My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of My Happy Marriage begins with Miyo asking Kiyoka to take her to the Saimori house despite learning about its burned state. Kiyoka and Miyo arrive at the Saimori house. Kiyoka tells Miyo that Shinichi and Kanoko let most of the servants go and are moving to their villa in the countryside. He says the Tatsuishi family’s involvement hasn’t been made public. Kazushi will be the head of the Tatsuishi family to take responsibility. Kiyoka says the family accepted restrictions under his supervision and will be under the Kudo family’s command.

As for Kaya, she’ll become a family’s servant. Kiyoka takes Miyo to her mother’s cherry tree. Miyo touches the tree, and it withers away. Kiyoka blames himself for the incident, but Miyo assures him what he did wasn’t uncalled for. Kiyoka tells Miyo he plans to start the procedures for their engagement ceremony. After telling Miyo they may have to meet his father soon, Kiyoka and her bump into Koji. Koji asks Miyo if she can talk to her alone in private.

Koji tells Miyo he plans to leave town to become stronger. Although Koji’s mildly upset that Miyo doesn’t recall his words from the previous episode, he promises to meet her again. Afterward, Miyo explains how she will officially become Kiyoka’s fiancee without going through the usual hurdles involved in the process.

Later, Miyo meets Kiyoka’s older sister, Hazuki. In a flashback, Miyo tells Kiyoka she wants to redo lessons to become a lady and plans to find a suitable teacher. Kiyoka tells Miyo he’ll have someone stop by that can assist her.

We cut to the present and see Miyo interacting with Hazuki. Although Hazuki’s upset Kiyoka did not tell Miyo much about her, she plans to help Miyo learn how to become a proper lady. After discussing flowers with Miyo, Hazuki and her head to a private room to begin their lessons. Meanwhile, Kiyoka’s reading a book outside the room without them knowing so he can listen in on their conversation. Hazuki tells Miyo she had an unsuccessful marriage in the past but has much experience with being a lady thanks to graduating from an All Girl’s School.

Hazuki asks Kiyoka if she can bring Miyo home to teach her better, but Kiyoka refuses. She tells Miyo that it’s best for her to establish a tentative goal to drive herself to improve. She tells Miyo about an upcoming party in two months and says it’d be the perfect step for Miyo. Kiyoka encourages Miyo to go through with the plan.

Hazuki leaves their home and plans to create a timetable for Miyo’s lessons. Kiyoka awakens at night after sensing supernatural phenomena. He checks on Miyo and believes she’s having a nightmare. We get a glimpse of men trying to form a barrier and a few mythical entities ruining their plan.

Kiyoka meets General Okaito in the morning. Okaito tells Kiyoka Takahito had a revelation and that he plans to report on Tatsuishi. However, he needs Kiyoka to accompany him to his meeting with Takahito. Okaito tells Kiyoka a tomb break-in occurred last night, resulting in the grave opening. The episode closes with the gentlemen from the previous chapter’s cliffhanger planning to retrieve Miyo from Kiyoka.

The Episode Review

Last week’s My Happy Marriage episode raised the intensity and drama by a long shot. Therefore, it made sense for things to settle down a bit in this week’s episode. Nevertheless, many fans weren’t satisfied with how Kiyoka settled matters with the Saimori family. Some felt that they should’ve received a harsher punishment than what they received. 

This episode sort of alleviates those issues fans had by giving us information about what happened to them after their home burned. Although Kanoko and Shinichi didn’t receive the gravest of punishments, many will be satisfied with the situation Kaya’s new path in life. As Kiyoka states in this episode, this will help Kaya experience the life Miyo led since her mother passed away. Not only could this lead to proper development for Kaya but it opens the door for a potential redemption arc for her.

At the same time, it’s nice seeing Koji and Miyo embark on similar journeys of strength. This chapter closes with an intriguing cliffhanger too, showing viewers that Kiyoka and Miyo aren’t out of the woods yet.

In addition to this episode introducing us to Kiyoka’s older sister Hazuki, there was a lot of fabulous content here to satisfy viewers. Hopefully, the next chapter can give us more intel about the people who insist on ruining Miyo’s chances at a better life. 

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