My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Light In The Darkness

Episode 12 of My Happy Marriage begins with Kiyoka wandering a spooky forest full of Grotesqueries and questioning if it’s all real. Meanwhile, we cut to Miyo lying next to Kiyoka as Arata guides her through the Dream-Sight process. Miyo promises Yurie and the others that she’ll save Kiyoka from his troubling scenario and enacts her Dream-Sight.

Miyo arrives in front of the Saimori House while Kiyoka is shown combatting multiple Grotesqueries in the forest. During his fight, Kiyoka hears Miyo calling out to him and asks where she’s at. We cut to Miyo entering the Saimori household and calling out Kiyoka’s name. Suddenly, a small girl starts toying with Miyo, enticing her to track her down. Miyo realizes the girl resembles her younger self. 

Miyo’s younger self leads her to a door that resembles the entrance to the shed Kanoko placed her in. Miyo opens the shed’s door and notices that her younger self now resembles what she looks like. Meanwhile, we cut to Kiyoka’s battle with the Grotesqueries again. He desperately wants to see Miyo again and apologize to her.

Miyo’s variant tells her she won’t allow her to see Kiyoka because she’s not good enough for him.  She tells Miyo Kiyoka is on the brink of death and says everyone Miyo comes across meets misfortune. Miyo acknowledges her failures and agrees that she might not be good enough for Kiyoka. However, Miyo feels it’s all right for her to be by Kiyoka’s side now, angering her spiritual variant. 

Miyo’s variant reminds her how miserable Miyo was after her mother’s passing. She says that Miyo made her heart numb to the pain to which Miyo agrees. Miyo tells her variant she knows she can change and plans to apologize to Kiyoka for hurting his feelings. She approaches her variant and tells her she doesn’t plan to run away from her problems anymore and will stand by Kiyoka’s side. 

Miyo promises her variant that she’ll bring Kiyoka back and live a happy life with him. Her variant wishes her luck and disappears.  Kiyoka’s kumihimo cord ends up in Miyo’s possession, urging her to head to his location. Miyo arrives at the battlefield and defeats a group of Grotesqueries to protect Kiyoka. She tells Kiyoka she’ll be taking him home, but more Grotesqueries show up.  

We cut to Japanese Emperor Mikado meeting with his men. They inform him that a girl from the Usuba family’s appeared. Mikado tells his men it’s important they eliminate the Kudo family because they pose a threat to them as well as the power of Dream-Sight. He uses his abilities to enhance the Grotesquerie’s strength in the dream realm where Miyo and Kiyoka are located. Despite Mikado’s efforts, his powers are no match for Miyo’s, resulting in her protecting Kiyoka from his attack. 

The forest lightens up and Kiyoka praises Miyo for protecting him. Miyo ties Kiyoka’s kumihimo cord for him and apologizes for the answer she gave to Yoshiro’s question at the Usuba house. Kiyoka apologizes for hurting Miyo’s feelings in the past, but Miyo says it’s fine. Miyo and Kiyoka admit they want the other to be by their side. After hearing their friends’ voices, Miyo and Kiyoka leave.

They awaken from their slumber to everyone’s delight. While Yoshito hugs Kiyoka, Miyo notices Arata leaving the area. Arata tells her he’s finished his business here. Miyo thanks Arata for helping her save Kiyoka but tells him she doesn’t plan to return to the Usuba house. Kiyoka tells Arata he plans to rematch him in the future to Arata’s delight. We cut to Prince Takaihito speaking with Ookaito.

He informs Ookai that Mikado lost his revelation abilities and committed a sin by opening the Grave. Takaihito plans to make Mikado atone for his actions someday. Meanwhile, Miyo and Kiyoka return home. Miyo reflects on what happened after they returned home from her not suffering from nightmares to her having lovely meals and trivial conversations with Kiyoka. 

Several days later, Miyo informs the audience that it’s finally party day. We cut to Kiyoka looking for Miyo at the party. Miyo approaches Kiyoka in her new dress and they both compliment each other. Before they head to the main area, Kiyoka asks Miyo if she’ll marry him. Miyo asks Kiyoka if he’d hold any regrets doing so, to which he says no.

The episode closes with the two promising to marry each other as they walk up some stairs. 

The Episode Review

My Happy Marriage’s final episode has come and what a joy of an episode it was. From Miyo confronting her past self to her using her newfound powers to defend her husband-to-be, she’s shown wonderful courage and growth in this chapter that’s hard to ignore. Moreover, it appears Mikado won’t be out of the woods yet due to Takaihito’s words toward Ookaito toward the end. 

Hopefully, he’ll receive a fierce punishment for his heinous crimes. Kinema Citrus went all out on this chapter’s production quality too. From our characters’ battles with the Grotesqueries and Mikado to the serene moment between Kiyoka and Miyo in the dream realm, Kinema Citrus went above and beyond with this episode’s visuals and deserves immense praise for their efforts. 

Considering how popular this anime was for Netflix enthusiasts and anime fans alike, it’s reassuring that another season was green-lit for this anime. Whether it’s checking up on Kaya’s servant progress or getting to see Miyo and Kiyoka’s wedding happen in real time, I’m excited to see what the future holds for our characters in season 2. Regardless, this was a great chapter to leave fans on. 

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  1. Hi June,

    I’m hoping the next season addresses some loose ends pertaining to some characters, the emperor included. I know a lot of people were hoping for a full release wiht all the episodes too, so that’d be great as well. I’m thankful it got greenlit for a new season altogether though.

  2. Hope the episodes become longer and more adult .. would love them to kiss and express there full love to each other … and yes the emperor has to loose his power … really curious how Miyo will develop and use her power … AND the WEDDING need to see the WEDDING …

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