My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of My Happy Marriage begins with Yurie and a woman helping Miyo with a new kimono Kiyoka picked out for her. Miyo appreciates Kiyoka’s kind gesture and loves that the Kimono reminds her of her mother’s cherry blossom kimono.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tatsuishi discusses Miyo and Kiyoka with Kaya. Mr. Tatsuishi hands Kaya a photo of Miyo and Kiyoka together. He tells Kaya Miyo’s doing exceptionally well with him. When Mr. Tatsuishi tells Kaya he planned for Miyo to marry Kazushi, Kaya’s irritated by the whole dilemma. Kaya tells Mr. Tatsuishi she plans to visit her father to make a request.

Later, Yoshito and Kiyoka travel to Kiyoka’s home since Yoshito will be having dinner with Kiyoka and Miyo. When they arrive, Kiyoka’s stunned by Miyo’s dashing looks. Yoshito feels left out, but Miyo asks him to stay. Meanwhile, we cut to Kaya, who appears to be using the shiki-gami to spy on Miyo and the others. She’s jealous Miyo’s looking happier than she is. Yoshito adores the meal Miyo cooked for them and tells Kiyoka he’s a lucky man to have food prepped by her.

Miyo returns to the room and thanks Yoshito for helping her reunite with Hana, even if his role in the act was small. Yoshito thanks Miyo for respecting him and jokes about her marrying him instead of Kiyoka. Yoshito leaves. Miyo thanks Kiyoka for tonight. Meanwhile, Kaya’s upset with her father’s response about forgetting Miyo, even though Kaya feels she’s better suited for Kiyoka.

After things don’t go her way with her father, Kaya visits Koji in his room to discuss things with him. Meanwhile, Miyo has a strange dream, and Kiyoka senses something’s amiss. He visits Miyo’s room and notices her lying on the ground. Kiyoka questions what’s wrong and wakes Miyo up from her nightmare. He tells Miyo to inform him if anything is wrong with her in the future and that she’s never alone.

Koji spots some men entering a vehicle the following day. He remembers Kaya’s words from the previous night. Kaya tells him she spoke with his father and that he said he’s willing to help Kaya and Koji out with his dilemma regarding Miyo. Koji wonders what Kaya and his father plan to do to Miyo.

Miyo makes a meal for Kiyoka and plans to deliver it to him with Yurie. Yurie hands her a pouch Kiyoka had someone make for her and says Kiyoka will be thrilled to see her with it.

Koji visits his father’s office to speak with him and notices Kaya. Kaya says she’s here to exchange finances with her sister. Koji says it won’t happen because Shinichi said “no.” However, Kaya suggests the possibility of Miyo wanting to go through with this to Koji. Koji asks his father what he’s planning. Mr. Tatsuishi says he’ll understand everything soon and asks him to trust him.

Miyo and Yurie arrive at Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit HQ to meet and hand Kiyoka the meal Miyo made for him. Kiyoka thanks Miyo for being thoughtful of him and asks her if she has the amulet he gave her. Miyo tells Kiyoka she has it with her, and he reminds her to keep it close.

Someone calls Kiyoka, and he tells them to get home safely. Miyo realizes she left the amulet at home and is upset that she promised Kiyoka she’d always have it with her. Yurie and Miyo head home but get ambushed by the two men Koji spotted earlier. They grab Miyo, put her in the vehicle, and leave.

At the same time, Koji asks his father and Kaya what they’re planning. Kaya says they’re going to have Miyo withdraw from the marriage arrangements with the head of the Kudos. Kaya departs as Mr. Tatsuishi tells Koji they must secure Miyo and must do everything in his power to help their lineage thrive. Koji’s furious because his father knew all these years Miyo was abused and never lent her a hand because it was all for his benefit. Mr. Tatsuishi overpowers Koji and tells him to wait until everything is settled.

Fortunately, Kazushi frees Koji and encourages him to save Miyo. Yurie tells Kiyoka what happened to Miyo and apologizes for being the reason she didn’t have the amulet with her. Koji arrives at the Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit HQ.

The episode closes with Koji asking Kiyoka to help him save Miyo.

The Episode Review

My Happy Marriage never fails to deliver a solid chapter. It’s making the wait for episodes challenging as each one gives us something exciting to discuss. After their brief encounter in the previous episode, it made sense for Kaya to attempt to harm her sister’s happiness. Many fans will despise Kaya for her actions this week. However, it’s worth noting that she grew up spoiled and rotten. 

The real blame should be placed on Shinichi and Kazuki for turning Kaya into this. Nonetheless, Kaya’s actions are despicable and it hurts to see Miyo get captured by Mr. Tatsuishi’s goons. On that note, Mr. Tatsuishi’s other personal fans will probably grow to despise his actions and the words he shared in this chapter.

Thankfully, Kazushi’s a nice parallel to Kaya as he actually helps Koji escape and gives him enough encouragement to overthrow his father’s plans and rescue Miyo. While it’d been great to learn more about Kazushi’s character beforehand, it’s a nice change of pace to have a kinder sibling to root for down the line.

Overall, this was a compelling and thrilling episode of My Happy Marriage. Hopefully, Kiyoka and Koji can create an excellent plan to save Miyo from Mr. Tatsuishi’s clutches. 

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  1. I loved episode 5 … for me so far the best … finally Miyo got this beautiful Kimonos… they look AMAZING… I which I could buy them … want to now more background about both main characters … and hope to see them get more engaged with kissing … anyhow .. I am sure Kiyoka saves Miyo … hope there will be many seasons coming…

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