My Home Hero – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The World of Violence

Episode 4 of My Home Hero begins with Tosu picking Tetsuo up from the clinic, as Tetsuo managed to strike a deal with Kyoichi. Kyoichi says if he doesn’t help him locate Nobuto by Friday, he’ll kill Tetsuo and frame him as a murderer. Tetsuo doesn’t tell his wife about his deal with Kyoichi because he doesn’t want to get his family involved anymore.

While conjuring up some options to conceal his crime, Reika enters Tetsuo’s room. She asks him about his injuries, but Tetsuo says he was in a minor accident. Tetsuo asks Reika if he can have a picture of her and Nobuto together, and Reika is a bit disgusted but accepts all the same.

Tetsuo leaves to meet with Kyoichi, with the latter telling Tetsuo if he was a minute late, he would’ve sent Tetsuo’s nude photo to his contacts. He confirms that they all share information and knows that Tetsuo tailed Nobuto. Tetsuo gives Nobuto a shady response and starts growing concerned that all his lies will return to haunt him.

Kyoichi and Tetsuo arrive at Cosplay Peachy Academy, where Kyoichi says they’ll be retracing Nobuto’s steps the day before he disappeared. Kyoichi and Tetsuo meet Nobuto’s woman in the club, and Tetsuo is furious that Nobuto cheated on Reika. Kyoichi tells this woman they’re looking for Nobuto and asks her for any leads.

The woman explains how she and Nobuto met, including how they’d been a couple for ages. Nobuto cheated on her with four other girls, but was okay with it since Nobuto told her she was the one for him. Tetsuo brings up Reika, and the woman belittles her. Tetsuo excuses himself to the restroom to vent his hatred for Nobuto.

Tetsuo returns, and the woman tells him Kyoichi stepped outside for air. The woman realizes he’s Reika’s father because she received a photo of him from Nobuto’s boss. Kyoichi happens to be listening in on their conversation since he placed a listening device on Nobuto’s woman. Tetsuo explains he’s looking for Nobuto because he wants to protect Reika. If he can prove his innocence, he doesn’t mind working alongside this organization.

Nobuto’s woman apologizes, and Tetsuo says when they find him, he’ll ask him to break up with Reika. To protect this woman’s happiness, Tetsuo reveals that it’s possible the organization disposed of Nobuto. He argues some people performed unauthorized actions toward Nobuto while others are looking for him. However, he brings up the possibility that Nobuto could be on the run.

Nobuto’s woman shares some intel Nobuto entrusted to her with Tetsuo. Nobuto told this woman he had robbed an armored car for its money, going against the organization’s plans. He mentioned this to prove his love for her. Kyoichi’s upset that his listening device didn’t work, while Nobuto’s woman shows Tetsuo Nobuto’s private Twitter account and believes the organization doesn’t know about it. She informs Tetsuo that Nobuto’s accomplices might be following Nobuto still.

Tetsuo plans to use this account to establish Nobuto’s betrayal or fabricate evidence showing he’s alive. Kyoichi arrives with the club owner. He handcuffs Tetsuo and Kyoichi because they can’t pay the ten million yen bill. The owner orders them to follow a man named Ouko-tai and retrieve his bag of goods.

They drive to the destination, and the man persuades them to handle the task by pointing a gun at them. Kyoichi asks Tetsuo if he knew he bugged his phone, and Tetsuo apparently did. After going on a mystery tirade, Kyoichi reveals that he knew Tetsuo killed Nobuto. This is why he teamed up with Tetsuo. Kyoichi drives the car into the Ouko-tai’s gang’s path, and the latter start shooting at Tetsuo. Tetsuo and Kyoichi escape and the episode closes with a gunshot.

The Episode Review

This chapter of My Home Hero was tense and mysterious. Although some may not like how Kyoichi came to terms with Tetsuo being Nobuto’s assailant, the episode offers enough hints toward him discovering the truth. You can tell he monitored Tetsuo’s body language while Nobuto’s woman was talking down on his daughter for loving a philanderer like Nobuto.

Although it’s an honorable decision for Tetsuo to keep his wife out of the loop, many may feel mixed about the situation. He made it this far through her help, so he’s somewhat limiting himself to more allies. At the same time, there’s a chance Kyoichi may consider working alongside Tetsuo even if he knows he killed Nobuto.

The series alludes to the fact that Kyoichi’s life is in as much jeopardy as Tetsuo’s, so for him to work alongside the man responsible for the crime isn’t too farfetched. Furthermore, there’s a chance Kyoichi and Nobuto had some tension with each other in the past that hasn’t been brought to light yet. Either way, it’ll be intriguing to see what Tetsuo plans to do with all this information he’s obtained.

Overall, this was a fun chapter of My Home Hero. It raises the bar for Tetsuo and presents viewers with more topics to ponder before the next episode is released. Whether Kyoichi will survive or perish, begs to be seen. Hopefully, Tetsuo can find a way out of this situation without losing those who are precious to him.

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