My Hero Academia – Season 7 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of My Hero Academia begins by explaining how the heroes could bypass All for One’s lie detector quirk. We travel back to when All Might came to visit Midoriya and his classmates. They were told about the plan to take down the villains.

Since All for One only communicated with Aoyama’s parents through a voice call, they used Hitoshi Shinso’s brainwashing quirk. If you remember Shinso from the U.A. Joint Training Battle, he wasn’t able to use his quirk to command others to do things that required advanced brain function like writing and talking. However, since he had trained under Eraser Head, he was now able to control others and make them talk as he wanted. Because Aoyama and his parents were under his control, they weren’t actually lying and thus remained safe from All for One’s notice.

To be able to separate the villains, which is essential for the heroes to win due to their low numbers, they used Neito Monoma’s copy quirk. He used his quirk to create Kurogiri’s Warp Gate, who is under imprisonment.

We jump back to the present fight, where heroes assemble through Monoma’s Warp Gates. The villains immediately attack, but there are sudden blocks that imprison them. The plan is to imprison the villains in separate blocks to isolate them. The heroes push the blocks into Monoma’s Warp Gates and transport them to different locations. However, in a split second, Midoriya, who is supposed to be fighting Shigaraki, is pulled into a different gate. The culprit is revealed to be Himiko.

Now, Shigaraki is transported to a floating U.A. powered by an electromagnetic barrier. Bakugo informs Best Jeanist that Midoriya is not with them. They still try to fight Shigaraki, who uses his decay on the ground, only to find the decaying block float and disappear. Best Jeanist informs him that the floating U.A. is called Coffin in the Sky and was specially made for fighting Shigaraki. They have used blocks with drone technology on the ground, with Cementoss and Yaoyorozu (Creati) working to supply material and replace the decaying blocks.

The electromagnetic barrier is powered by students who emit electricity in a different floating workspace. He also informs that the entire design is constructed and executed by a 16-year-old student, Hatsume. This was the project she was passionately working on when Midoriya and Ida visited her to replace their equipment.

Shigaraki tries to use his powers but is unable to. The culprits behind this are Eraser Head and Monoma at a distance. Since Eraser Head had lost his eye, he can’t use his quirk to the fullest. This is where Monoma comes in, as he is continuously copying Eraser Head’s quirk by being in continuous physical contact with him, bypassing his 10-minute copy limit.

Everything seems to go according to plan until Rabbit Hero Mirko charges at Shigaraki with full excitement. They think they can take on Shigaraki, but in the previous battle, Shigaraki’s body was incomplete. As soon as she kicks Shigaraki, he undergoes body modification, and multiple hands attack Mirko.

The Episode Review

This episode was exhilarating! The hero strategy is so well put together to increase their chances of winning against All for One and his army of villains. This episode mainly explained the reasoning behind how the heroes were able to pull off such a major bluff to fool All for One and take the villains by surprise.

We also got to witness two old characters, Shinso and Monoma, from the Joint Training Battle, which highlights that not only were they able to work on their abilities, but the idea and organizational hierarchy of Hero vs. Hero support completely broke down in times of need. Using everybody’s quirks, no matter how small or big, the heroes were able to orchestrate such a plan of immense magnitude.

This episode reflects that the stars are not just the heroes; the “hero support” along with the development team aren’t any less than them. There’s clearly a profound life lesson hidden behind the events in this episode.

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