My Holo Love – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap and Review

The Limping Man

Episode 11 of My Holo Love begins with a news bulletin relaying how popular the Holo devices have become as we see multiple people interacting with their own version. Unfortunately, it’s also affecting people in a negative way as the AI are taking over their lives. So-Hyeon is still missing Holo while Chan-Sung overhears his dad speaking to Jang about eliminating Nan-Do. They talk about him being a liability in his upcoming deal of a lifetime.

Chan-Sung meets with Yoo-Jin and Gi-Ho to relay what he just heard. Yoo-Jin believes that he is monitoring people and is planning to sell Holo’s secret code to the government. However, Gi-Ho doesn’t seem to be interested and tells them to get more evidence.

In the evening, So-Hyeon receives a call from Nan-Do who tells her to make sure she keeps the glasses as the world is about to get crazy, but also that Holo will return. We see him entering an abandoned building where he has been working on computers.

Meanwhile, at Gio Lab Baek shows the government what Holo is capable off. At the same time, Nan-Do has managed to hack into the system and starts controlling it. This causes all the Holo around the country to stop working. Nan-Do manages to get the real Holo back and tells him to protect So-Hyeon as he is about to disappear.

So-Hyeon finally puts the glasses back on and sees the real Holo, who reveals that Nan-Do has disappeared. She heads out to find Yoo-Jin and manages to slip something in her hands, explaining what she has learned. Unfortunately, Baek has managed to frame her and she’s now wanted by the police. So-Hyeon decides to go and find Nan-Do with the help of Holo. While they walk, he admits that he was the one who hacked the servers 12 years ago and that he did it to find out why their mum abandoned them. Nan-Do took the fall for him and lived as a ghost after that to protect him.

As the police discuss the situation and finding Nan-do, the latter is seen in the airport trying to hack into a security door. Suddenly the police find him and a chase starts. They soon have him cornered but he manages to run out into the car park. So-Hyeon finds him and takes him away with the help of Holo who pretends to be him. In the car, Nan-Do gets upset with So-Hyeon for being so reckless. She takes him to her mum who hugs him as soon as she sees him. He tries to apologize for putting So-Hyeon in danger but she tells him she’s a good judge of character and not to worry.

So-Hyeon follows him out as he tells her he has something else to do. She asks him not to go but he replies that if he gets caught, he will take the blame for everything. She protests and tells him to think about the people he has around him including her.

They decide to spend the night together in his hiding place while Holo connects to the server to check something. During the night, Nan-Do calls Gi-Ho and asks to meet him. As the policeman arrives, he doesn’t see anyone so he decides to put the glasses on. He soon realizes that it was Holo who called him as he asks him to take him to Baek. He is reluctant to do it as Baek has been illegally using the glasses to spy on people. Nan-Do suddenly wakes up and as he takes his gun, the police arrive. Gu-Hi tells him to run away and promises to buy him some time as they’re the only ones who can stop Baek.

Nan-Do and So-Hyeon escape through the woods. Suddenly So-Hyeon collapses on the floor clutching her head and starts having flashbacks of a body of a woman in the woods. She tells him to go while Gi-Ho arrives and promises to keep her safe. However, Jang and his men arrive and knock Gi-Ho unconscious. As they take them away, Baek comes to the woods and as she sees him limp, she recognizes him as the man she saw in the woods when she was a little girl. Bloodied and limping, he grabs her hand and tells her to forget that she saw his face which ends the episode.

The penultimate episode of My Holo Love was certainly tense and full of shocking twists. It also picks up the pace as the series prepares itself for the dramatic finale. Just as Nan-Do and So-Hyeon are reunited, they’re soon separated again while trying to escape. We also see that Baek was indeed the reason why So-Hyeon developed face blindness and is most likely the one responsible for Nan-Do’s Mum’s death. The drama has done a good job building the story to this twist while tackling some interesting themes along the way.

As we see in the beginning of the episode, the fast advancing technologies can also prove to be quite intrusive, gathering data and information on everyone. In this more extreme case, the holo glasses were used to keep tabs on everyone. This is something that could become a reality in the near future.

The finale is just around the corner and our characters are facing some serious trouble. How will this one end?

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