My Hero Academia – Season 7 Episode 9 Recap & Review


In episode 9 of My Hero Academia season 7, the news of Shoto’s victory over Dabi spreads far and wide like wildfire, motivating the hero team just enough for them to continue fighting as if their lives depend on it. The villains realize that the hero strategy has been to separate them and take them on one by one.

Meanwhile, we discover that Spinner had gotten a new quirk from All for One, the Body Bulk quirk, which makes him gigantic. Terming the battle as an information war, he refuses to believe Dabi’s defeat and pushes to free Kurogiri along with his heteromorph army. Although Dabi has been defeated, he’s still found to be breathing as we witness a shiny core embedded in his body.

News of Dabi’s defeat soon reaches Endeavour’s team, who are fighting All for One. In a flashback scene, Hawks had suggested keeping the team fighting All for One small, comprising only Endeavour and Hawks, since All for One’s quirk-stealing is a huge concern. He also assumes that All for One’s mask is his life support system, and to defeat him, they need to break the mask.

However, All for One continually pokes at Endeavour’s weakest points—his sons. Hawks tries to snap Endeavour back to his senses, but Endeavour is already provoked and unleashes his wrath on the villain. He loses his senses, leading to All for One getting a hit on him.

While Endeavour is down, Tokoyami and Jiro appear to support Hawks. The plan is for Jiro to break All for One’s mask through her vibration attacks, but she gets flustered when All for One decides to attack her as the weakest link among Tokoyami and Hawks, since she cannot fly.

While Hawks and the team wait for Endeavour to return, All for One gain the upper hand, attacking and injuring Tokoyami and Jiro with a powerful laser beam, leading to one of Jiro’s ears getting cut off. He also has Hawks immobilized as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 was quite a short episode that functioned more as a filler, since nothing really happened other than expanding on the last episode’s consequence: Shoto’s victory over Dabi. Much of the episode had the news travel from one battle zone to another, motivating the heroes to go on.

In the decisive battle between Endeavour and All for One, it’s clear that Endeavour’s past actions weigh heavily on him, thereby giving All for One a chance to provoke him, strike him, and get him out of his hair, since the rest of the heroes are child’s play to him. He’s also interested in Tomura’s safety and wants to leave as soon as possible to find him.

Now, with Jiro and Tokoyami’s entry into the battle with All for One, only time will tell what course this high-stakes battle with the greatest villain of all time will take. It will be exciting to watch how the two students will support the pro heroes to victory, if they are ever able to.

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