My Love: Six Stories of True Love – Netflix Season 1 Review

Season 1

Episode Guide

USA: Ginger & David
Spain: Nati & Augusto
Japan: Kinuko & Haruhei
Korea: Saengja & Yeongsam
Brazil: Nicinha & Jurema
India: Satyabhama & Satva



Before my grandparents passed away, they were married for over 50 years. My own marriage however, lasted six months… now I’m divorced. The point is, love is tough and unpredictable, and for many people there’s a cultural expectation to find “the one.” When you stop looking and start living however, life has a funny way of rewarding you with people who will change your life forever.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love is not about finding love online or constantly swiping left and right on dating apps. It’s not even about the heady rush of falling in love. Instead, this is a beautifully written (albeit slightly overlong) docu-series about six different couples and their happily-ever-after tales.

The couples in question range from marriages of 43 years up to 60 and more. With a fly on the wall approach, My Love follows each of these couples across a year of their life.

If you’ve seen the documentary ‘My Love, Don’t Cross The River’, the format here is virtually the same. The 60+ minute episodes are filmed across 12 months and broken down into different seasons. The couples themselves have their own issues and qualms, ranging from making plans for their wills through to discussing cultural adversity like that seen in the episode focused on Japan.

Each of these chapters do allow for a snapshot of everyday live which is nice, but because of the run-time can sometimes feel a little wearisome. That’s not to the detriment of the show, but it does make it more of an acquired taste than one may be expecting. Where the chapters do stand out however, is in the themes holding everything together.

Of course, love is a big factor but there’s also dedication, loyalty and respect, which are showcased across each of the episodes. These couples have faced a lot of challenges along the way, and it certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing for everyone. There’s also a pretty big emphasis on death too, which is explored respectfully throughout the series.

Whether it be the Korean couple of Saengja & Yeongsam tackling the loss of a child decades later, or Ginger & David talking about their ashes in the USA chapter, this motif crops up throughout the season.

The ups and downs of relationships are something everyone faces in their lifetime. For these six couples however, they manage to weather the storm and come out stronger the other side. Although a bit overlong and with some drawn out segments, My Love is a lovely series nonetheless. It won’t be for everyone but those after something a little slower and rhythmically enticing should find that here.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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