My Home Hero – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of My Home Hero begins with Kyoichi exiting his apartment’s elevator and Tetsuo finding a hiding spot. Tetsuo retrieves the envelope from Kyoichi’s mailbox, while Kasen meets up with Reika before she attends her meeting with Kyoichi. Kasen approaches Reika about going home with her, but Reika says she’s meeting someone and doesn’t want her mother around because she finds Kasen embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Tetsuo heads to Kyoichi’s room to plant the evidence bag. Kasen tells Tetsuo she ran into Reika, and they plan to head home. Reika plans to email Kyoichi to cancel their meeting. Tetsuo uses a thumb-turn tool to attempt to open Kyoichi’s door. However, someone exits the elevator, resulting in Tetsuo halting his break-in. Tetsuo plans to enter Kyoichi’s ninth-floor room from the roof since he looked at the layout of the building before this plan. However, after thinking it through, Tetsuo says it’s a waste of time since he doesn’t have the right tools.

Tetsuo heads back to Reika’s apartment and makes it in time. He notices Kyoichi’s upset and asks him why. He doesn’t answer Tetsuo, but it’s because Reika canceled their meeting. Kyoichi ponders if Nobuto perished in this room since no witnesses saw him leave this apartment. He turns off the lights and pulls out an alternate light source. This allows Kyoichi to see if there’s any blood or fingerprints left on the floor. Kyoichi doesn’t find anything and is questioning why. He contacts a friend and asks him if he got him a cheap flashlight. His friends tell him it’s an expensive light. His friend brings up Kyoichi’s envelope email and forwards it to him. Kyoichi doesn’t recognize it and starts questioning what’s happening.

Tetsuo uses the opportunity to ask Kyoichi about his relationship with Takeda. He tells Kyoichi that Takeda suspects Kyoichi as Nobuto’s killer and argues Takeda may have sent the mysterious email. Tetsuo wonders if someone planted something in his laptop. Tetsuo tells Kyoichi they should travel to Kyoichi’s apartment since the envelope sent to his place could frame him as Nobuto’s killer. Worried, Kyoichi takes Tetsuo to his apartment to look for the envelope. Tetsuo notices his door had a security cover on it, so he would’ve never been able to open it. We receive a flashback from an hour prior to Tetsuo returning to Reika’s apartment.

He’s carrying scissors, a stapler, and a black light in a taxi driver’s car. He’s worried about Kyoichi’s ALS light, so he switches Kyoichi’s light with a regular flashlight by taking them out and replacing them in different boxes. Furthermore, he confirms why he bombarded him with questions about Takeda. It was to distract him from questioning the fake ALS light. In the present, Tetsuo looks around the place after receiving permission from Kyoichi. Kyoichi asks Tetsuo how people would enter his room to drop false evidence if it’s impossible to pick his lock. Tetsuo drops some methods people could’ve used to get into Kyoichi’s apartment.

Kyoichi asks Tetsuo if they’ll find anything, and Tetsuo says someone could’ve left Nobuto’s wallet, cell phone, or an article of clothing. Tetsuo follows Kyoichi to his safe, and Tetsuo learns the organization is more of a quasi-gang than a crime group. Tetsuo urges Kyoichi to check all his storage areas to see if the person framing him placed things there. Kyoichi stops Tetsuo and asks him why he’s trying so hard to cooperate with him if he wants him to frame him as the killer. Tetsuo says he wants to frame Takeda as the killer since he’s trying to frame Kyoichi. Kyoichi’s not buying Tetsuo’s resolve. He promises Tetsuo he’ll find the evidence necessary to prove he’s the killer to fulfill his sense of justice.

The episode closes with Kasen investigating a specific location.

The Episode Review

Awkward censoring aside, this chapter of My Home Hero was fun and once again shows Tetsuo’s wit in dire situations. With how things turned out in the previous chapter, I was sure he’d get caught by Kyoichi. Fortunately, he wasn’t too close to the elevator and found a hiding spot. That’s one of the joys of watching this anime as you’ll never know what will happen next unless you’ve read the manga.

Tetsuo’s not the only one who showed great promise as a protagonist. Kasen proves her worth in this chapter like in previous ones by getting her daughter to fall back on her meeting with Kyoichi. She can be just as crafty and tactical as her husband and isn’t afraid to look foolish to protect those she cares about. I’m looking forward to seeing what she plans to do in the next chapter.

After learning about Kyoichi’s past in this episode and the previous one, it hurts to see Tetsuo want to frame Kyoichi for the murder. Viewers can understand Kyoichi’s reasons for wanting to prove Tetsuo to be the killer since the police didn’t share much sympathy toward him and his family when his father got murdered by the yakuza.

Although he’s not the character the anime wants viewers to root for, you can’t help but empathize with Kyoichi. Overall, this was another enjoyable episode of My Home Hero. It had great tension and leaves viewers wondering what Tetsuo’s next moves will be in his quest to protect his family from harm. Hopefully, it can continue to deliver more thrills and twists.

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