My Lady Jane – Episode 2 “Wild Thing” Recap & Review

Wild Thing

Episode 2 of My Lady Jane starts with Lady Jane Grey on Dr Butts’ table where he tries to identify whether she has the affliction that King Edward is believed to have. Jane, who realises that there is no way out for her decides to drop the act and goes to the church where she is married to Lord Guildford Dudley.

At the wedding reception, Jane and Guildford bicker about the most trivial things. Lady Frances and Lord Dudley force their respective children to act civil in front of the party until the bedding ceremony later that night. Guildford’s brother – Stan tries to charm Lady Frances up and it seems to be working on the middle-aged woman. Dudley raises a toast to the union and Bess sends her best wishes on King Edward’s behalf.

However, at the King’s palace, Lady Mary and Lord Seymour tend to Edward who is only putting up an act of being unwell. After they have left, Petunia turns into a human and tells Edward that she could smell the poison. She suggests that they sneak to the market and find the person who sold the poison to find out who was trying to poison the king.

Petunia asks Edward to promise her that once he punishes the person trying to kill him, Edward will visit his grandmother. Meanwhile, Jane is trying to control the fact that she is fascinated with Guildford.

Jane’s youngest sister forces Jane and Guildford to kiss leading to the entire wedding party cheering for the newlyweds to kiss. Guildford spins Jane and attempts to kiss her but backs out, leaving her hanging.

Jane spots an Ethian trying to steal silver coins. She follows after him and asks about Susannah but the guy states that he doesn’t know her before fleeing. Eventually, Jane and Guildford get ready for the bedding ceremony where the maids undress Jane while Lady Frances gives Jane some tips about how she should handle the male anatomy.

Lord Dudley, on the other hand, tells Guildford that he should consummate the marriage as soon as possible as their family had a lot riding on his marriage to Jane. The wedding guests watch and cheer as Jane and Guildford lie under the blanket and wrestle with their legs to put on a show for the guests. Soon, the guests leave the newlyweds alone.

Jane and Guildford end up arguing Guildford calls himself Jane’s Lord and asks her to follow his command. This infuriates Jane and she ends up throwing wine on Guildford’s face. She is stuck inside the dressing room while Guildford leaves her locked inside. A maid shows up in the room and unlocks Jane from the dressing room.

Meanwhile, Frances ends up having sex with Stan and uses him to learn the truth about the Dudley family’s financial situation. Stan confesses that Lord Dudley did not have any money and adds that he only accepted the proposal because Jane was King Edward’s cousin. Furthermore, Mary and Seymour are together when he asks her to be patient until she becomes queen.

Seymour offers a ring to Mary but she takes the one given to him by her father – King Henry. Later that night, Jane asks the maid to unlock her from the dressing room. She wonders where Guildford is and learns that he is at the stables.

Jane goes to the stables and finds Guildford showering naked. She stares at him but suddenly is reminded that she is upset with Guildford for leaving her alone in the dressing room.

Just as she is about to yell at Guildford, he turns into a horse, leaving her shocked. Lord Dudley shows up at the stable and tells Jane that Guildford too is an Ethian. Dudley adds that Guildford has no control over his change and he transforms into a horse from sunrise to sunset. Jane is dumbfounded when Lord Dudley tells her that she is going on a honeymoon with Guildford.

Jane tells him that she will not stay married to an Ethian but Lord Dudley states that the punishment for an Ethian-Verity (human) marriage is death. With no option but to comply, Jane agrees to keep this a secret from everyone.

On the other hand, Edward and Petunia take a trip down the local market and learn that he is being poisoned with a drug named Tofana.

Edward asks to meet Jane and asks her about the poison. Jane tells Edward that Tofana is the most lethal poison there is and states that when consumed in small doses, the poison creeps into one’s lungs and blood. Edward panics upon hearing this and has an argument with Jane, who is trying to deal with the fact that she is married to an Ethian.

Jane goes back to the Dudley palace while Edward goes to the royal palace and informs his subjects that he was aware that one of them was poisoning him. Seymour and Dudley promise to find the poisoner at any cost and Edward dismisses them. Meanwhile, Seymour tells Mary that the king is onto them which forces her to take charge of the situation.

Dudley, on the other hand, sends Stanley to bring the King’s will to him, worried that the throne is under threat. On her way to her honeymoon, Jane plans on stealing the wedding gifts to flee but finds that the gifts were replaced with books about different kinds of medication. Jane is surprised to learn that Guildford also reads books about medicine.

On the other hand, Stanley meets Frances and tells her that King Edward’s will is nowhere to be found. Seymour, Mary, Bess and Dudley show up in Edward’s room and announce that Dudley was the poisoner. Dudley tries to defend himself but Seymour sneaks a packet of Tofana in the counsellor’s pocket and states that Dudley is trying to poison the king so that Jane can be the Queen.

Edward has Dudley arrested while Mary tries to poison Edward again, causing him to go unconscious. Edward notices Seymour’s ring on Mary’s neck and realises that she is the one who is trying to poison him. Later that night, Guildford is back to his human form. He tells Jane that he would be open to divorcing her if she can help him find the cure for him turning into an Ethian every day.

Jane agrees and tells Guildford that she wants to be independent and free. Guildford drops Jane to her room, telling her that they do not need to fulfil marital obligations but the two are drawn to each other.

The episode ends with Edward escaping out of the room Mary and Seymour had hidden him in. Seymour and Mary conclude that Edward had fallen from the window trying to escape and conclude that the King is dead.

The Episode Review

While as jaw-dropping as the fact that Guildford is an Ethian is, the sexual tension between him and Jane is so palpable. Both Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel are terrific as Jane and Guildford, which excites me for the time they actually get together. The show has a lot of sexual scenarios depicted pretty explicitly and after seeing Mary and Seymour together in this episode, I am sure we can expect some “gags” (literally) from this Dom-Sub couple.

The show is funny but it is also empowering to see Jane take her independence seriously. From being treated as a commodity by her mother to learning that Guildford agreed to marry Jane because of her brain, Jane has come a long way. The episode ends without any certainty about Edward’s death which makes me hopeful about the fact that he is alive.

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