My Happy Marriage – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake

Episode 10 of My Happy Marriage begins with Kiyoko and Miyo arriving at Arata’s place. Arata welcomes them and informs them that this place is called the Usuba house. Arata reveals his real name Arata Usuba and that he is Miyo’s cousin. Kiyoka tells Arata he’s arrived because of Miyo’s nightmare issues. Arata believes Miyo’s supernatural abilities are causing her to have nightmares. Although Miyo got tested for her supernatural abilities long ago, Arata says all members of the Usuba family have a special ability. 

Arata’s grandfather, Yoshiro Usuba, arrives and greets Kiyoka and Miyo. He informs Miyo that he’s Sumi’s father, her grandfather, and the Usuba family head. Kiyoka and Miyo follow them inside. Miyo realizes she’s feeling less disheveled. Arata explains it’s because of the Usuba family’s barrier around the house. Yoshiro tells Kiyoka Miyo’s nightmares will resume if she leaves the house. Yoshiro says he knows of a way to rid Miyo of her nightmares. However, he must turn Miyo over to them. 

Yoshiro says he wasn’t aware of Miyo’s dormant supernatural prowess, which is why he or Arata didn’t go after her before. He explains Miyo has Dream-Sight, the power to intervene in people’s dreams. Yoshiro says if the Usuba family doesn’t control Miyo’s Dream Sight, then it could lead to many calamities. Kiyoka refuses to let Miyo stay with them and says he plans to protect her. Arata argues against it. He brings up what happened with the Saimori household and the Grave as evidence against her staying with him.  

Arata asks Miyo what she wants and she doesn’t know. He asks Kiyoka to duel him for Miyo. If Kiyoka wins, Arata will teach him the method to control Miyo’s ability. Kiyoka accepts and the two men head outside for their duel. During their duel, Arata explains he doesn’t have Spirit-Sight like Miyo and reveals other members of the Usuba family don’t develop it either. He says the Usuba family’s line’s abilities are meant for fighting humans with supernatural prowess. 

Despite dominating Arata during their fight, Arata utilizes his illusionary tactics to trick Kiyoka and disarm him. Arata wins the duel and Miyo tries rushing over to Kiyoka. However, Arata places a barrier around Kiyoka and transports him away from the Usuba family household. Meanwhile, Okaito informs Yoshito about their situation involving the Grotesqueries. He tells Yoshito they’re starting to move in groups and says they need to act accordingly. He asks Yoshito to contact Kiyoka. 

Kiyoka returns home and Hazuki treats his wounds. She tells him to go back and retrieve Miyo from the Usubas. Despite losing the duel, Hazuki encourages Kiyoka to get her back and explains Miyo’s thought process to him. After contacting Yoshito, Kiyoka plans to head to headquarters to Hazuki’s disdain. Kiyoka says he has to set Miyo’s rescue aside for now because the situation can put many people’s lives in jeopardy. 

Meanwhile, we see Arata question the Imperial City’s fate if the Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit fails. He plans to concentrate on protecting Miyo to fulfill his duty. Arata visits Miyo in her room. He tells Miyo that Kiyoka’s fine and shows Miyo a picture of Sumi and Yoshiro. He informs Miyo that Sumi has telepathic abilities. Arata explains Dream-Sight principles to Miyo, stating that her abilities allow her to enter or manipulate anyone’s dreams, regardless of their strength. 

He says as her powers improve, Miyo will have a chance to peer into the past, present, and future through her dreams. Miyo wonders why her powers didn’t awaken until now. Yoshiro enters the fray and tells Miyo it’s because Sumi sealed them away.

The episode closes with Yoshiro promising to tell Miyo Sumi’s reasoning behind all her actions. 

The Episode Review

What started as a trip to save Miyo led to an outcome many folks may not have anticipated. Many viewers will be devastated to see that Kiyoka and Miyo split up in this week’s chapter of My Happy Marriage. Although the duel’s outcome may rub folks the wrong way, Arata utilized his powers well to pull one over on Kiyoka, who appeared to be advantageous over him during their fight. 

The battle itself was exhilarating and visually stunning. As with most of Kinema Citrus’s works like Made In Abyss, they pulled all the stops to make Arata and Kiyoka’s battle a thrilling experience for fans to observe. Additionally, this episode gave fans more insight into Arata and Yoshiro’s character. It was interesting to learn that he and Yoshiro are a part of the same family line as Miyo and that Miyo has supernatural capabilities. 

Based on the cliffhanger we receive at the end of episode 10, we’re in for a nice info-heavy episode. This upcoming chapter should give us everything we wanted to know about Sumi’s character and the reasons behind most of her actions. Overall, this was a solid chapter with a good balance of action and drama. Hopefully, Kiyoka can resolve the Grotesquerie problem soon and reunite with Miyo before the anime concludes.  

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