My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Meeting

Episode 1 of My Happy Marriage begins with our female protagonist Miyo Saimori reflecting on her horrible upbringing and how a man named Kiyoka Kudo changed her views on life. We cut to the past and see a woman named Kaya ordering Miyo to make her better green tea. Miyo leaves the room. Kaya and a woman named Kanoko talk poorly of her in front of her father, Shinichi.

At the same time, Mr. Tatsuishi arrives to chat with Shinichi while Miyo overhears girls gossiping about his arrival. They believe he’s here to discuss a marriage offer. They speculate it’s for Kaya and not Miyo–despite both girls being the perfect age for marriage now. Mr. Tatsuishi’s son Koji finds Miyo. The two sit somewhere to chat. Koji hands Miyo candy and wishes he could save her from her terrible life.

Moreover, Kaya asks Shinichi if he can buy her a new kimono for Girls’ School. Shinichi promises to buy her multiple kimonos and asks Miyo to be present this week. Miyo falls asleep, wishing her father didn’t treat her like a servant.

After getting mocked by Kaya for her dirty looks, Miyo spots Koji outdoors while sweeping. Koji says he has important matters to discuss with Shinichi, including his reason for wearing Western-themed clothing. Koji doesn’t explain his somber attitude but hands Miyo more sweets to eat and share with the other workers.

A woman tells Miyo to visit Shinichi in the parlor. Miyo wishes for a marriage offer from Koji but doesn’t want to get her hopes up. Miyo arrives and sees Koji, Kaya, Shinichi, and Kanoko in the room. Shinichi explains he’ll let Koji marry into the Saimori family and take over. Koji will be marrying Kaya, upsetting Miyo. Shinichi tells Miyo she’ll marry Kiyoka Kudo and will be living elsewhere. Shinichi tells Miyo to gather her items because she’ll be heading to Kudo’s place tomorrow. Koji leaves the room and notices Miyo standing in the rain alone.

We cut to a flashback between Koji and his father. His father informs Koji that he’ll be marrying Kaya. He notes he requested Miyo to be Kazushi’s (his eldest son’s) wife, so she leaves that house. Although Koji isn’t thrilled to marry Kaya, his father says he must comply with his demands.

Miyo visits her mother’s cherry tree to calm her thoughts and share her goodbyes. Koji confronts Miyo about the situation, but Miyo tells him it’s all bad luck and doesn’t resent him for anything. Kaya interrupts their discussion. Miyo thanks Koji for his support over the years and leaves to pack her things.

A woman enters Miyo’s room to hand her a kimono. She tells Miyo that her father wants her to wear it before she departs tomorrow. The woman warns Miyo that Kiyoka’s a cruel man and every fiancee he had has fled from him. Miyo puts on her kimono, looks at her home, and reflects. She thinks about her mother’s passing, her saddening childhood, and other aspects of life up to this point. Miyo arrives at Kiyoka’s home and meets the family’s servant Yurie. Upon looking at Kiyoka, Miyo feels her life might be taking a turn for the better.

The episode closes with Miyo admiring Kiyoka’s dashing looks.

The Episode Review

Kinema Citrus is back with another emotional work for fans who loved the drama and intensity in Made In Abyss. This time they’re tackling a project with a little more romance. My Happy Marriage episode one does an excellent job of showcasing Miyo’s issues with her family and how it led to her pessimistic view of life.

From Kaya and Kanoko’s belittling to losing her potential lover, fans will obtain many reasons to feel empathetic for Miyo and root for her to succeed by the series’s conclusion.

The animation was astonishing from beginning to end with this chapter too. From Miyo’s flashback with her mother to the way she appears on the train, everything looked remarkable and stunning to the eye.

The soundtrack also played a role in making scenes feel more pleasing to watch. It added more depth to this chapter’s emotional scenes and may get some people teary-eyed. The ending portion was a bit strange though. While it makes sense for anyone to fall for dashing gentlemen, one would think Miyo would be more hesitant to believe Kiyoka’s her ticket to the good life.

Before she meets him, he demands her to not bow in front of him in an authoritative tone. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see if Miyo’s gut feeling will come through for her in the end. Overall, this was a fantastic start for a new supernatural drama series. Whether this anime becomes Netflix’s next big hit or not, begs to be seen.


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