My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap and Review

The Ocean

Episode 4 of My Holo Love starts as we see a glitching Holo remembering So-Yeon and returning to normal. He heads home and apologises but she stops him, telling him what he said made her feel better. Holo then talks to Nan-Do who reveals that his new behaviour has made him decide to do an official beta test on him. Holo also relays to him that what he said to So-Yeon helped but Nan-Do quickly brushes it off.

The next day, things are a little awkward at work between So-Yeon and Kang. Holo later tries helping but she rejects him as she feels pathetic and incompetent. However, he promises to be there for her if she needs to lean on him. Meanwhile, Chan-Sung discusses the connection between all three involved and whether they should go and get the hologlasses.

After doing some food shopping, So-Yeon heads up to her rooftop and has drinks with Holo. She’s soon joined by Yoo-Ram who convinces her to take a trip to the ocean after finding out why she’s upset.

Yoo-Ram and So-Yeon arrive by the seaside and while they’re enjoying themselves, Holo relays his worries to Nan-Do as he notices people tailing So-Yeon. He then asks him to go and look after her but this might be difficult as she’s not currently wearing the glasses.

Chan-Sung continues to try and find out the identity of the motorcyclist while Nan-Do arrives at the hotel where he sees that both girls are unable to afford a suite, offering instead to share his room with them. So-Yeon later goes for a walk by the sea, puts her glasses on and watches as Holo enjoys looking at the waves. She tells him she’s getting frustrated by his constant presence and is also confused as he acts like a real guy.

Returning to the hotel, So-Yeon finds Nan-Do with a bloody nose. She tends to it but they soon have an argument when he calls her sentimental and she accuses him of not having any emotions. In his office, Nan-Do later finds out that So-Yeon has asked Holo to give her some space and to act less human, which he’s determined to find out why.

Chan-Sung decides to use the company So-Yeon works at to help him launch their new smart glasses. This looks to be a way to get close to the woman and the device he is after. During a meeting, So-Yeon offers to organize the marketing presentation which pleases all her colleagues, while we find out that Kang is being transferred to their US branch.

After a long day at work, So-Yeon joins her colleagues for leaving drinks for Kang-Woo. Walking home, she loses her balance and a school girl comes to her help. Only it turns out to be Holo and she realises that he has been helping her throughout the day but changed his appearances as he wanted to help her anyway he could. She confronts him about it though as she thought they were real.

The next day, Seo-Yeon meets with Chan-Sung and does her presentation. We then see his men getting ready as they plan to take the glasses from her while Nan-Do realizes what causes Holo to act the way he does. After analyzing all the memories, he comes to the conclusion that Holo takes on the pain of others when they go through him. He also has been wondering why he himself has been acting different around her and realizes that it’s because they share the same flaws and have developed feelings for her.

So-Yeon asks Holo if humans and AI can fall in love. He tells her that he has always struggled to understand human emotions but doesn’t think it can be possible. As Chan-Sung and his men put their plan into motion, Holo starts glitching and the men soon come after her. Nan-Do rushes over too but is too late as he watches them take her away. He quickly runs after the car and manages to get Holo to stop them. He then reaches So-Yeon and performs CPR when he realizes she’s not breathing. As she wakes up, she’s able to focus on his face but thinks he is Holo. The episode ends with Nan-Do tearfully holding her as he’s relieved that she is alive.

What a tense ending! Nan-Do arrives just in time to save So-Yeon with the help of Holo. I quite like the twist where she was able to see his face and this could mean that this condition was caused by a past trauma and she hopefully might be able to be cured one day.

This episode also tackles whether AI can have feelings for another human which is quite controversial and interesting. Nan-Do realises that he is deeply linked to Holo as they share the same flaws and feelings too. We have so far seen his character evolved quite well and the show continues to advance at a good speed with enough story and character development. As each episode ends with a reveal or twist, My Holo Love continues to present a really more-ish Korean offering!


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