My Home Hero – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Episode 10 of My Home Hero begins with Tetsuo asking Takeda if he can depart. Takeda says he’s free to go but must forget everything the organization put him through. Tetsuo looks at Kyoichi one final time and leaves the area.

Meanwhile, we flashback to Friday at 1:40 AM, where Kasen’s preparing to enter Kyoichi’s apartment. She’s carrying tools Tetsuo told her to purchase from a store that’d help her enter and escape the apartment. Inside, Kasen searches and finds Kyoichi’s safe. She remembers Tetsuo telling her that the safe uses a 4-digit password, leading to many combinations. Kasen takes out the ALS light Tetsuo obtained from one of the previous episodes.

She identifies the numbers on the safe but must figure out Kyoichi’s code. Kasen has 24 possibilities and starts typing away. After three failed attempts, the safe becomes inactive for ten minutes. After two more tries, the safe opens. Kasen places the evidence bag in the safe and returns home. Tetsuo texts Kasen that it’s over, making her happy. Not wanting to lose all he worked for, Kyoichi attacks Takeda’s men and attempts to flee. Kyoichi reaches the roof and heads toward the path Kasen used to get into his apartment.

Kyoichi notices fresh hash marks on something near his apartment and grows suspicious. He enters his apartment to grab some cash he stored in one of his sink’s cabinets. Kyoichi causes a scene and informs people that Takeda and his men are robbers and murderers. Kyoichi finds a secluded area and ponders his discoveries. He realizes someone got into his room from the veranda but doesn’t know who it could be. He picks up a disguise to avoid people from the organization detecting him.

Meanwhile, Tetsuo arrives at Reika’s apartment and highlights how terrible he feels for throwing Kyoichi under the bus. Meanwhile, Reika tells Kasen that she’d seen Kyoichi before Nobuto disappeared and believes he was the alleged stalker. Suddenly, different characters receive or make phone calls. The episode closes with Kyoichi calling Matsuri and informing him that Tetsuo is Nobuto’s murderer.

The Episode Review

Just when Tetsuo thought he’d finally saved his family from their demise, a new roadblock stands in his way. Fortunately, he has enough time to rest since he’ll need it to forge another plan. On that note, Kasen continues to be a great partner in crime for Tetsuo. Viewers will appreciate the episode highlighting her safe-picking process and placing a time limit on her back to build tension.

Although the solution to her problem was luck-based, viewers could tell Kasen struggled to carry out Tetsuo’s wishes. Unfortunately, Kasen didn’t think to cover all her tracks. If it weren’t for the ladder scuff marks near the veranda, Kyoichi wouldn’t have guessed that someone had entered his apartment in a similar fashion to frame him.

While the last chapter was great, many were disappointed to see Tetsuo throw Kyoichi under the bus. Seeing Tetsuo feel remorse about framing Kyoichi after learning more about him and his past with the yakuza was touching. At the same time, folks will be thrilled to see Kyoichi escape death using the techniques he acquired from his time with the organization.

Overall, this was a fun chapter of My Home Hero. It indicates Tetsuo and Kasen need to work a lot harder if they hope to protect their family from a tragic outcome. However, it’ll be intriguing to see if Matsuri will accept Kyoichi’s words over what he’s been told from Kubo. We’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out in the next episode.

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