My Hero Academia – Season 7 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of My Hero Academia Season 7 begins with a recap of the plan to separate the core villain team. Shigaraki is to be fought inside the Coffin in the Sky with Midoriya at the center, All for One by Endeavour’s team, Dabi’s flames by those who can withstand extreme temperatures like Todoroki and Endeavour’s sidekicks.

The unpredictable Himiko is to be isolated on an island with Uraraka, Tsuyu, and others who have experience fighting her.

We jump back to the Coffin in the Sky, where Shigaraki explains that his surprise attack is not a quirk but merely his physical growth. “This is growth. Just my physical body. Like hair growing. Like nails growing. In order to deal with the deepening of quirks, my body has acquired a new form,” Shigaraki explains.

As the team racks their brains to fight Shigaraki, Midoriya contacts Eraser Head for Warp Gate. However, since Monoma can’t copy more than one quirk at a time, if he opens Warp Gate for Midoriya, there’s a danger of Shigaraki activating decay at an enormous level with his numerous hands. Thus, Eraser Head tells Midoriya to make his way back on his own.

Meanwhile, on Okuto Island, a fraction of the hero team deals with Nomus while the others handle Himiko. Himiko attacks Midoriya, confessing her love for him and telling him she wants to become him. Midoriya replies, “Why don’t you want your feelings to become the same, too? I don’t want to hurt someone I love!”

This is when Himiko realizes that Midoriya is the same as everyone else; he is different from her, and she proceeds to attack with full force. The issue is that Deku’s powers don’t activate while fighting Himiko since she feels genuine affection while hurting others. Her danger isn’t recognized as danger by One for All.

With Uraraka and Tsuyu’s interruption, during which Himiko manages to stab Uraraka in the shoulder, and through their encouragement, Midoriya is able to fly towards the Coffin in the Sky. While on his way, he thinks about using the meta power of the second One for All user, Kudo.

But Kudo appears before him to explain that his meta power, Gearshift, has changed into a unique power due to the stockpiling effect of One for All. It cannot be used as before and should not be used under normal circumstances. He adds, “This is a battle for the future. Believe in your friends. Everyone is different. You should focus on your own battlefield.”

Meanwhile, Dabi is wreaking havoc with his flames. Amidst the battle, Todoroki questions him, asking why he didn’t return to the family if he survived. “You wanna know? Then, I’ll tell you. Even like this, I’m still your big brother. How I became Dabi…” he says, and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Well, the cliffhanger is brutal! The biggest question about Dabi is finally going to be revealed, and we might get a deeper peek into his life and character in the next episode. The anime is getting exciting as we find ourselves in the midst of the second decisive battle between the heroes and the villains.

Moreover, Himiko’s twisted notion of love and affection finds greater manifestation in this episode since Deku’s powers are unable to detect her attacks. She’s definitely one of the most interesting characters in the series.

We also gain additional information about One for All. The meta powers of its previous owners have transformed into a secret weapon that we cannot wait for Deku to use!

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