My Hero Academia – Season 7 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Let You Down

Episode 5 of My Hero Academia begins with Himiko visiting her childhood home, recalling how others treated her as a monster. As she leaves the house, Dabi burns it down and encourages Himiko to use the addition to her power. Now, not only can she transform into someone, but she can also use the quirks of people to whom she feels attached by using their blood.

Meanwhile, back in the cave with All for One, Spinner is chosen to spearhead the villain riots while Shigaraki heals. Spinner has become the leader and north star of the heteromorphs, but by this time, he has difficulty recognizing himself.

At the UA Residential Space for Evacuees, All for One’s spies are hidden among ordinary people. Their order is to “Fuel the Fire” and lure Midoriya out of the safety of UA.

Meanwhile, Midoriya and his classmates return after conducting a painstaking and laborious search mission. All Might visits them to discuss the final plan. The next day, an announcement informs them that Shigaraki is about to become active in four days and martial law will be in place to maximize their defense system.

The UA students say their goodbyes to their families and reach the makeshift fortress called Troy, 30 km away from UA, to prepare for the last battle. While they wait for their next move, Midoriya finally thanks Uraraka for having his back during the last battle with the villains.

Elsewhere, All for One recalls a certain quirk that helps him detect lies. “Lies do not work on me,” he says, adding, “I can sense even a hint of malicious intent.” It is revealed that this is one of his many stolen quirks, and the descendants of the original master of this quirk decide to work with One for All. He is ready with his plan to use Aoyama to steal One for All at long last.

The scene shifts to Aoyama disclosing his real identity to Midoriya. He further lays out All for One’s plan to become the master of the globe. Aoyama successfully deceives All for One into thinking that his well-crafted plan is in action, only to buy time for the other heroes to appear using Kurogiri’s quirk Warp Gate, which acts as a portal to transport anything and anyone.

At the same time, All for One has the villains ready on his side. He is confused about how he couldn’t detect maliciousness from Aoyama or his parents but is sure of his victory. The epic battle has finally begun.

The Episode Review

We are finally at the threshold of what My Hero Academia does best – battles! This particular battle has been building up since season 1, so the anticipation and expectations are high.  

Most of the episode served as a background for what is to come in the following episodes. We understand that despite being villains, Himiko, Dabi, and Shigaraki had tough childhoods, and our heroes are aware of this fact.

What’s great about this anime is that My Hero Academia doesn’t portray its villains as two-dimensional. They aren’t there just to make the heroes appear larger than life. In fact, most of the villains in the anime have more depth than the heroes themselves. The villains in My Hero Academia seem more humane and flawed, adding richness to their characters. Take, for instance, Himiko and Dabi.

We are excited for the final battle and what the anime has in store for us. Are you?

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