My Lovely Boxer – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Dangers of Making Predictions about the Future

Episode 6 of My Lovely Boxer starts with Tae-young and Kwon-sook at the beach. She asks about her second match, seeking clarification that it will be her last, after which she will retire. He does not respond; instead, they start playing in the water and later enjoy a meal with Ho-hoong. Kwon-sook’s phone is damaged in the water; she whines about it and about eating chicken. 

Later, Tae-young interrupts a video call between Kwon-sook and Jae-min, making her protest even more. He tells her to go to sleep and goes out to have a beer and enjoy the fire, but Kwon-sook comes out, too. She says someone upset her and wants to sit with Tae-young for ten more minutes so he sets a timer.

Kwon-sook asks if Tae-young has ever been afraid of something since he is always beaming confidently, even on the first day they met. Tae-young tells her the reason he quit baseball was not his injury but because a junior outperformed him. He was afraid he would never be drafted, making college uncertain. Therefore, he got scared and ran away, thinking the team would not win without him, but they went ahead and won two championships. 

Tae-young envies Kwon-sook since she is good at boxing and mastered the basics when she was young. He asks if she has ever wanted something like to win the championship belt, but she says it is heavy and oversized. She, however, has something she wants to try: kissing. Tae-young is dumbfounded and is saved by the alarm; ten minutes are up. Later at night, Tae-young chuckles in his sleep, thinking about Kwon-sook’s words.

Kwon-sook and Tae-young’s relationship as friends has improved, and Ho-hoong notices during the morning jog along the beach. Elsewhere, Hye-jin and A-reum also jog together and banter about Hye-jin being old. Coach Song debates whether to review the files on Kwon-sook given by Tae-young. He falls asleep in front of his computer, and Hye-jin sees the file when she enters his office. 

Soo-yeon calls Tae-young, and he has to return since his mother is at the hospital. It is not severe, and the doctors called Soo-yeon since she is listed as her emergency contact. Tae-young’s mother offers to take Soo-yeon off the list but insists on avoiding problems like today. Tae-young is too busy to pick up the phone. His mother sends them out to buy ingredients for a meal.

Ho-hoong tells Kwon-sook about Tae-young’s past with Soo-yeon. They used to date, but most probably, Soo-yeon broke up with Tae-young. He was a mess when they ended things, but they are now close friends and even work together. Ho-hoong says Tae-young is a romantic and thinks there might be something between them since Soo-yeon comes to his house when she gets drunk. 

Kwon-sook cuts short the trip to train outdoors. Mr. Kim calls Tae-young late at night and asks about Kwon-sook’s opponent for the next match. He also tells him about the due date for the interest rate on the money Kim Hee-won took for Ye-joon’s treatment and hangs up the phone. 

Kwon-sook tries out the clothes Tae-young bought her. She arrives at the gym and asks about his whereabouts, and Ho-hoong says he went out to get A-reum. Since A-reum is still not agreeing to the match with Kwon-sook, Tae-young tries another way by using reporter Park’s Three Teeth Knocked Out show. He challenges A-reum and puts his coach on the spot by calling him on the live show. They pressure them and force Coach Song to agree to the match, but A-reum refuses to contend. 

Jae-min signs up for an annual membership at Ho-hoong’s gym to get close to Kwon-sook. Kwon-sook worries that Jae-min might get hurt while training to box, but he says he signed up for the beginners’ class. He also invites her to teach boxing at an event he hosts at the kindergarten. 

Tae-young tells Hee-won about an offer he got from Taiwan, but he is to take some tests before joining the team. Hee-won agrees to do the test. If finalized, Hee-won will be with the new team for three years, after which Tae-young promises to help him return to Korea. 

Kwon-sook is concerned that Jae-min has not officially asked to be in a relationship. She runs her worries by Tae-young, who tells her to ask him if she is curious. She worries that Jae-min may turn her down like he did when she first asked him out. Tae-young thinks things are different since she is no longer Lee Yu-ri, the kindergarten teacher, but Lee Kwon-sook, the professional boxer. 

Kwon-sook learns that Tae-young challenged A-reum to a match and confronts him. He reminds her she asked him to get a game with A-reum no matter what and says his life depends on the competition. Kwon-sook later tries talking to A-reum but runs into Hye-jin, who invites her for a meal.

Elsewhere, some baseball coaches and reporter Park are coming from having a meal when they notice Hee-won with some men. They mention a rumour that has been going around about Hee-won. Reporter Park is curious, follows Hee-won and the two men, and notices they get off the lift on the fifth floor. 

Hee-won meets with Mr. Kim of Sky Sports. He apologizes for not keeping his promise to rig a match and says he will take responsibility. Mr. Kim tells him not to worry since Tae-young agreed to pay the 2.5 million-dollar loss. Hee-won is surprised by the amount since they gave him only 500,000 dollars.

Mr. Kim asks Hee-won if he would agree to handle the issue himself if there is a way to do so. Reporter Park follows Hee-won to the fifth floor and notices the room he emerges from. The door says it is Paran Tours, but Reporter Park is curious. He decides to investigate, but when a man opens the door, he gets scared and pretends he is on the wrong floor and leaves.

Elsewhere, A-reum enters a restaurant to meet Coach Song. He tells her that Soo-yeon had visited to talk to him about dreams. In a flashback, the content of their meeting is revealed. Soo-yeon tells Coach Song that Kwon-sook plans to join US competitions, but the deal is incomplete. She still needs to fight A-reum for the championship and win. She plans to use that against Kwon-sook by helping A-reum sign the US deal after defeating Kwon-sook. 

Back to the present at the restaurant, Coach Song gives A-reum the data on Kwon-sook presented by Tae-young. A-reum can pass if she does not want to fight Kwon-sook. If they fail to find another opponent to challenge for the championship title, they can give it up and start again. He has complete trust in her. A-reum dumps the data in a glass of Soju. 

Next, Hye-jin tells A-reum about Kwon-sook’s visit. Hye-jin thinks Kwon-sook is nice and cute. While having a meal, Kwon-sook apologizes and asks that if A-reum does not want to fight her, she tells her not to and to follow her heart. Next, A-reum visits Soo-yeon and agrees to fight Kwon-sook. 

Hee-won leaves for Taiwan, and Tae-young ignores Mr. Kim’s call. Kwon-sook spurs with Jae-min. She says she will not throw a punch, and Jae-min wins if he lays a single punch on her. She wins and wishes to go on ten serious dates with Jae-min. If it does not work out, they call it quits; if it does, they continue seeing each other. Jae-min kisses her, and Tae-young walks in on them as they do. He leaves the phone he brought her on the table and walks out. 

Mr Kim waits for Tae-young outside the gym. He has been looking for him since the interest was due the previous day. Tae-young tries to walk away, but the man with Mr. Kim strangles Tae-young. Mr. Kim tells him not to miss his payments. The episode ends as the man punches Tae-young, and everything goes dark. 

The Episode Review

Jae-min is increasingly becoming a concern since he interrupts Kwon-sook’s training, and we are still not sure whether his intentions are honest. If it is an act, he is putting up a fantastic show and doing great.

 Mr. Kim is still a menace, and the suspense about his deal with Hee-won is worrying. Hee-won seemed disturbed while leaving for Taiwan. Kwon-sook and Tae-young are becoming close friends, sharing their past and fears with each other. 

Let’s look forward to finding out whether Soo-yeon will be the one to use Tae-young’s plan against him or if Tae-young has planned everything, including enticing Soo-yeon so she can convince A-reum to agree to a match. Will reporter Park find out about Mr. Kim’s business? What will happen to Tae-young since he did not pay Mr Kim’s commission on time?

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