My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Sheep and the Risotto

Episode 7 of My Holo Love starts with Yoo-Jin warning So Hyeon about the danger she’s facing. She begs Yoo-Jin to take her to Holo as he promises to always be by her side. They arrive and as she comes face to face with Nan-Do, she of course thinks he’s Holo.

His sister takes him aside demanding to know what he is doing. He replies that So-Hyeon is in danger and should live with them for now. Nan-Do as Holo relays this to So-Hyeon and takes her to the room she will stay in. She asks him to count the sheep like Holo did and when she falls asleep, he’s unable to resist the urge to stroke her face. He later speaks to Jin-Seok who tells him that it’ll take two weeks for Holo to be repaired. Happy to be spending time with So-Hyeon, he tells him to make sure he takes his time and to not make any mistakes.

Gi-Ho and his colleague are still looking into the hacker while Chang-Sun finally stands up to his father, telling him he will take care of things himself. He later meets with Yoo-Jin again for dinner where he discusses his childhood. She gets quite drunk and tells him that they both have no one in their lives to take care of them so they should look after each other.

The next day, Nan-Do waits for So-Yeon to wake up while still pretending to be Holo. This proves to be quite difficult though, especially when she asks him to help her cook risotto again. Unfortunately she ends up cutting herself and burning the food. He becomes frustrated as he’s unable to do anything so he apologies for not working properly yet. However, she tells him that she doesn’t mind as she prefers him that way and not always perfect.

Yoo-Jin meets with Chan-Sung for coffee and when she starts complaining about her brother again, he asks her to talk about something else. This annoys her and she walks away. She returns home to find Nan-Do working hard and she berates him as she knows he’s doing it to make So-Hyeon smile. We then see that memories of So-Hyeon are buried deep in Holo’s subconscious.

So-Hyeon decides to go and see her roommate and neighbour. Nan-do protests as it could be dangerous so she decides to meet Yoo-Ram in a coffee shop instead and brings some of her risotto to give to her neighbour. As she gets out the car, Yoo-Ram sees Nan-Do and while they have coffee, Yoo-Ram asks her about her new boyfriend, who she just saw in the car. So-Hyeon is shocked to hear this and decides to take a taxi to her place. She knocks on Nan-Do’s door and fortunately Jin-Seok manages to get there on time to pretend to be Nan-Do.

Meanwhile, Chan-Sung’s father has managed to locate So-Hyeon. This prompts Chan-Sung to change his mind and warns Yoo-Jin about it. We then cut to So-Hyeon confronting Nan-Do about whether he’s really Holo but before he can answer, he sees that the men after her are approaching so he grabs her hand and takes her away. While they’re hiding, she realizes that it was him all along and berates him for lying. However he tells her he did it because he likes her.

The episode closes with Holo re-activating himself, which prompts So-Hyeon and Nan-Do to return to the office. Unfortunately, they find Holo with all his memories wiped, asking So-Hyeon who she is.

My Holo Love ends another episode with an intriguing cliffhanger as Holo is reactivated but without any memories of So-Hyeon. This will certainly be difficult for her to deal with and Nan-Do will ultimately face some difficult challenges too. Will he be able to restore it or will he keep her to himself a little longer? All these twists are giving this drama a little more depth with enough story development to keep things fresh.

Whether the show keeps this pace up though remains to be seen but in the meantime, My Holo Love continues to offer up some decent and enjoyable episodes.

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3 thoughts on “My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Review”

  1. Pity the script writers think they have to drag the scenes where she doesn’t realise who the next door neighbour really is!!
    Spoils the show when it becomes ridiculous..
    No wonder the shows never reach higher ratings which they would if the script made more sense..
    Episodes 6/7 hmmmmm..

  2. As with so many KDs it takes way to many episodes before any sort of romance starts?
    Enjoyable show but get to the point earlier than later-
    Hopefully it has a good ending?

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