My Home Hero – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Entertaining the Guest, Kasen Style

Episode 6 of My Home Hero starts where we left off regarding Tetsuo discovering Yoshifumi is Nobuto’s father. After contemplating this, Tetsuo feels guilty about murdering Nobuto. Tetsuo arrives home, and he tells Kasen he met Nobuto’s father. Tetsuo recalls Yoshifumi mentioning the word “cap” and believes it could lead him to solve Nobuto’s password.

Kasen thinks it could be a nickname for something, so they say a few words. Kasen suggests the term “captain,” and it turns out to be the password.

In the morning, Yoshifumi tells Kubo if he doesn’t find his son soon, he’ll cut ties with him. Kyoichi confronts Tetsuo about unplugging his microphone, but Tetsuo says he placed it in his bag and went to a bar Nobuto often frequented.

Kyoichi knows Tetsuo killed Nobuto and explains his reasons why to him. Kyoichi tells Nobuto he doesn’t need proof; he needs Yoshifumi to believe his story. Kubo calls Kyoichi and tells him about a video he found online of Nobuto. He tells Kyoichi about the video’s single comment and says it’s from Nobuto’s secret account. Kubo says Hibiki informed him about this video and told him about Nobuto’s secret account.

Kyoichi and Tetsuo meet Takeda to discuss the video. Kyoichi asks him if they’ve located the uploader, but Takeda says they’ll leave it to the experts. He plans to investigate the video in a physical manner and shares what he’s uncovered so far. In his mind, Tetsuo says he uploaded the video using a source that anonymizes the uploader. He also posted the comment too.

Tetsuo feels guilty for using Hibiki (Nobuto’s woman), but he had to prevent the organization from discovering the truth about the video. One of Takeda’s men confirms they can’t identify the video’s location because of how blurry the footage is.

As they break down the footage to their best ability, Tetsuo confirms he set up a device that’ll allow Kasen to listen in on their conversation. If this video idea doesn’t pull through, Tetsuo knows Kasen will proceed with the second one, which involves Kyoichi being their target. Tetsuo asks Takeda’s men questions about their data-erasing process, and they spill the beans–to Kyoichi’s dismay.

Kyoichi grabs the blabbermouth, who informs him Tetsuo won’t do anything since they got dirt on him. Takeda returns and tells everyone the video is fake due to the man in the footage not having the same walking movements as Nobuto.

Takeda tells everyone to locate the filming location. Kyoichi grabs Tetsuo and plans to drive to his home because he has a hunch that’s where the video was shot. He tells Tetsuo to call and order his family to leave the area. Tetsuo tries calming himself since he believes Kasen heard their chat and that he’s removed all editing history from the video.

Kyoichi and Tetsuo arrive at Tetsuo’s home, where Kyoichi points at the pot in his room. He asks Tetsuo multiple questions concerning this, but Kyoichi has a hunch he wasn’t using it for ordinary plants. He orders Tetsuo to take it outside and empty it. Kyoichi kicks Tetsuo, causing him to dump all the soil from the pot. Although Tetsuo’s thankful Tetsuo’s remains have decomposed, he spots a strand of Nobuto’s hair on the ground.

Kasen arrives before Tetsuo succumbs to killing Kyoichi. Kasen welcomes the two inside and hands them some coffee. Kyoichi tells Kasen he’s responsible for all the crazy things that happened to her. The two get into a heated debate. Kyoichi succumbs to stomach issues due to Tetsuo unexpectedly pouring expired milk into his coffee.

Kyoichi excuses himself to the bathroom. She signals to Tetsuo that she put laxatives in his coffee but Kasen tells Tetsuo to execute the plan’s second phase by looking into the laptop to find Kyoichi’s address. Unfortunately, Kasen admits she put laxatives in both coffee.

Tetsuo struggles to find the information he needs, so he plans to set up a Keylogger (software that saves what people type). He plans to set the save location to be shared on the cloud, where he’ll attain everything Kyoichi typed in with the laptop. Due to Kyoichi being in the bathroom, Tetsuo performs the act and diarrheas behind the house. Reika spots Tetsuo doing this and heads inside. Kyoichi spots Reika, and the episode closes with him approaching Reika with questions regarding Nobuto.

The Episode Review

Although other episodes had great tension, this one felt the most intense. It also showcases the sharp teamwork between Kasen and Tetsuo, despite the instance involving the laxative coffee. It’ll make viewers realize how Tetsuo’s decision to include his wife in his plans was the smartest move for him to make. At the same time, viewers may feel sorry for him too.

Although she did share some rude remarks about Reika when she and Tetsuo met, she apologized and gave Tetsuo great support in his endeavors to protect Reika from the organization. Hopefully she’ll be able to escape harm if the organization discovers she’s working alongside the man who slaughtered Nobuto.

Not only did viewers feel Tetsuo’s angst over Nobuto’s strand of hair, but his willingness to murder another person was just as suspenseful and intense. It makes you wonder what he’d do if he had murdered Kyoichi. Thankfully, Kasen showed up on time before Tetsuo could grab a knife and commit the deed.

Overall, this was a great episode with decent highs and thought-provoking elements. I’m looking forward to seeing what other terrifying matters lie in Tetsuo’s road to happiness for his family.

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