My Loneliness Has Wings (2024) Movie Review – A poignant story of a struggling artist

A poignant story of a struggling artist

My Loneliness Has Wings is a Spanish Drama film co-written by Mario Casas and Deborah Francois. Mario Casas, renowned for his superb performance in Spanish films such as Bird Box Barcelona, The Innocent, and The Invisible Guest, takes on a new role behind the camera, marking My Loneliness Has Wings his directorial debut.

The film explores the inner world of struggling artists and the challenges they face in balancing their artistic passions with the harsh realities of keeping themselves afloat. It shows how, with the right help, these artists can change how we see the world through their work.

The poignant story of a struggling artist begins with Dan (Oscar Casas), a street artist surviving through small-time crimes like pickpocketing and petty thefts. He’s accompanied by his friends Vio (Candela Gonzalez) and Reno (Farid Bechara), and together they chart the streets, often getting into trouble with the police.

After every successful escape, they head to pubs, where they divvy up their stolen loot and revel in the freedom of the night. Dan also has a sketchbook, which he uses to draw pictures of beautiful scenery that he dreams of witnessing. Dan spends most of the day wandering around the streets, and with the time left, he draws some pretty pictures.

To further quench his artistic hunger, Dan also runs his own YouTube channel where he shares his art, and he hopes to someday earn a decent living off it, so he no longer has to steal, or pickpocket. However, empty pockets don’t mark the end of Dan’s problems, as he often has to deal with his toxic and abusive father as well.  

The film keeps things straightforward without much jumping around in time. It takes its sweet time introducing us to the characters and their perspectives. However, as the movie progresses, we rarely get to know any other characters except the protagonist, Dan. He’s well-written, both physically and emotionally.

Throughout the film, we see Dan trying to outrun the cops after a heist gone south. While his friends, Vio and Reno, are ready to surrender, Dan pulls off an even bigger heist like it’s all child’s play for him. Dan is the kind of character you love to know more about. Supporting characters like Vio and Reno are also likable and they are Dan’s rock; always there for him, no matter the trouble.

When Dan gets fed up with his father and leaves home, Vio is the first person he turns to. She doesn’t ask questions; just welcomes him with open arms, no matter what. Even when Vio’s landlord warns her, she doesn’t budge, keeping Dan by her side. It’s this kind of loyalty and friendship that makes Dan believe in them so much.

Even though the side characters help Dan reach his goals, we don’t really know much about their own dreams or why they’re such good friends with Dan. Vio and Reno deserve more than just a share of the heist money for all their hard work. Their stories could’ve used a bit more exploration. 

The acting in the film totally steals the spotlight, outshining every other aspect. The actors nail it by doing justice to their respective roles, pulling us into their world. They dish out the nitty-gritty details of each character, giving us a front-row seat to their lives. Take Francisco Boira, aka Padre Dan, for example.

When we first lay eyes on him, he seems like an other average man, but those eyes of his tell a different story. Without uttering a single word in his starting scene, Padre Dan’s eyes scream danger, letting us in on the secret that his character isn’t to be trifled with. Padre is someone who makes his intention clear without saying a single word.

My Loneliness Has Wings doesn’t pull any punches and gives you a raw look into the struggles of artists in a world that often doesn’t appreciate their craft. It’s not just about art; this film tackles heavy stuff like kids’ mental health and the fallout of bad parenting.

If you’re into solo character-driven films like Taxi Driver or Raging Bull, this one is worth checking out. Take the leap of faith, and you won’t regret it.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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