his way out, another detective warns him to be cautious of Eom-ho, who is out for his blood. Before leaving Hakcheon, Do-ha visits the beach and Eom-ji’s burial site.  He seems sad and has a lot on his mind. Sol-hee’s cutely packed lunch box cheers him a bit.

Grief and anger overwhelm Eom-ho, and he sets his mind to kill Do-ha. He heads back to Seoul and meets with Reporter Jin-soo. He reveals Do-ha’s true identity to the reporter and claims he is the one who killed his sister. In return, Reporter Jin-soo gives him Do-ha’s address in Yeonseo-dong.  

Night rolls by, and Sol-hee worries about when Do-ha will get home. She is unaware that Eom-ho is waiting outside the door, ready to attack her man. Eom-ho even breaks the light and sits patiently waiting for Do-ha. 

The episode ends with Do-ha arriving home and Eom-ho is waiting for him.  A man gets off the elevator,  and approaches Do-ha’s door.  Eom-ho proceeds to stab him .We can’t see the man’s face so it is uncertain if he is Do-ha. The scene slows down as the man lies on the floor, bleeding. Sol-hee wonders what the noise is about and gets a bad feeling. Eom-ho stands over the man’s body; we are unsure if he will stab him again!

The Episode Review

What a horrible turn of events! Eom-ho has been on edge for so many years. Seeing his beloved sister’s remains must have pushed him further off the cliff. He has been baying for Do-ha’s blood for so long and has acted upon his desire. We can understand his pain, but it is still no excuse for his attack on Do-ha. 

On the other hand, we have Sol-hee; she is Do-ha’s ride-or-die girl. She trusts him and wants to help prove his innocence. The evidence is stacked against Do-ha, but she won’t give him up. We have to wonder, is her faith in her man valid? We must wait as the series progresses into its last 5 episodes. 

We are also curious about Detective Kwak; why is he helping Yeon-mi hide crucial evidence about the case? They believe that Do-ha is guilty, and they think they are helping him cover up the truth. However, have they stopped to look into other possibilities? It is such a shame that Gamg-min looks up to Detective Kwak. Detective Kwak is an embarrassment to his unit but a reminder of what happens in real life.

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