My Hero Academia – Season 7 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Story of How We All Become Heroes

Episode 4 of My Hero Academia features the heroes preparing for what could be their last battle against the villains. The U.A. Hero class expresses their support for Aoyama, but some of the adults remain sceptical. Erasure Head calls the group from the hospital and reveals that he has a plan, but Aoyama and his parents are kept in the dark about the details.

All the students return to U.A., where Midoriya and Lida need to get their hero costumes repaired. They visit the Hero Support Course and meet Hatsume, who seems oblivious to the dangers of the outside world. They witness the U.A. barrier being built by the support team. Midoriya requests Hatsume to repair his high-tech mid-gauntlet, but she cheerfully declines and runs away, citing a lack of materials. Similarly, Lida’s request to work on his armor is also rejected. However, Hatsume’s classmates offer to make Lida’s armor.

Midoriya and Lida find Hatsume obsessively working to strengthen the U.A. barrier. Hatsume explains that she knows the heroes are in a difficult position and says, “Inventing things is how we at the Support Course act as heroes.” She then throws Midoriya a new mid-gauntlet and a new armor for Lida, stating that it’s not the best, but it will work, shocking everyone with her speed.

All the students gather at the school in their hero uniforms, ready to take on the villains for the last time. Meanwhile, other heroes are busy helping evacuees reach safe zones.

Elsewhere, All Might addresses a group of selected heroes for an alternate mission. Those present include Hawks, Star and Stripe’s brothers, Tomoko Shiretoko, whose quirk Search was stolen by Shigaraki, among others. All Might explains that they need to separate Shigaraki and All for One, along with other key villains, to tackle them separately and win the war.

In the hospital, Aoyama’s test results show no signs of any abnormalities, indicating that he might not be in danger from All for One’s wrath upon his betrayal.

Erasure Head reasons that All for One might have killed past traitors to set an example and maintain control through terror. He tells Aoyama, who is contained on the other side of a glass-walled room, that although Aoyama has no other choice but to fight, he comforts him by saying, “You didn’t think I’d make you walk this path on your own, right? You students, us teachers, and pro-heroes too. It’s a path we’re all on together.”

The Episode Review

In this episode, the heroes are preparing for their battle against the villains. Due to the episodes being short, not much happens in many of the initial episodes of the season. This episode serves more as a background to the upcoming war.

However, in line with its title, “The Story of How We All Become Heroes,” the episode highlights how even those who aren’t actively fighting the villains are heroes in their own right. For example, Hatsume is obsessively working on her inventions so that heroes like Midoriya can save as many people as possible. Everyone is contributing to the war in their own way. As Erasure Head notes, it’s a path they’re all on together.

Moreover, the heroes have a plan to separate all key villains, especially All for One and Shigaraki, to increase their chances of winning. However, they seem unaware of the two villains’ awareness merging into one. The heroes have one week to prepare for battle, but what do you think are their odds of winning against such powerful villains?

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