My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Review

Is It Love?

Episode 5 of My Holo Love starts with a small flashback of a traumatic day in So-Yeon’s childhood. She then wakes up in hospital and is surprised to be able to see Holo’s face clearly. She tells him that it must be because she loves him. This surprises him and causes him to hiccup while Nan-Do listens to their conversation.

As Nan-Do returns to Gio Lab in a daze, his sister berates him for putting himself in danger. However, he ignores her and tells her that So-Yeon loves Holo which makes him feel like his heart is being ripped apart. So-Yeon speaks to the doctor about her condition who thinks that it could be psychological and that the person she can see must be special to her. After she relays this to Holo, the latter speaks to Nan-Do about her declaration and believes it is because Nan-Do is the one who saved her. Both Holo and Yoo-Jin believe that he should reveal himself to her which will help with the situation.

In Magic Mirror, Chan-Sung is under a lot of pressure from his dad to succeed with his mission while So-Yeon buys food to make dinner for them. As they eat, he tries to approach the subject about her loving him but she quickly brushes him off and suggests going clothes shopping the next day.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Jin is under a lot of pressure from the investors as they want her to give them a launch date and threatens to pull their funds if she doesn’t. This prompts her to go and find So-Yeon and Holo but Nan-Do stops her just in time. He then decides to pretend to be Holo while she goes ice skating. This causes some funny scenes as he tries to talk to her. On their way home, he finally manages to ask her how she would feel if there was someone that looks just like him. She tells him that it wouldn’t make any difference as she believes that she was able to see his face because she is in love and not the other way around.

Arriving home, So-Yeon’s mother join them and questions her daughter about Nan-Do. She later goes into his house and wants to know his intentions with his daughter as she knows that she has a crush on someone. She tells him she had a difficult childhood and asks him to take good care of her. Unfortunately, as she steps out, she faints just as So-Yeon gets back from her walk. Nan-Do comes out hiding his face and offers to take her to hospital where So-Yeon finds out that she has high blood pressure. She then goes to thank her neighbour but he doesn’t turn around as he wants to make sure she doesn’t recognize him.

At home, Nan-Do tells Holo that there was no error that made him act that way but believes that it was love, so he commands him to make her happy despite his protests. His sister comes in to comfort him and she mentions he was never able to love because he was abandoned by his mother but created Holo to be the person he wanted to be.

It’s snowing on the way home as So-Yeon and Holo walk and make snowmen. He then tells her that he doesn’t know much about love but he will try to love her while Yoo-Jin returns home to a sick Nan-Do. After asking for Chan-Sung’s help, she gets a call from him telling her that the investors wants to put all their funds in Magic Mirror.

The police have arrested one of Chan’s man, Jang, and during the interrogation, he tells them that 12 years ago a young hacker got hold of police records but committed suicide before he could be caught and tells them that it’s him they need to arrest. The police then arrive at Gio lab just as Nan-Do makes his way to the meeting Yoo-Jin is having with the investors.

My Holo Love has certainly giving us an original love triangle and an engaging story. We see that So-Yeon has had a difficult life so far and her condition has made her very lonely. The drama has so far managed to develop her character well as Holo helps her come out of her shell. He seems to be the catalyst in helping both her and her creator who both share a traumatic childhood and struggle to let anyone in their lives.

With the looming threat of Chan-Sung in the air, My Holo Love carries on being quite the tense and enjoyable drama as we reach the halfway point of the story. It will be interesting to see what the show will have up its sleeve for our trio next and whether they will get their well-deserved happy ending.


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