My Home Hero – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Current Happiness

Episode 12 of My Home Hero begins with Tetsuo recalling a memory where Reika almost drowned at the beach. This occurs while Matori’s choking him out. Matori recalls how he never loved anyone in his past. Not his parents nor his wife, even after she was pregnant with Nobuto. Eventually, Nobuto went to a juvenile detention center while Matori quit his job and got divorced.

Despite being in a poor state, Matori sought hope in the organization that taught him how to love his son and become human. Matori loses his grip when he remembers Nobuto’s death, allowing Tetsuo to free himself from his grasp. Matori tells Tetsuo if he perishes here, the organization will know Tetsuo killed him and will come after his family. Matori pulls out a knife and stabs himself. The police knock on the door, alarming Tetsuo. Not wanting to turn himself in yet Tetsuo strangles Matori and murders him.

Tetsuo tells the police his hands are full and wants to meet with them later. The police suggest meeting face-to-face right now, but Tetsuo makes up an excuse about a hamster running amok in the apartment. This entices the police to issue a warning to him as they leave. Tetsuo swiftly moves things around in the apartment before Doi enters. Doi looks around and leaves because he thinks Matori left earlier. Meanwhile, Tetsuo’s in the bathroom and has Matori’s lifeless body in the tub. Doi calls Kubo to report his findings, so Kubo tells him to forget Matori and return to their hideout. He plans to tackle the next mission.

Kasen calls Tetsuo and asks him why he didn’t come home for dinner. He doesn’t share what happened between himself and Matori and tells Kasen to protect Reika. While that’s happening, Tetsuo plans to bury Matori’s body somewhere. Kasen tells Reika that Tetsuo won’t arrive on time for dinner since he’s at a meeting. Reika recalls the incident when Tetsuo saved her from drowning. She shares this story with Kasen because Reika realizes Tetsuo’s always looked out for her.

As Tetsuo buries Matori’s body, he wonders if this madness will ever end. He returns home and sees Kasen waiting for him in the rain. She slaps him because she was worried he’d never return home. Tetsuo enters the house and notices food on the table. Reika scolds Tetsuo for making them wait and says he shouldn’t make Kasen worry too much about him. They eat their dinner, and we receive a montage of Kasen, Tetsuo, and Reika enjoying life.

Tetsuo takes his family on a trip to the park. Afterwards, they’re all sitting in the living room watching a news report about a typhoon that’s said to land within their region. The typhoon strikes the area where Tetsuo buried Matori’s body. The episode closes with Tetsuo believing everything will be fine.

The Episode Review

As with most anime, we got hit with a cliffhanger ending. While this anime was great, not many folks gave it a chance, unlike most anime that aired this season. Hopefully, this anime will receive another season since it appears the typhoon will be causing Tetsuo more trouble down the line with the organization. As for this finale, it had some highs and lows.

While Matori harming himself with a knife was a surprising outcome, it was a strange decision for him to make. Even though it would’ve been brilliant on his part to frame Tetsuo for his murder to the police, it would go against his initial plans to make Tetsuo’s whole family perish. The cops leaving the scene without any doubts may also bother folks.

The whole debacle involving Tetsuo and Matori felt too convenient and could’ve been resolved better. Besides that, it was nice seeing Tetsuo and his family share some semblance of happiness. Reika laughing with her friends and the Tosu family visiting a park was heartwarming and pleasant to see. After all, they’ve been through, they definitely needed time to unwind and relax as a family.

Overall, this episode served as a decent conclusion to My Home Hero season one. The anime opens the door for another season, but it’ll depend if the production staff has the motivation to proceed with it. Judging by how little the series was discussed online, we’ll have to wait and see if another season comes to fruition.

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  1. This episode got me hyped up on my chair. What an amazing ending for season 1, and immedeatly potential for a second season! Tetsuo might have ended his problems, but more problems are bound to come….

    I am so glad to have found about this anime, it really made me feel the hype it deserves

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