My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

A New Lead Into The Hakcheon Case

My Lovely Liar episode 10 starts with Gang-min digging deeper into the Hakcheon case. He has been unable to let the matter go after realizing Do-ha is Seung-ju, the main suspect in the case. He texts Sol-hee, but she doesn’t respond; his calls don’t go through either. With no other choice, he shows up at Sol-hee’s building. He is about to get out of his car when he spots Do-ha leaving in a hurry and decides to follow. 

He ends up overhearing Do-ha’s conversation with Eom-ho about the death of Eom-ji. Do-ha tries his best to explain he didn’t kill her. Eom-ho fails to believe him and is about to stab him when Gang-min intervenes. He tries to arrest Eom-ho, but Do-ha helps him escape. Do-ha feels he is the cause of Eom-ho’s pain, and the guilt leads him to such dumb decisions. Gang-min warns him not to hurt Sol-hee.

This prompts a man-to-man conversation, and Gang-min pretty much admits he has feelings for Sol-hee. He is clear he will protect her and advises Do-ha to keep the incident a secret. Do-ha disagrees, saying he can’t lie to Sol-hee and will tell her everything.  Gang-min figures it is because Sol-hee claims to hear lies. Do-ha insists that he wants to protect and make Sol-hee happy in his own way. This says much about how far Do-ha is willing to go for Sol-hee. He wants to share the good and the bad, while Gang-min only wants to share the bad. 

Meanwhile, Eom-ho makes it to the bus stop and thinks about Do-ha’s words. Through a flashback, we learn of Eom-ji’s troubling home life. Their drunkard father abused them and took their money, too. He stole all the money Eom-ji had saved for college.

After learning this, Eom-ho advises Eom-ji to make Do-ha her dream so he could save her from that pitiful family situation. It is his fault that Eom-ji became even more obsessed with Do-ha. She saw him as a ticket to a new life. Eom-ho returns to Hakcheon with many thoughts in his mind. 

Elsewhere, Do-ha calls Syaon to check up on her. She is relieved that he is okay, and she claims to be okay, though slightly shaken. He asks her to let Deuk-chan know the situation and hire more bodyguards. He also apologizes for inconveniencing her and causing her harm. Syaon is understanding and reveals that she had an epiphany after her terrifying run-in with Eom-ho.

She realizes it is better for Do-ha to be with another woman as long as he is alive. Do-ha is unsure what to say, so he ends the call after saying goodbye. Does this mean Syaon is finally giving up on Do-ha? 

The following day, Sol-hee stops by Do-ha’s apartment, and he tells her everything. She is scared he is hurt after seeing the bruises on his face. She is also not pleased that Do-ha met Eom-ho on his own. Sol-hee finally understands why Gang-min tried to call her the previous night. Either way, Do-ha thinks he got through to Eom-ho, and he won’t be coming back. These words don’t exactly comfort Sol-hee, so she talks with Chi-hoon about getting a bodyguard for Do-ha. 

As they talk, Gang-min visits the tarot cafe and expresses his concern over Do-ha and Sol-hee’s relationship. Sol-hee explains that she is sticking to Do-ha and believes in his innocence. She says they broke up because of his lies, but Do-ha is different. She claims she will be safe and asks Gang-min to stop worrying. 

In the meantime, Deuk-chan finds out about Syaon’s live performance at a club. He calls her to warn her that it can’t happen again. He notices her voice sounds off and is surprised when she tells her about Eom-ho. Deuk-chan hurries over to Do-ha’s place and is glad to find him alive. He argues that Do-ha took a huge risk to meet Eom-ho and thinks he should leave Yeonseo. He is troubled that Eom-ho even got close to Do-ha’s mom. Do-ha explains that he wants to end his contract with the company to save their reputation. 

He also wants to stay in Yeonseo and protect Sol-hee. Deuk-chan points out that he can barely protect himself, let alone Sol-hee. Nonetheless, Do-ha is determined to keep Sol-hee by his side and wants to stop inconveniencing those close to him. 

Back at the tarot cafe, Sol-hee wonders if she and Do-ha are officially dating. They kissed but never defined their relationship. He didn’t ask her to be his girlfriend, and she is uncertain about where they stand. She later runs into Deuk-chan at the apartment building. He asks if she trusts Do-ha, and she says yes. 

