My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Determination and Thunder

Episode 6 of My Happy Marriage begins with Miyo calling for help after realizing her situation. We see Kouji and Kiyoka heading for the Saimori residence to save Miyo. Kanoko orders Miyo to reject Kiyoka’s marriage proposal, but Kaya threatens to ruin Miyo’s kimono if she doesn’t accept Kanoko’s terms. Kaya promises to give Miyo Koji back and plans to wed Kiyoka instead.

Despite snipping a piece of Miyo’s kimono, Miyo doesn’t want to let go of her desire to marry Kiyoka. Kanoko slaps Miyo as Kaya cuts the rope Miyo’s hanging from to let her fall to the ground. Kaya criticizes Miyo, saying she has no redeemable qualities and is an embarrassment to the Saimori family. Miyo stands her ground and tells Kanoko and Kaya that she’ll become Kiyoka’s wife whether they like it or not. Meanwhile, Koji and Kiyoka arrive. Kiyoka uses his powers to get inside and demands Shinichi tell him where Miyo is.

Mr. Tatsuishi tells Kiyoka Miyo won’t be returning to his household any longer. Since Mr. Tatsuishi won’t tell Kiyoka where he’s hiding Miyo, Kiyoka plans to use force to get what he wants. Kiyoka fights Shinichi and Mr. Tatsuishi. Despite their efforts, Mr. Tatsuishi and Shinichi are no match for Kiyoka. Kanoko grows concerned and asks Miyo to reject Kiyoka’s offer. Once again, Miyo refuses to back down.

At the same time, Koji tells Kiyoka that the Saimoris’ likely put Miyo in the storehouse. Before they’d go there, Mr. Tatsuishi attempts to stop Kiyoka again, but Kiyoka knocks him out with a lightning attack.

As Kaya yells at Miyo to reject the marriage offer, Miyo contemplates her life with her family and Kiyoka. Kiyoka comes to Miyo’s aid as she falls unconscious from the abuse she received from Kaya and Kanoko. Kanoko looks outside and notices the disastrous aftermath caused by Kiyoka’s battle with Mr. Tatsuishi and Shinichi.

Kiyoka asks Kaya what she tried to achieve by hurting Miyo. Kaya tells Kiyoka that she’s the one who should’ve been set up with him and not Miyo. She brags about how inferior Miyo is compared to her, resulting in Kiyoka telling her to shut her mouth.

Kiyoka leaves with Miyo in his arms as Koji urges Kaya to evacuate the area with him. He doesn’t want Kaya’s death to be another burden Miyo has on her shoulders. In a dream, Miyo sees her mother, Sumi. Sumi apologizes to Miyo for the rough life she led and tells her to believe in the power she holds inside herself.

We then cut to a man who is infuriated with Mr. Tatsuishi’s failure. Another person asks this man for permission to execute a new plan that’ll aid him in his endeavours. Miyo awakens inside Kiyoka’s home, and Kiyoka comforts her. Yurie enters the room, happy to see Miyo doing fine. The episode closes with Kiyoka telling Miyo that they’re happy she’s okay.

The Episode Review

This was another fabulous chapter of My Happy Marriage. It demonstrates how powerful Kiyoka is while giving Miyo a chance to stand up to the people who belittled her over the years. Although matters resolved easier than I’d hoped, it was lovely seeing Miyo withstand her family’s cruelties and refuse to reject the cherished life she has with Kiyoka. 

My Happy Marriage excelled at making Miyo a likable protagonist due to her harsh background and the gradual development she’s received since the anime began. At the same time, characters like Mr. Tatsuishi and Kaya are nicely defined in their own right as people fans will easily despise. However, there’s always a chance that characters like Kaya can redeem themselves for their actions later.

One thing that’ll leave fans contemplating is that eerie meeting between the two unnamed male characters. It appears they have a hand to play in this whole fiasco involving the Saimori, Kudo, and Tatsuishi families. Although this means Kiyoka and Miyo will have more problems to deal with down the pipeline, it’ll be intriguing to see how that plot point unravels in future episodes. Overall, this was a fantastic episode of My Happy Marriage and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the entire cast. 

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