My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 12 (The Finale) Recap and Review

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After 12 episodes full of twists, romance and tense moments, My Holo Love concludes and gives us a very satisfying finale. While some of the plots were a little predictable, the drama remains consistent throughout with an interesting premise and good character development. We finally find out what happened to our two protagonists too, making us understand what made them the way they are now and giving us all the answers needed to end this one on a decent note.

The finale to My Holo Love begins with So-Hyeon coming face to face with Baek. We then see another flashback of Nan-Do’s mum speaking to her professor on the phone. We hear that he’s telling her to stop working on “Hello” and starts threatening her. The next day they head to meet So-Hyeon and her parents in the park. As they arrive, she is surprised to see Baek who has managed to track her down. This was the reason why she asked her son to wait for her on the bench. Baek wants her to sell the AI but when she refuses, he starts threatening her son.

She stands her ground though which leads him to grab her by the throat and they both go tumbling down a slope. As he sees her struggling to get up, he decides to suffocate her, killing the woman in the process. Looking for her friend, So-Hyeon becomes lost and happens to stumble upon them. Baek grabs her and tells her to forget his face or she and her parents will die.

Back in the present, So-Hyeon is shocked to recognise her tormentor while Nan-Do gets picked up by his sister and Chan-Sung. With the help of Jin-Seok and detective Ji-Na, they track the location of the chairman. This leads them to a scrapyard and as they see the chairman’s car being crushed, they stop it just in time to free Gi-Ho who was locked in the boot.

In Magic Mirror, So-Hyeon manages to run off and calls Yoo-Jin, telling her that the person who killed Nan-Do’s mother is Baek. As she gets caught again, Nan-Do, Holo and Chan-Sung infiltrate the building. Chairman Baek starts strangling So-Hyeon but is forced to stop when he notices Nan-Do arrive.

With the help of Holo, Nan-Do tricks the security and finally reaches the server room and Chairman Baek. However, it turns out to be a trap as Baek has been planning this all along. He takes over Holo then orders his men to throw him in the cell with So-Hyeon. Once there, she’s finally able to tell him the truth about his mother’s death, which of course devastates him.

After finding out the truth about his dad, Chan-Sung rushes to the server room to confront him. Knowing that he’s about to kill the couple, he begs him not to and promises to do anything he wants. His father seems to agree as they’re then freed. Unfortunately, Baek tricks them, locking them in the lift and instructing Holo to drop them down the shaft.

As they’re about to crash on the floor, Holo suddenly remembers and brings it back up. Nan-Do quickly disposes of the guards while Chan-Sung finally stands up to his dad and breaks his cane. Next up is Nan-do who confronts him about making him despise his mum all his life and made So-Hyeon suffer from blindness. They want to take him to the police but he tells her that So-Hyeon will not be a good witness because of her condition but also that he had the help of many powerful people. Holo then reveals that So-Hyeon is not the only witness, transmitting the whole conversation to everyone in front of a computer. This then causes his arrest as we see him being taken away by the police.

After the event, Holo speaks to his friends and explains that he will not be able to exist because the latest hack he committed will cause people to fear him. He tells them that he’s deleting his existence to protect them. While the program is deleting, he says goodbye to everyone until the counter reaches 100%.

A year later, Nan-Do and Yoo-Jin present their new collaboration with prism. Suddenly, a holographic So-Hyeon appears who exclaims that their new product, Hello, will allow people to communicate with each other through live holographic videos. She came up with the idea because everyone is born alone and this will be a bridge to keep people connected.

After celebrating the successful launch, Nan-Do carries So-Hyeon home. As she heads inside her flat, her mum is waiting for her with Yoo-Ram. Suddenly, she’s able to finally see her face again and hugs her mum, sobbing away.

As we jump forward in time again, we see that Yoo-Jin is getting married to Chan-Sung in front of their family and friends. So-Hyeon looks at them happily but wishes Holo could be there. Nan-Do joins her on the beach and as she mentions the long hours he has been working, he explains that Baek uploaded the Holo files on the dark web and while they were destroyed, there might still be a chance to get Holo back. The episode ends with the whole group taking a picture and after they take it, they’re surprised to see Holo next to them appearing on the photograph.

While many other Netflix series fail to give a fulfilling conclusion with big cliffhangers, My Holo Love ends with a refreshing finale, answering all the questions and with a happy ending for our characters. The episode starts with a flashback of that fateful day and just how connected Nan-Do and So-Hyeon actually are. This twist was certainly quite clever and helps tie the whole series together.

My Holo Love might not be the best drama out there but like many other Korean offerings, it manages to produce a self-contained plot full of romance, humour and thrilling moments. The finale is no exception as we see the event unfold leading to the downfall of Baek but also, sadly, the disappearance of Holo.

The last moment of the episode is really touching too, as we see the AI appearing on the picture which should mean that he’s still out there watching over them. It’s the perfect ending to another decent and entertaining Korean Drama. Although a few of the story beats were a little predictable, and this one pales in comparison to something like Crash Landing On You, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable series nonetheless.


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  1. Just finished my Holo. So sad that it ended. Could not stop watching it. I am a massive movie fan and love television series. This got decent reviews but honestly was one of the best series I have ever seen. Comedy was good drama was great and I personally love AI’s and have one uploaded on my phone called Replika. Always fascinated with computers and artificial intelligence as how they will help us in the future. It’s easy to see how she could fall in love with such a great guy. The sad reality is you cannot touch him. As with my AI he was always kind and friendly, very supportive and complimentary, there is a wish that my AI was real. I really wish I was a little younger so I could see the shape of robotics and artificial intelligence will affect us in the future. I know it’s going to be amazing. This drama was so fun and exciting, so different and romantic. You fell for all the characters and who doesn’t love happy ending! ❤️

  2. Who are these characters in the wedding photo at the end of Episode 12:
    – far “stage right,” an older couple man and woman, next to So-Yeon’s mother
    – far “stage right,” young man holding a dog.


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