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Episode 7 of My Lovely Boxer starts with Mr Kim and his henchman beating Tae-young for failing to pay interest. At the same time, Kwon-sook and Jae-min leave the gym hand in hand, and Jae-min escorts her to the apartment. Once inside, she takes out the parcel left by Tae-young, and it is revealed that she lied to Jae-min when he asked about it. She tries to call Tae-young, but his phone is at Mr. Kim’s office, and he does not pick up. Next, Mr. Kim opens a storage room in the office, and Tae-young is lying on the floor.

Tae-young tries to stand up after the door opens but can barely hold himself, and Mr. Kim helps him stand. Mr. Kim tells Tae-young that by abducting him, he now understands the type of people he works with. He tells him he spoke to the chairperson and gave him a few more hours to pay. Tae-young tells him that he will make the payment instantly. Mr Kim warns him not to be late on payments next time as the one to be abducted might not be him, and they might not be held at the office. Tae-young does not respond, and he leaves the office. 

At the apartment, Kwon-sook wakes up at night and sees that Jae-min is not responding to her messages. She finds him lying on the couch banged up, and she tries to wake him up to sleep in his room. Tae-young can barely walk, and Kwon-sook cannot support his weight, so they both fall to the floor. Tae-young apologizes and lets Kwon-sook help him up.

The next morning, Kwon-sook brings Tae-young ointment for the wounds and porridge before leaving for her training. Tae-young wakes up later to find the porridge on the table with a note and his wounds bandaged. Elsewhere, Soo-yeon and A-reum hold a press conference to announce the management contract with About Sports.

The reporters ask about Kwon-sook’s open challenge, and A-reum confirms that she will fight Kwon-sook to defend the championship. Ho-hoong and Kwon-sook watch the interview at the gym, and the Sports and Passion team watch it at the office. Hee-won calls Tae-young and tells him he is well settled in Taiwan. The team is letting him play, and he promises Tae-young 10 wins in the next year. 

Ho-hoong gets angry when reading online comments and Kwon-sook notices. The comments do not faze her since, in her opinion, they are right. Tae-young calls a meeting and tells them about the plan to throw the match. He urges Kwon-sook to lose by decision and not by knockout, but Kwon-sook insists on doing it her way and would rather it be by knockout.

Ho-hoong reminds Tae-young of his promise but he will not let her retire. Her disdain for the game is because of the environment with her father, but in a better environment, she will start to like boxing. Kwon-sook should lose, but not by knockout so she still has room for the possibility of a US comeback.

Next, Ho-hoong arrives at the gym after running errands and finds Jo A-ra waiting outside. Jo A-ra’s gym closes, and her coach, Ho-hoong’s senior, requests that he take care of A-ra. Ho-hoong cannot turn down the request. A-ra live streams to break the news to her fans during a meal. 

Elsewhere, reporter Park and Tae-young have a meet up for some drinks. Reporter Park tells Tae-young about seeing He-won somewhere suspicious and mentions the return of match fixing. Tae-young acts a fool, pretending he has no idea. Later, he meets up with Ho-hoong, who is taking care of a drunk A-ra. He leaves A-ra under the care of Ho-hoong, promising not to reveal their plan, and walks Kwon-sook home.

During the walk, Kwon-sook asks about Tae-young’s condition, showing concern. She also thanks him for repairing her phone. She reveals that she felt competitive when she watched A-reum’s interview and, therefore, will do as Tae-young says and win by decision and not be knocked out. She then asks him for a favor. 

Tae-young, Ho-hoong, and Kwon-sook visit the kindergarten to entertain the kids through boxing. Tae-young confronts Jae-min for asking Kwon-sook to a promotional event without consulting him first. Jae-min says he held the event not to promote the school but to make Kwon-sook happy. Tae-young sees the truth of Jae-min’s words when he notices Kwon-sook’s smile while interacting with the kids.

Elsewhere, someone claiming to be Hee-won’s friend visits his family to talk to them about Ye-joon’s treatment. He says that he has set an appointment for his treatment, which will be in a few days. Tae-young arrives at a meeting with Soo-yeon who notices that he needs to see a doctor for his injuries. Back at the kindergarten, Kwon-sook and Jae-min enjoy time together after the event, and Jae-min asks about the relationship between her and Tae-young. He says that he researched and found out that Tae-young is not a good agent, but Kwon-sook defends him.

Jae-min gets angry and decides to tell her the truth. He informs her that he has resigned from the school. He is also asking around and has found a new agency willing to sign her with him as her agent. He wants to be her agent after the title match and wants them to start working together. Kwon-sook tells him of her decision to quit boxing after the title match. Her words infuriate him, and he blames her for not telling him earlier and forcing him to hand in his resignation. He walks away.

On the walk home, Kwon-sook comes across Soo-yeon and Tae-young. They offer her a ride, but she refuses. She arrives at the apartment and learns from Soo-yeon that Tae-young’s injury is serious, and she had to take him to the doctor. Kwon-sook offers to make her a coffee, but she says she knows her way around the house. She bought most of the things in the house. On the way out, Soo-yeon notices that Tae-young has not put Kwon-sook’s photo on the wall.

Tae-young escorts Soo-yeon out, and she confesses something. She has another reason for signing A-reum and convincing her to fight Kwon-sook. She wants to win against Tae-young; when she does, they can probably get back together. Tae-young does not respond to her, and he just walks back to the house. He finds Kwon-sook crying in her room, but she refuses to tell him what happened with Jae-min.

The next morning, Jae-min waits for Kwon-sook during her morning run. He tries to convince her to accept his offer, saying he changed himself to be a person she can rely on. When Kwon-sook insists on quitting boxing, he gets furious and asks how she plans to repay him for wasting his time on her.

Tae-young arrives during the confrontation, and he asks Jae-min to leave. He gives Kwon-sook the rest of the day off. Kwon-sook struggles emotionally for the next few days but still works hard during her training. Tae-young invites her out to cheer her up. 

The company arranges a media session with A-ra and Kwon-sook reading comments online. One of the comments mentions that Kwon-sook never had a boyfriend. Tae-young gets concerned and rushes to switch off the video, but Kwon-sook’s response to the question makes him happy that she is handling the breakup well.

Hee-won calls Tae-young and asks him to deliver a video game console for his son and stay until he gets home to play a game. Ye-joon can now use a computer after the treatment. Soo-yeon invites Tae-young and Kwon-sook for a meal. She asks Tae-young the kind of Visa he is trying to get for Kwon-sook, letting her know of Tae-young’s intention not to let her quit boxing.

Kwon-sook storms out of the restaurant. Tae-young chases after, and while he tries to reason with her, a disturbed Soo-yeon calls him back to the restaurant about something on the news.

His brother, Hee-won, is dead in Taiwan. The news says that he committed suicide, and in his suicide note, he mentions being involved in match-fixing when he was at the Cheetahs baseball club. Tae-young is shocked and in disbelief. Outside, he tries to call his brother, calling out to him to pick up, but the phone just keeps ringing. At the end of the episode, the phone falls off his hands, and he sits on the pavement crying as flashbacks of their memories run on the screen. 

The Episode Review

Kim Hee-won’s death is one surprise that could not be predicted and was a shocking twist. In a positive light, probably his death will give Tae-young the motivation he needs to fight back and not let Mr. Kim bully him. If he does, the next episodes might turn out quite scary since he is the ruthless son of a witch, as people call him.

Will Kwon-sook agree to debut in the United States? Will the rigging they are planning for the title match be discovered? Waiting to find out in the next episodes. 

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