My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Review

The Power Cut

Episode 2 of My Holo Love picks up with Nan-Do logging in as an admin on the server and speaking to Holo, who asks Nan-Do to stay with So-Yeon a little longer. When Nan-Do asks him why, he replies with “cause”, which is a word he learned from So-Yeon. This surprises him as it’s a human answer. Suddenly, So-Yeon wakes up and accidentally kisses Nan-Do. Startled, she slaps him and runs away.

Nan-do returns home, where we see that he lives with his sister Yoo-Jin. She asks him if he managed to get the AI back but he replies that there was a change of plan. They then discuss the Holo project which isn’t ready to launch yet. Heading out, he narrates how he died 12 years ago as we see a flashback of him jumping off a cliff and of his family gathered at his funeral. He also explains that he founded Gio-Lab and created Holo, but everyone believes that he’s dead. He then decides to visit the senior programmer at his office to discuss the changes he noticed about Holo.

The next day, So-Yeon finds out from Holo that Kang-Woo rejected the kiss as he told her that he has feelings for someone else. After analyzing this response, Holo tells her that there is a 71% chance that he has feelings for her and suggests helping her with it. This surprises Nan-Do and Yoo-Jin, as we see that they’re watching the interactions between the two.

Yoo-Jin meets with an investor but when he turns out to be more interested in her than her AI, Chang-Sung comes to the rescue. He asks her again to let his company invest but she’s reluctant as Magic Mirror is their competitor. Heading home, Holo manages to arrange a situation to get Kang-Woo to take So-Yeon back home. In the car, Holo tries to coach her into flirting with Kang but proves to be little distracting. Before they say goodbye, she asks him to go to a musical with him, which he agrees to.

Holo and So-Yun have drinks to celebrate and spend some time together. Nan-Do seems a little bothered by the exchange and suddenly realizes that he has seen her face before. He then listens as they speak about love and whether it can really be eternal. This angers Nan-Do as he doesn’t believe in what they are saying.

After spending the day together shopping and eating, So-Yeon returns home to her roommate leaving for work. The next evening, she heads to the musical but Kang-Woo is running late. Nan-Do then sends her a text saying that the company will be coming to take their AI back soon. This upsets her greatly and, leaving the building, she tells Holo that her life has been better since he has been around and it should now go back to what it was before. He tries to reassure her by saying what a great person she is but she still doesn’t know what everyone looks like but he’s not like everyone else.

Holo calls Nan-Do, demanding to know why he ended the beta testing. Nan-Do replies that he shouldn’t have acted as a love councillor and could have caused her a lot of heartache. Holo goes back to So-Yeon and tells her that she will not be leaving him and to enjoy the show. Returning to Nan-Do again, Holo tries to convince him that he should stay with So-Yeon and this leads to an argument between the two around feelings as he insists that he doesn’t have any.

Nan-do decides to go and get Holo back himself, while we see a flashback of him being abandoned by his mother as a child and creating Holo. Unfortunately, he gets hit by a car chasing him while riding his motorcycle near the theatre. So-Yeon runs after him to help but because he has hit an electrical pole, we see that one of the cables has become loose and is about to electrocute So-Yeon. Nan-Do rushes to her just as Holo manages to connect to all the power grids and turn them off, where we end the episode.

Episode 2 of My Holo Love sees Holo slowly changing and getting attached to So-Yeon, ending with an explosive twist. In a bid to save her, he shuts all the electricity off which is quite the controversial decision. The story continues to skip by at a decent pace as we’re also slowly finding out more and more about both of our main characters.

Nan-Do seems to have had quite the difficult past, which in turn has made him very cold and apathetic towards happiness and love. With So-Yeon unable to recognize faces and Holo determined to make a difference, it’ll be interesting to see how their character and story develops in the next episodes to come. In the meantime though, My Holo Love is a really enjoyable sci-fi k-drama and Netflix could be onto a real winner here.


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