My Liberation Notes – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Moving On

Episode 14 of My Liberation Notes starts on a somber note as all the kids deal with the death of their mother. Everyone is there, mourning Hye-Suk in their own way. Je-Ho is silent but he’s in a state of shock, with tears stinging his eyes. As for Hye-Suk, the family have her cremated. The thing is, even in death, the memories and little bits of that person’s life are still around, like echoes of a life once lived.

Everyone tries to move on with their lives following the funeral, with Chang-Hee settling into the Gu Jr. role at work with Je-Ho. Mi-Jeong is at work too, and speaks to her colleagues about her mum’s urn, specifically how it’s being kept at home. She’s also still trying to process what happened that day, given police showed up and began asking lots of questions.

As for Gi-Jeong, she’s angry and feels caught in the middle of this family , given her aunt has been ringing and getting in touch recently. As she discusses this with the others that night, she contemplates whether they should move the urn or not.

“There’s no such thing as the right time.” Change-Hee says later that night with his friends, as they all sit and talk about the futility of death and the shock of Hye-Suk’s passing. This is a really beautiful chat, as Du-Hwan chimes in with his own amusing stories about Hye-Suk.

At work, Mi-Jeong snaps. She calls out her boss in front of everyone as having an affair but saving his mistress as Mi-Jeong (with brackets reading “temporary employee”) on his phone.

Feeling low, Mi-Jeong takes a time out that night and tries to get through to Mr Gu. Unfortunately his number is not in service and he hasn’t been replying to her messages.

Anyway, Mi-Jeong figured this affair out a while back but stayed quiet, letting all of this stew before it has now blown over. She does eventually confront the person whom Choi is having an affair with, which happens to be Han Su-Jin. This inevitably ends up turning into a big investigation. Just prior to this, Mi-Jeong slams her bag into Su-Jin’s head; she does the same to her. Unfortunately, due to the physical assault that took place that afternoon, the two women can’t be in the same team anymore.

As for Gi-Jeong, she heads over to see Tae-Hun but despite her bubbly façade, Yu-Rim catches her off-guard by asking whether grownups get sad when their mums pass too. When Gi-Jeong asks whether she can be the girl’s mum, Yu-Rim walks away. In her absence, Tae-Hun appears, prompting Gi-Jeong to suggest they get married. “Okay, lets.” She says.

That night, Gi-Jeong confronts her sister over a bank loan and the money she’s sent to Chan-Hyeok. The amount she’s certainly not getting back any time soon.

As for Chang-Hee he actually heads to the parking lot where Gu’s car was for the night, wanting to feel that same sense of elation he did when he got to drive it. He’s not happy, which makes it all the more difficult when his dying friend asks him to be happy later that day. However, he tries his best to be happy – and part of that comes from Gu allowing him to have a car.

Je-Ho agrees, and the four all head down to the beach together. While there, Chang-Hee tries his best to lighten the mood, even telling his father that he loves him.

We don’t see exactly when these bonds were severed, but this does go some way to catch us up to the present, where Mr Gu receives the address for Mi-Jeong’s place. After gaining her address, he wants to meet her and eventually she agrees.

Up on a beautiful bridge, Mi-Jeong shows up to see him; a massive smile plastered on her face. The pair admire the differences in one another, including Mi-Jeong’s cut hair. “I missed you. So much.” He says to her, and as they walk together we learn Gu’s full name. It’s Gu Ja-Gyeong.

The Episode Review

Another beautiful episode of My Liberation Notes bows out, as we finally catch up to the present and see Gu and Mi-Jeong together again, just like old times. However, the ride there is certainly wrought with difficulties and that comes from the kids trying to navigate through Hye-Suk’s death.

This is something that made episode 13 so shocking and it’s a theme that’s carried over here too. That abruptness of death, and how difficult it can be to move on when a loved one has passed, is demonstrated perfectly in this episode.

Not only that though, but we see how each of the kids have tried to deal with this in their own little way. For Mi-Jeong, she’s quiet and throws herself into work. Gi-Jeong tries to take on the motherly role while Chang-Hee is desperate to be happy; to feel anything. In fact, the scene at the parking lot, when he genuinely felt joy at having that car and the parking space is now just empty, speaks volumes without actually saying very much.

Although slower this time around and with less symbology, My Liberation Notes continues to deliver the goods.

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11 thoughts on “My Liberation Notes – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review”

  1. Just to say don’t sell yourself short and watch this from episode 10! Please!
    This series unwinds the viewer from the start and then we evolve with the characters and their stories until our immersion is complete! A great viewing experience.
    Skipping episodes is only for kdramas that rely on repeat flashbacks and repetitive dialogue just to fill up the schedule! YUK

  2. @ Noreen

    I agree with you! Director Kim Seok Yoon, Screenwriter Park Hae Young, Lee Min-Ki, Chun Ho Jin and Lee El richly deserves recognition from the award-giving bodies.

