My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

My Mother’s Legacy

Episode 11 of My Happy Marriage begins with Yoshiro explaining why Sumi married into the Saimori family and sealed off Miyo’s supernatural abilities to Miyo. He states it all started several years before she was born. They were backed by the Tsuruki Trading Company, which carried a massive debt. To alleviate the debt, a marriage proposal involving Sumi Usuba and Shinichi Saimori was brought into question. Yoshiro rejected their offer, but Sumi accepted them without consulting Yoshiro, leading to their argument. 

After the marriage occurs, Yoshiro confirms they cut off their means of communicating with Sumi. Yoshiro takes Miyo outside to show her cherry blossom tree and reiterates that she possesses Dream-Sight. Miyo touches the tree and we transition to the past and see Sumi with Shinichi. A man reminds Shinichi that he must have a child with Sumi who has the Usuba’s supernatural ability. Sumi gives birth to Miyo and realizes she possesses Dream-Sight. 

One day, Sumi overhears someone speaking with Shinichi. Shinichi tells the man he hasn’t confirmed if Miyo has the Usuba’s rich ability because she’s still an infant. The man urges him to act swiftly because the Saimori family will be downgraded. He suggests Shinichi have another child with Sumi in case something terrible happens. Sumi starts coughing blood and realizes she doesn’t have much time left. Sumi tells Miyo she’ll have to live on without her but seals her power away to prevent the Saimoris from misusing it. Miyo’s taken aback by everything. 

Meanwhile, Yoshito, Kiyoka, and the other units of the Anti-Special Grotesquerie Unit fighting Grotesqueries. They plan to exterminate every single one of them. Thereafter, Miyo awakens from her slumber and Arata greets her alongside one of the Usuba’s maids. Arata realizes Miyo no longer has terrible nightmares based on her healthy complexion. He hands Miyo a hand-me-down robe for maidens who have Dream-Sight and asks her to wear it. Despite recovering from her issues, Miyo states she can’t stop thinking about Kiyoka. 

Miyo and Arata eat a meal together. Miyo asks Arata to return her cherry blossom kimono to her, but he refuses. Miyo asks Arata if she wants to speak with Kiyoka because she feels she is wrong about everything. Arata says he won’t allow Miyo to leave because he’s waited years to see Miyo and feels happier about life. He vows to protect Miyo because it’s his duty. Arata explains his role to Miyo for a bit and begs Miyo to stay here with them because he doesn’t want to cede this mission to someone else. 

Later, Arata contemplates his time with Miyo in his office. He thought Miyo was like him, a person who lost the will to survive. At the same time, Kiyoka and his allies defeat the band of Grotesqueries. Suddenly, a Grotesuqier emerges from the treetops and attempts to harm Yoshito. Kiyoka pushes Yoshito aside to slay the beast but gets harmed in the process. He faints afterwards. 

In the morning, Yoshiro asks Miyo how she’s been feeling. Miyo asks Yoshiro if she can see Kiyoka again, and he says he can’t allow it. Yoshiro says Miyo reminds him of Miyo and apologizes for not doing anything to help her during her time at the Saimori household. He asks Miyo to rely on them for support. Miyo starts questioning things and lets out things that have been bothering her. Yoshiro shares some grandfatherly wisdom with Miyo and concludes that he’s happy to be meeting her. 

Miyo and Yoshiro revisit the cherry blossom tree. Miyo touches it to peer into the past. We return to the moment when Sumi seals Miyo’s ability away. Miyo sees Sumi and Sumi tells her she loves her, resulting in Miyo crying in the present. Arata arrives and informs the two about Kiyoka’s injuries. Arata says Kiyoka hasn’t regained consciousness yet, worrying Miyo. Arata tries stopping Miyo, but she tells him she will see Kiyoka again no matter what. 

Arata says he’s not the one forcing her to stay here. He reveals he made a deal with the Japanese Emperor, Mikado. Mikado helped them retrieve Miyo, in exchange, he wanted Arata to prevent Miyo from communicating with anyone else with supernatural abilities. Arata says he doesn’t know why, but warns Miyo that it’d be unwise to disobey his orders. After thinking it over, Arata says he’ll allow Miyo to see him. However, he’ll be accompanying her on her trip. 

Yoshiro has no complaints and grants the two permission to see Kiyoka. Yoshiro’s maid hands Miyo his cherry blossom kimono and she and Arata flee to see Kiyoka. Miyo arrives and rushes to Kiyoka’s aid. Arata says she can use her Dream-Sight to awaken Kiyoka from his slumber, but there’s a chance it won’t work.

The episode closes with Miyo plotting to use her ability to help Kiyoka. 

The Episode Review

After the previous chapter’s action-packed and emotional endeavor, many fans were worried if Miyo would ever see Kiyoka again. Thankfully, Miyo managed to convince Arata and Yoshiro to let her see Kiyoka again. Unfortunately, the reunion wasn’t what fans expected. Hopefully, Miyo’s Dream-Sight powers will assist her in waking Kiyoka up from his unconscious state. 

On the other hand, this chapter gives viewers more insight into Sumi’s character and what led to her marrying Shinichi. It appears it was for family and monetary reasons as some may have anticipated. The flashback gave us a better look at Shincihi’s character too. While he didn’t aid Miyo much during her life, it was nice seeing him show some resentment toward others’ wishes for Miyo. 

The whole debacle involving the Japanese Emperor Mikado will leave fans pondering too. As to what his plans are for Miyo are left up in the air at this point. We’ll surely receive an answer in next week’s final chapter though. If not then, then possibly in a second season. This episode also sheds more light on Arata and Yoshiro’s characters, making them feel less unappealing (to some degree).

Overall, this was a great chapter of My Happy Marriage. Hopefully, the final episode gives fans the “happy” ending they’re hoping for. 

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