My Hero Academia – Season 7 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of the My Hero Academia Season 7 discloses a huge secret. The episode begins with All for One hiding in his cave, where Shigaraki, writhing in pain from New Order’s brutal massacre of quirks inside his body, and the rest of his henchmen are present.

All of One is elated to find Shigaraki’s consciousness merging with his own as he mentions his hatred towards not only All for One but also for One for All. All for One further elaborates that he plans multiple routes spanning across decades to reach his one goal, and that’s what makes him different than anybody else. He refers to his “many friends” and the scene shifts to U.A., Hero Academy.

Back at U.A., the students are leaving no stones unturned to hone their techniques and prepare for an all-out war with the villains. Bakugo develops a new bombing technique while Todoroki is working on his right hot side to be able to withstand Dabi’s heat. When Kaminari questions All Might’s all out war, since the Villains have been weakened, and questions why are the heroes not taking the first step, Bakugo and the others answer him.

First, nobody can find All for One, he’s a master at hiding. Second, when they fought the villains, Shigaraki’s body was incomplete and they still lost many heroes and thus, are at a disadvantage. Third, the villains have the choice to start first because of a stolen quirk which can detect other quirks from a distance. Even if the quirk was lost during Shigaraki and Star’s fight, if the heroes go second, they have no chance against the villains.

Elsewhere in the forest, Hagakure finds someone suspicious and is eavesdropping on some people. It turns out that Aoyama has been working for All for One. It’s revealed that he was born quirkless and his parents had got him his quirk through All for One, not knowing who he was. It was Aoyama who was responsible for the villain attack on U.A. and the training centre in the previous seasons. Hagakure brings Midoriya who is shocked to learn the truth. Aoyama has been feeling guilty and trapped since he wanted to be like the heroes but ended up being a villain and he feels bothered by it. In panic, he attacks Midoriya with his laser but Hagakura refracts the light with her body, saving them.

Midoriya captures the three, Aoyama and his parents, and they are presented to the U.A teachers, students and the police. However, Aoyama wasn’t willingly working for All for One but considers himself, sadly, as a villain. His parents disclose that if they’ve not helped All for One, they would have been killed, like many others. They cannot help the heroes track All for One because they were contacted by them not the other way round. At this point Midoriya passionately calls to Aoyama that he still has a chance to be a hero because he was trying to leave hints and warning for the others whenever he could.

When the detective feels that the three cannot serve any purpose, Midoriya suggests that Aoyama can still lure All for One, giving the rest of them the upper hand that they need to fight the villains. He’s the only one who can lure All for One and so, Midoriya exclaims that Aoyama can still be a hero!

The Episode Review

Well for starters, we finally know who the traitor responsible for the U.A and training centre villain attacks is! And for those not following the manga, it certainly comes off as a surprise. On the other hand, though, we still do not know if Aoyama is safe or is he going to perish like the others who exploded after All for One was done with them.

A food for thought, when All of One mention about his numerous friends and how he can just get rid of them when they have served their purpose, Hagakure is briefly shown on screen. Although, we don’t really know yet, but such an editing definitely makes her seem suspicious.

On the other hand, as we gear up for the big fight, it’s definitely going to be exciting seeing the heroes build a trap for All for One but knowing the twists that My Hero Academia often throws at us, it’s not going to be a flower path.

What do you think about this episode?  Do you think we might still have one more traitor lurking inside the U.A. or is it just a fluke?

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