  3. @ Dramafans, please give My Liberation Notes a try.

    The truth is, I would have tabled this TV drama after watching the 1st episode if it weren’t for Lee Min-Ki. The 1st episode should get your attention and get excited to watch the next one, but that was not the case. It was depressing and the pacing wasn’t good. However, the same cannot be said about episode 10 and the following episodes. Lee Min-Ki had me laughing for days on episode 10. I will definitely re-watch the series, but I will start it from episode 10.

  4. I have to drop it from the second episode. The first two episodes look boring. With all these good comments I will go back and watch it gain

  5. Agree with all of the above comments and add this: One of the best pieces of drama I’ve watched in my long life!
    Writers, actors, whole production deserve to win every award going. This story will resonate globally because cultural differences aside we are all still going thru the same struggles.
    This drama elevates kdramas to a completely new level. Other writers take note!
    We need realism not pretend fairy stories!
    Good comedy writing works well too. It doesn’t have to be all dark just realistic!
    Finally this drama has you thinking all the time about lots of stuff! Brilliant debate material. Congrats to all involved.

  6. @Phillips Nak-Won

    It’s refreshing to read your comments. I was going to table MLN after the depressing and very slow-paced 1st episode, but I really like Miss Park Hae-Young and Lee Min-Ki. Miss Park Hae-Young delivered the goods, and boy oh boy, she exceeded my expectations. How did Miss Park turn extremely chatty and insensitive Chang-hee to a sensitive and caring son and sibling? Although he tried so hard to smile while talking and drinking with his close friends, I could feel CH’s sadness. I cried when he was eating with his dad. He tried so hard to hide his anguish, but his eyes were very expressive that you can feel that he misses his mother.

    Chang-hee made me laugh for days when he asked Gu about the car key and when he knelt down and patted the car and jumped to hug Gu.

    Thank you so much Phillips Nak-Won for sharing your well-thought-out comments. Your comments definitely made my day!

  7. From the jump, I’ve been saying that Lee Min-Kim’s portrayal of Chang-Hee is amazing. In the beginning he’s that annoying cheap guy you think no one wants, and then every episode you love him for saying things you want to say. Chang Hee is responsible for all the jaw dropping laughs. I laughed for 20 minutes when he was on his knees for the car. They way he looked up to Gu, even channeling his famous jump which landed him in embarrassment. It didn’t matter, Chang Hee tried. And the amnesia accident with Gi Jeong and Do Hwan, I died laughing. Let’s remember the poignant moment when the mother, father and CH were happy even falling into the ditch. I laughed too.. At that moment, they started living again and then life happens..
    I too love Gu’s charisma and character but CHANG-HEE expressing himself to his dad was a tearjerker. He is an exceptional character. #LeeMinKi

  8. Another spellbinding episode ! Where do I channel all the emotions churned out while watching? My hubby thinks I’ve gone mad lol. I am simply amazed to put it simply. The grieving process was dealt with such sensitivity but yet not overly sentimental. Glad that through the pain, the Yeoms bonded and in a way started to heal their relationship. Then there’s that last 5/6 minutes of the episode. Aaargghh be still my heart. I cannot say enough. So so sad thinking that we’re down to the last 2 episodes. I’ll be rewatching when it ends till I get sick of it, that’s my only consolation. A 4.5 rating inn my opinion of this episode , this series is simply the best!

  9. Love this drama so much that I don’t want it to end. I want more to see more of Mr. Gu and Mi Jung. I love how this drama tackles the real life issues by working people in every day life. It’s slow pace but healing drama. Another masterpiece by the writer. Both My Mister and this drama are my favourite Kdrama forever.
    I am now so in love with Son Suk Gu heehee.

  10. With all due respect, I don’t agree with you on giving this episode just 4 stars. Episode 14 deserves 5 stars! I am sure that a lot of people who watched this episode didn’t get up from their seats from the moment it started until it ended because it was so freaking good and unpredictable.

    Chang-Hee wanted to make his sister, Mi-jeong happy so he went to the parking lot in hopes that he will find Mr. Gu.

    This episode answered so many questions I had since the beginning of the series. Why are they working so hard? Why are the Yeom siblings not as close like other siblings? Did they ever go out and have fun as a family?

    Miss Park Hae-Young deserves recognition for her excellent script. If there’s an award for Best Actor, this should go to Lee Min-ki for his exceptional performance in episode 14.

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