My Home Hero – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Cutting the Cake

Episode 2 of My Home Hero begins with Reika and her mother splitting up, as Kubo tells his men to track Reika down. Meanwhile, Kyoichi encounters Tetsuo, but Tetsuo’s disguised as a maid named Suzuki. Kyoichi calls Nobuto’s phone and doesn’t receive a callback, which worries Tetsuo. Kyoichi returns to Kubo’s car and informs him about what happened. Kubo tells Kyoichi to monitor Reika, and if all else fails, they’ll kidnap her.

Meanwhile, Tetsuo is thankful he destroyed Nobuto’s phone. His wife arrives with the items he requested and confirms she sent Reika to their home. Tetsuo plans to cook Nobuto’s body by turning the bathtub into a pot.

He tells his wife to return home and make Reika a meal. Tetsuo prepares to cook Nobuto’s body. At the same time, Kubo visits Nobuto’s father, who asks him about his son. After Tetsuo finishes his operation, he returns home. Reika asks him if it’s safe to return to her apartment, but Tetsuo says no. Tetsuo’s mother tells Reika she can stay here for a few days. Reika’s against it but concedes. She turns on a movie and watches it.

Tetsuo recalls how it has been 18 years since Reika was born and how he’s grateful everyone’s survived this long. Tetsuo awakens from a nightmare and states how he brought back all of Nobuto’s bones and flesh. Although he can dry the bones off, he must do something with his flesh.

Before he departs, his wife informs him a black car has been in the same spot for a while. Tetsuo wonders if they’re being monitored but wants to see how they’d react. Tetsuo tells his wife to let him know if the people in the car start following him. Tetsuo drives off and realizes he’s not the one they’re after. Tetsuo enters the shop to purchase some gardening tools, and whilst there some men walk toward his car, wondering if Tetsuo hid a body in the suitcase. Someone informs Kyoichi that the suitcase only has clothes, towels – and no organs.

Tetsuo returns and learns someone tampered with his suitcase. Tetsuo texts his wife, telling her someone’s watching him. Although he’s nervous, Tetsuo’s certain Nobuto’s friends don’t know he’s been killed and feel they’re still looking into it. Tetsuo returns home and informs his wife that they’ll remove Nobuto’s body in this room using a compost accelerator.

Reika barges into the room and notices all the plant goods her parents have in their room. Her mother says they plan to start a plant garden, but Reika says it’s better to have an outdoor garden. Kyoichi orders Shingo to chat with them as a property appraiser named Tanigawa.

While chatting with Tetsuo and his family, Kyoichi enters the household from the backdoor. Reika realizes something is amiss with the backdoor. At the same time, something catches Kyoichi’s eye, but he receives word from his allies that Shingo’s in a tight spot. Shingo leaves as Tetsuo and his wife suspect he’s working for the people monitoring them. They rush into their room and check to see if anything is amiss.

Kyoichi happens to be hiding in their closet and listening in on their conversation. Kyoichi feels something is off about Tetsuo and his family, but report back to his men in the car. Later, Reika takes a shower, and her mother discovers someone had a listening device installed in their outlet ports. She brings it to Tetsuo and tells her the backdoor was left unlocked too.

Tetsuo and his wife fabricate a story about a strange stalker, while Kyoichi and his men listen in on the conversation. Their plan works, as Tetsuo and his wife move on to remove Nobuto’s body from their room. Tetsuo’s wife asks him how he’s so knowledgeable about murders, but Tetsuo argues he’s read up on many mystery-oriented works in the past.

His wife agrees to help him dispose of the body because she wants to protect Reika as badly as he does. Tetsuo leaves in the morning and confirms they finished their mission and buried Nobuto’s corpse. As he walks, he wonders if he did everything correctly and didn’t leave any traces. The episode concludes with Tetsuo tazed by Kyoichi while his wife gets ambushed by a group of men.

The Episode Review

While they discarded Nobuto’s body, Tetsuo and his wife aren’t in the clear yet. This episode had some thrilling moments and nice parental teamwork. Some things were a bit jarring though. Although Tetsuo explained that he read up on many mystery novels in his lifetime, it would’ve been interesting to see him read up on how to get rid of deceased carcasses in real-time.

On that note, it felt like the cliffhanger from last week got retconned. For those that don’t recall, Kyoichi saw Nobuto’s body in the tub and Tetsuo was definitely hiding in Reika’s closet when he entered her apartment. At the same time, it could’ve been Tetsuo hallucinating Kyoichi finding the body. Nonetheless, the cliffhanger from last week’s chapter shouldn’t have been included since it will make the maid scene feel jarring and contrived.

Besides that, many will adore Tetsuo and his wife’s excellent teamwork. Even if their plan didn’t work to full effect based on this chapter’s cliffhanger, it was nice seeing them throw Kyoichi and his men off during the listening device conversation.

Furthermore, another stand-out moment comes from seeing Tetsuo’s wife go above and beyond for her husband, despite knowing the stakes that come with assisting with a murder. Overall, this episode was fun despite having a few plot inconsistencies. I’m looking forward to seeing how Tetsuo and his wife plan to escape Kyoichi’s grasp.

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