My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Review

The Hack

Episode 6 of My Holo Love starts with Nan-Do arriving at the meeting and managing to convince the investors to stay on-board when he reveals that their AI might now be able to feel love towards humans. As he steps out though, he gets arrested by Gi-Ho for the hacking he did many years ago. He admits that it was him but that he’s not responsible for the blackout or the car crash. His lawyer arrives with his sister and manages to free him for now.

In Magic Mirror, Chan-Sung comes face to face with his father who berates him for failing again. As he leaves, he tells him that he will have to take care of things himself while Nan-Do plans to launch a version of Holo that is not in love with So-Hyeon.

In the evening, So-Hyeon decides to visit Nan-Do and asks for his help as her laptop stops working. He opens the door but puts a mask on his face pretending that he has a cold. While he does, she decides to clean his place. He starts humming a song and she recognises it as one she used to listen to when she was younger. She then leaves and suggests going for dinner one day.

The next day, So-Hyeon tries to book some time off to take Holo to see the northern lights but is unable to as she has too much work to do. As she relays this to Holo, he takes her to the rooftop and creates a projection of the lights and landscape. They spend a romantic moment together and as he leans in to kiss, she wakes up, realizing it was all a dream.

Yoo-Jin meets with Chan-Sung for dinner where they discuss her brother and his recent arrest. He then gets a call from his dad and meets with a hacker who is planning to get into Gio Lab servers.

In the evening, So-Hyeon’s mum comes over and bring food for her daughter and Yoo-Ram. She tries to invite Nan-Do but she refuses and tells them that he’s ill. After she leaves, So-Hyeon admits liking someone but gets upset when Yoo-Ram is surprised to learn that she hasn’t kissed him yet. She later decides to bring some food to Nan-Do and, seeing the door open, sneaks in. She becomes shocked when she sees him coming out of the bathroom naked and he panics when she sees his face. She runs away back in her flat and thinks she imagined Holo’s face on him because of how she feels about the AI.

Gi-Ho carries on his investigation around Nan-Do and starts to realise that an AI might be behind what has been happening and So-Hyeon must be the tester. They decide to follow her as she spends the day with Holo but he quickly notices them and calls Nan-Do to tell him about it. Holo tries to lose them by taking her away and bringing her to Nan-Do, who pretends to be Holo to throw the police off. It works as the night falls and firework starts, Holo texts him that they have gone.

Just as they are about to kiss he stops himself, which makes her run away. The real Holo then re-appears and she tearfully admits that she keeps wishing that he was real but he glitches out.

We then cut to Nan-Do rushing back to his office as a hacker has managed to break into their program. Nan-Do blocks the attack but finds out that serious damage has been done to the server. They then work hard on restoring the data and worry about So-Hyeon, who’s now in danger if anyone tries taking her glasses.

Concerned that she’s the reason why Holo glitched out, So-Hyeon texts Nan-Do asking if AI can have feelings which could cause them to breakdown. He replies that he is sure it will be due to a technical issue and not to blame herself. Yoo-Jin suddenly appears and after introducing herself, she tells her that there was a hack and that she needs to retrieve the glasses. She asks to come with her as she wants to see Holo and tell him she’s sorry. She accepts, and as she arrives in the office, she is shocked when she comes face to face with Nan-Do.

As the episode ticks along, we see that Nan-Do is starting to have feelings for So-Hyeon and while this was a little predictable, the next episode promise to be quite interesting. Is he going to carry on with the pretense and use it to his advantage? After all, he made Holo to his image so I’d imagine we’ll expect the two to eventually end up together.

The show tackles AI’s humanity traits and whether they can have feelings which is an interesting topic, especially when So-Hyeon gets frustrated that she is unable to have any physical contact with him. As Holo is now out of service, we’re left to wonder if So-Hyeon will realise who Nan-Do is and what her reaction will be. Although My Holo Love isn’t the strongest drama out there, it still remains quite engaging thanks to its intriguing premise and likable characters.


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