My Lady Jane — Episode 3 “With A Girl Like You” Recap & Review

With A Girl Like You

Episode 3 of My Lady Jane starts with Jane studying through books to find a cure for Guildfor’ds Ethian curse. Jane asks Guildford to talk about the first time he changed but he refuses to talk about it. Jane wants him to try and control the curse but Guildford states that he would rather get rid of it altogether than try and tame it.

Just before dawn, Jane tries to cast an incantation spell, hoping to stop Guildford from changing into the horse but the spell fails. Jane is disappointed and goes about her day looking for a way to help her husband. Just then, she finds a ransom note outside the house in exchange for her maid – Susannah’s life.

Jane tries to look through Guildford’s ancestral home, hoping to find some gold or silver coins but finds nothing. The housemaid, who is also Guildford’s caretaker does not offer any help to Jane and she is left waiting for Guildford to turn back into his human form. On the other hand, Lord Dudley learns that the King is dead and asks the prison guard to bring his son Stanley.

Bess shows up to meet Edward but the guards stop her. She tries to talk to Seymour but he refuses to talk to her and goes back to having sex with Mary. He lies to Mary, stating that he has Edward’s will. Meanwhile, he gets two royal guards to kill Jane and Guildford. Stanley tells Dudley that the will is missing and asks him to seek Frances’ help.

Frances tells Stanley that she does not have the time for this as she is marrying Katherine to Duke Leicester. That evening, Guildford is back to his human form and Jane asks him to pay up the ransom to save Susannah. Guildford refuses, stating that his family is broke and does not have the money for it. Jane is upset as the whole point of her marriage to him was for money.

Jane decides to take the silver cutlery from the house to save Susannah. She is about to go to the forests on her own but Guildford joins her. Mary tells the royal court that King Edward is doing very poorly and hints that she would be willing to assume the position of the Queen soon. She tells Bess that Edward has already died after falling off the window when Bess asks to meet her brother.

Bess is shattered while Mary cannot hold her excitement for becoming a Queen. Meanwhile, Jane and Guildford continue to argue with each other on their way to the woods to save Susannah. The couple have a sparring match in which Jane comes victorious as she straddles Guildford with two knives in her hand. Their heated romance is cut short when they arrive at the place where Susannah is hiding.

Jane discovers that Susannah was not kidnapped but had sent the ransom note hoping to extort money from Jane who dearly loved her. Jane confronts Susannah and calls her out for being a bad friend but Susannah states that Jane never treated her as a friend but used her for her motives. Jane realises how selfish she had been with her in the past and apologises to her.

Meanwhile, Seymour writes up a fake will to replace King Edward’s will. At the same time, Frances feels guilty for marrying Katherine to her uncle. Margaret mocks her mother for treating both Jane and Katherine like commodities, marrying them off for money and calls her vile. Stanley tries to distract Frances with some sex and it works.

On their way back home, Jane and Guildford are attacked by the royal guards. The couple work together to attack the guards and they go running back to the palace.

The intensity of the incident causes Jane and Guildford to make out in the woods. At the house, Jane and Guildford continue their make-out session as they attempt to have sex.

However, Jane comes to her senses and tells Guildford that she cannot have sex with him as they are soon going to divorce. That night, Guildford comes back to Jane’s room and talks to her about the time that he first changed into a horse. He asks Jane to leave him be as his mother was murdered on the day and adds that he cannot talk about the traumatic incident.

Jane makes a promise to never ask Guildford about it and feels sorry for him. Before dawn, Guildford goes back to the stable as he turns into a horse. The next morning, Duke Leicester is sleeping in the dining hall after having too much to drink the night before. Margaret suffocates the Duke in his sleep to save her sister from having sex with their great-uncle.

Katherine watches Margaret and is shocked but Lady Frances dismisses the incident, never talking about it again. Mary and Seymour ask to call the council so they can read Edward’s will and announce Mary as the queen. However, Petunia (in dog form) snatches the real will from Bess who had stolen it to keep it safe.

Petunia leaves the will with the palace guard who reads it out to the council. Mary catches Seymour’s lie as Jane is announced to be Edward’s successor. The episode ends with Jane learning that Edward had died and that she was named the Queen of England.

The Episode Review

The push and pull between Jane and Guildford is to die for and I love the fact that the couple has so much witty banter. The two are giving enemies to lovers energy and every time the two are together on screen, it makes me want to swoon. The humour in this show is really well done and I am enjoying it a lot.

As expected, Mary and Seymour’s sexual preferences are becoming questionable but hilarious nevertheless. I am not sure if Kate O’Flynn spanking Dominic Cooper’s bare ass was on my 2024 Bingo Card but here we are. It looks like the stakes are getting higher now as Jane is finally announced as the Queen of England.

It is clear that Mary won’t like this and will end up doing something to mess up Jane’s already complicated life. We are here for it, with popcorn of course!

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