My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review

The Reset

Episode 3 of My Holo Love starts with the aftermath of the car crash. While Nan-Do watches So-Yeon being looked at by paramedics, he berates Holo for what he did with the power-cut. Holo replies that he needed to do that for her and him too as he believes that he needs her.

An angry Nan-Do returns home and calls the senior developer to hit the kill switch while So-Yeon thinks about the night’s events. Nan-Do heads to his office, followed by his sister, but just as he’s about to press the button she manages to convince him not to, claiming that Holo used to be his one and only friend and he only acted that way to save them.

The next day, we see that Nan-Do has decided to move next door to So-Yeon as he plans to reset Holo to the point before he met her. After seeing his creator, Holo quickly contacts him and asks what he’s planning. Nan-Do replies that there is an error with him as he shouldn’t have caused a black out.

Heading out for her date with Kang-Woo, So-Yeon mentions to Holo that her new neighbour seems to have the same voice as him. During dinner, she asks for Holo’s help again as she struggles to reply to her date’s questions. Back home, So-Yeon asks Holo to play her some jazz music before recreating another illusion, this time of a night garden with flowers.

Meanwhile at Magic Mirror, Chan-Sung seeks the help of an IT specialist, Gi-Ho, from the police department to find out who the hacker was that caused the black-out the night before.

Returning home, So-Yeon finds Nan-Do by her door and asks him if he’s trying to break in. As he denies it, So-Yeon’s mum, Jung-Eun, arrives and notices Nan-Do. She later invites him over for dinner and as she fusses over him, we find out that he’s an orphan who was adopted by a family in New-Zealand before returning to Korea.

After saying goodbye to her mum, So-Yeon is visited by the IT policeman, who asks her about the accident and the other person involved. At home, Holo tells her that the mysterious man is from the company who created him and is probably after the glasses.

The next day, So-Yeon heads to the museum with Kang-Woo who’s getting a little bothered by So-Yeon’s constant texting. At home she despairs that Kang-Woo now thinks she might be seeing someone so Holo talks to her about revealing the truth to Kang-Woo. While she’s having a shower, Nan-Do sneaks into her flat to hack into the glasses.

After she puts her glasses back on, she hears a noise outside and sees Nan-Do has fallen over a bike. She brings him back inside to tend to his ankle. It is here that we find out they met when they were children as we see a flashback of the two of them together. Back in the present, he asks Holo one more time why he chose So-Yeon and, not getting any answers, decides to reset him to the day before he met her.

So-Yeon meets with Kang-Woo in a coffee shop to tell him the truth but as she asks him to put the glasses on, Nan-Do resets the program. Neither of them are able to see Holo and despite trying to explain herself, Kang tells her they should stop seeing each other as he saw her coming out of another man’s place. She starts sobbing in the street while Nan-Do tries to fix Holo as he glitches badly.

Yoo-Jin meets with Chan-Sung in a bar, who introduces her to Gi-Ho, the IT police man. He tells her about a cyber attack which causes a power cut and that they found a motorcycle at the scene which is in her name. She lies and tells them that it was stolen from her a while back.

In the middle of the night, Nan-Do finds So-Yeon sitting on a swing. She turns around and thinks he’s Holo, allowing him to impersonate the hologram while she berates him for not being there for her. He tries to apologize but she tells him that she doesn’t have any confidence and doesn’t think she’s worthy of anyone’s love. He tells her that she’s a good person but that he understands as he has never loved anyone either and believes their flaws are what’s brought them together. He then leaves, explaining that the company is calling him back.

We then cut to Chan-Sung telling someone that the hologlasses have been located while Nan-Do rings the office, asking to do a roll-back on the reset as the episode closes.

The third episode of My Holo Love had quite a few twists which should definitely keep you on your toes as the story remains intriguing and thrilling. We’re finding out more about Nan-Do’s background now and the connection between him and So-Yeon was a nice little touch and gives more depth to the show.

The actors so far have  done a great job with their performances and in particular Yoon Hyun-Min has given an excellent portrayal of both Nan-Do and Holo. I was really happy to see that Lee Jung-Eun was in the drama too as I have always enjoyed watching her in other movies or dramas.

We also saw that Chang-Sun was after the glasses and this twist definitely added even more suspense to the episode. So far, My Holo Love has been quite the enjoyable series and I am looking forward to see it explore the human side of this AI.


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