My Lovely Boxer – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is

Episode 10 of My Lovely Boxer starts with Tae-young receiving a notification that it’s Kwon-sook’s birthday and remembering their promise to visit a botanical garden. He then gets a call from Mr. Kim to meet. He asks where, and sends him a photo of his mother’s fruit and vegetable shop. Meanwhile, Kwon-sook waits for Tae-young. She texts him, asking if he has forgotten about what today is.

Elsewhere, Tae-young meets with Mr. Kim, who tells him they have been keeping a close eye on his mother and took care of Ye-joon’s medical expenses to get on Tae-young’s good side. They still have Kwon-sook’s match and must recover their losses after Kim Hee-won’s mess.

Tae-young tells him that the deal with Kwon-sook is off since Mr. Kim could not guarantee her safety following Hee-won’s death. However, he has another athlete for him. He will give him the new athlete on condition that he leaves Hee-won’s family and Kwon-sook alone. He then sends his mother a bouquet.

Kwon-sook sends Tae-young a message hinting where she is waiting for him. Kwon-sook stays in the garden the whole day, and Tae-young arrives when they are almost closing. Kwon-sook is happy to see Tae-young. She runs and hugs him. They walk around the garden, having small talk about the baobab tree. Later, they go out for a meal. 

Kwon-sook opens up about her dilemma regarding the match. Part of her wants to lose and retire, while the other wants to win the game. She realizes she is not good at anything else and has no dreams. Without boxing, her life is nothing.

Tae-young suggests she try to win the match; then, she can tell the truth. Boxing scares her, and she does not like it. She can then ask the people with a sincere heart to let her go. The important thing is that she does not leave even an ounce of regret in the ring. If she tries her best, what she wants to do afterwards will come to her while in the ring. 

Kwon-sook feels that Tae-young is hiding something from her. She asks if it is dangerous and what will happen to him if she wins the match and regarding the issue with Hee-won. Tae-young lies that nothing is wrong and says he stopped being her agent so she does not get roped into the scandal. He is trying to solve the issue about Hee-won, and hence, if anyone asks, she needs to say they stopped working together a while ago.

Kwon-sook chooses to trust him and promises to continue trusting him even if the world tells her not to. She wants him to return after the match ends, and if she decides to retire, she hopes he can stay by her side. 

Coach Yang gives Tae-young the next athlete to use to rig a match for Mr. Kim. Jae-min joins Kwon-sook for her morning run, but she wants him to refrain from joining her. He, however, insists on joining her. Her father makes her breakfast, and while on her way to the gym, some kids from her father’s gym ask her to teach them boxing. 

Mr Kim has Ah-reum followed, and he realizes that she has a shoulder injury. His henchman wants to make a move and do something to Kwon-sook, but Mr. Kim stops him. He says if Ah-reum has an injury, his clients will bet on Kwon-sook, and if she loses, they will get to keep the money. Mr. Kim leaks news about the injury to journalists. 

Tae-young tells Ho-hoong that he wants Kwon-sook to win. He also says he will go to the police soon since he was involved in Hee-won’s match-fixing. He wants to get everyone involved arrested before Kwon-sook’s match to protect Kwon-sook, and then he will turn himself in. Ho-hoong has to make sure to help Kwon-sook until she wins. 

Tae-young meets Ma Young-jun, his next target for match rigging, and gives him his card. Jae-min continues to accompany Kwon-sook in the morning runs, and A-ra does not pick up Ho-hoong’s calls. Kwon-sook finds a card in A-ra’s locker about a mixed martial arts director.

Meanwhile, A-reum holds a press conference about her shoulder injury with reporter Park. She requests that people stop asking about her injury since it insults her and her opponent, Kwon-sook. She says if there is a loser during the match, it will be because the winner was better than the loser and not due to an injury. Ho-hoong encourages Kwon-sook to awaken his desire to win. 

Mr Kim visits Chul-yong and says he wants to meet Kwon-sook since he is a fan of his and hers. Chul-yong asks Mr. Kim to join him in delivering food to Kwon-sook. Chul-yong notices that Kwon-sook’s determination is back. The stronger her opponent is, the more determined she gets. 

Reporter Park meets with Tae-young at Mr. Kim’s old office. Tae-young has been researching Mr. Kim’s organization. The plan is to find their hideout and arrest them before they destroy the evidence. He intends to use Ma Young-jun as bait. 

Ta-young takes Young-jun to meet with Mr. Kim. Later, he advises him to tell his team about his misdeeds instead of trying to cover it up. He might ruin his life over a small mistake like Kim Hee-won did. Tae-young follows Mr. Kim after the meeting to find their hideout. 

Kwon-sook asks his father about the friend she injured, Yeon-kyung. He tells her she needs to visit her if she is curious. Meanwhile, Tae-young continues to follow Mr. Kim and eventually sees him visiting Kwon-sook’s father at his restaurant. Elsewhere, Kwon-sook visits Yeon-kyung in graduate school.

After she quit boxing, she started studying to become a psychologist and consultant. Her injury affected her hearing, which helps her listen better as a psychologist. Yeon-kyung thanks Kwon-sook for making a comeback. Kwon-sook tells her of her desire to quit after the title match. 

Tae-young waits for Mr. Kim at an alley outside Chul-yong’s restaurant. He beats him up with a bat for not heeding his request to stay away from Kwon-sook. Mr Kim says he is anxious since the Chairman got angry after Kim Hee-won’s death.

If Kwon-sook’s match does not go as expected, he will bury Mr. Kim. Therefore, he cannot stay away since their clients have bet a lot of money on the upcoming match. If Kwon-sook wins, he will be dead. Tae-young says he does not care about what happens to him. He has to stay away from Kwon-sook and her match. 

Tae-young tells Mr. Kim to tell the Chairman to stay away from Kwon-sook’s match. If they do not, he will cancel the match. Kwon-sook visits A-reum at her part-time job and tells her she needs to be prepared because Kwon-sook wants to beat her. She thanks A-reum for something she does not need to know and says she will beat her in the ring with her punches. 

A group of people running an illegal betting site then get arrested, and the ring leader is Mr. Kim. Tae-young is unsatisfied since Chairman Nam is still at large. Later, Tae-young finds Kwon-sook waiting for him outside his apartment building. She asks him to watch her match since it might be her last. He says he will be there. However, he had previously told reporter Park that his interview with the police would be on the day of the match. She reminds him that he promised to help with the bandages before the match. 

Kwon-sook has made up her mind for Tae-young, for all the people rooting for her, and she will try her best to win. At the end of the episode, Kwon-sook confesses that she likes Tae-young. She does not care if he likes her back. She wants to be honest and tell him how she feels.

The Episode Review

The episode is thrilling to watch since Tae-young sets on a dangerous quest to go after Mr. Kim and the match rigging team. Every second feels like danger is looming, and it might jump on Tae-young or the people he cares about anytime. The anxiety is crippling.

The episode also introduces possible romance between Ho-hoong and A-ra, alongside Tae-young and Kwon-sook. The ending leaves the viewer with lovely feelings as a reward for the debilitating uneasiness suffered throughout the episode.

Kwon-sook’s match with A-reum is coming up. With Chairman Nam still out there, will Tae-young be safe, or will the Chairman interfere? With two more episodes to go, My Lovely Boxer continues to tug at the heartstrings and keep the viewer anxiously waiting for the next episode. 

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