She poses the same question to him, and he admits he does too. Sol-hee senses he is not lying but lies when he congratulates her for being in a relationship with Do-ha. Why would Deuk-chan be unhappy about Do-ha’s dating life? She heads to Do-ha’s house, and they talk about their status. Do-ha cutely proposes to her, and she giggly accepts to be his girlfriend. 

Elsewhere in Yeonseo, Ethan drops by the convenience store to see Young-jae. They are friends and catch up for a while. Deuk-chan stops by the convenience store to buy some painkillers for his headache. He is so preoccupied he fails to see Ethan, and they question what he is doing in the neighbourhood. Young-jae jokes that Kim Do-ha is living nearby. Ethan sighs, saying a song by Kim Do-ha would launch his idol group to success.

Concurrently, Bo-ro is appointed as the new neighbourhood leader after the incident with the realtor. However, many people opposed his appointment and decide to give him a hard time by pulling out of the upcoming Yeonseo Festival.

Elsewhere, Jae-chan is shocked to learn one of his employees stole his money. 

The next morning, Do-ha ponders over calling his mom but decides against it. Sol-hee summons him to the tarot cafe. There, they show him a few candidates Chi-hon looked into. She wants him to hire a bodyguard, but he refuses and leaves. Sol-hee wonders if he is going to be depressed and sad.

Bo-ro stops by to ask her to join the festival, and she initially refuses. She has never been part of the festival and has no plan to join.  However, Cassandra points out that entering the festival won’t be bad and recruiting Do-ha to help. She argues this will help them keep an eye on him and have fun. 

Concurrently, Hyang-sook goes hiking with her latest catch and spots her ex-husband. She is shocked to see him live a new life in the forest and even more so when a woman approaches him. We also learn that Tae-seob sent photos to Sol-hee to prove he is doing well. 

Later, Sol-hee and Do-ha visit the convenience store and see Young-jae writing music. Young-jae says he will perform the song at the festival. Do-ha is pleasantly surprised to see him write music by hand and ask a few questions. Once they get back home, Sol-hee asks Do-ha to help her with the festival. He is unable to say no and agrees to help. 

In the meantime, Do-ha’s mom has a public debate, and her rival keeps bringing up Do-ha’s situation. She insists that the prosecutors found him innocent, and she is done letting people think she failed as a mom. She clarifies that she is capable of being a good leader and that her son is innocent. She argues that Eom-ji killed herself, and all evidence proves this. 

The next few days see Do-ha work alongside Sol-hee and her team. They brainstorm about the services they will offer at the festival and seem to have fun. 

On the other hand, Gang-min still thinks there is more to the Hakcheon case. He heads back to Hakcheon and talks with the lead investigator, Detective Kwak. The detective is adamant that there is no evidence against Do-ha. Most of the officers believe Eom-ji killed herself. 

Back at Yeonseo, the festival is a great success. Do-ha seems to be having a great time, and even his mom is moved to see him smile as she watches from a distance. Do-ha and Sol-hee prove to be the cutest couple around with their hand-holding, smiles and loving glances at each other. Do-ha even helps Young-jae perform his song after Ethan fails to show up. In the end, Young-jae wins the grand award. 

The festival ends with a fireworks show, and Do-ha and Sol-hee can’t keep their hands to themselves. They keep kissing each other and giving us butterflies as we watch their chemistry. Do-ha also buys Sol-hee a ball allegedly signed by Rooney, but Sol-hee realizes the seller is lying. However, she lets Do-ha believe it is the real deal. 

The episode ends with some construction workers in Hakcheon finding a body while digging a site. 

The Episode Review

Things were going so well, and then boom! After all these years, Eom-ji’s body has been found? Why did it take so many years to find her, and are we sure that is her body? Hopefully, this will help Do-ha prove his innocence once and for all. However, based on the trailer for the next episode,  things only get tough for him. 

Secondly, it is hard to ignore Deuk-chan’s involvement in this case. He seems suspicious, and we can’t help but wonder what he knows. Does he know more about what happened to Eom-ji? Lastly, we are curious about Do-ha’s dad; what will happen now that Hyang-sook knows where he lives?

Lastly, we are curious about Do-ha’s dad; what will happen now that Hyang-sook knows where he lives?

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