My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 2 “His Priority” Recap & Review


Song’s Decision

Episode 2 of the second season of My First First Love picks up where left off from before with Se-Hyeon and Tae-O discussing his housing situation. He tells her he can’t kick Song out or any of her roommates but he can move back with his parents. Not happy with his solution, she storms out, telling him not to bother trying to see her.

While Cheo-Hun decides to take Ga-Rin to work, she explains that she used to take pills for sleeping and for anxiety, but she doesn’t need them anymore since meeting them. She tells him that she’s happy that they are best friends. Later, Cheo Hun receives a text saying that part of the money has been wired to him and that the rest will be too once Ga-rin is home.

Song and Se Hyeon have a confrontation about the housing situation soon after where Song tries explaining what lead her to move in with Tae-O.

Meanwhile, Ga-Rin sees her parent’s PA at her work looking for her. She runs away and calls Cheo Hun who tells her that he is coming for her. He arrives and takes her away from the supermarket. Outside, he finally admits that he is the one that rang them as he was tempted by the reward. He explains that he was desperate because of failing his audition but now he feels guilty.

Back at the house, Do-Hyeon is staying the night and making dinner for Song-I, much to the dismay of Tae-O. Ga-Rin arrives, storming in, with Cheo Hun on her heels. She starts packing her stuff, much to the confusion of her roommates which prompts Cheo to admit to what he did. Feeling remorseful, he decides to fix things and go after Ga-Rin himself.

Tae is still not sure about Do staying the night but Do tells him he doesn’t need to be so protective. Song and Do share a touching moment where he also tells her he is a bit concerned about her living in the house.

The next day, Song is starting to have second thoughts about living there so she tells Tae O that if Cheo-Hun and Ga-Rin move out, she will too as she doesn’t want to create any more trouble between him and Se Hyeon. However, he doesn’t look too pleased about her decision. Cheo takes Ga-Rin to a safe place – a comic store. The next day, he tries to apologize but she replies that she feels betrayed.

In the evening, Song-I tells Do- Hyeon that she is moving to her friend’s house, thinking that the rest have moved out. However, when she gets back  she sees both of them there. Tae then confides to Song that he actually likes having them all in the house. However, she then tells him she is thinking about moving out anyway. She explains that it’s better for both their relationships and that’s it’s time that they each got on with their own lives. Just as she walks away, he tells her not to leave and we hear his thoughts where he admits that he likes her.

The second episode is little slower than the first but still enjoyable nonetheless. Seeing Tae-O slowly warming up to having all of his friends living there is a nice touch, adding some warmth into the series.

Choe and Ga-Rin’s relationship has changed quite a bit since last season due to last episode’s twist too. While they were the comical duo of the show, they now have a more serious turn which suits the changing style of the show perfectly.

As Tae is slowly realizing his feelings for Song, whether these two will finally hook up and Tae reveals his true feelings remains to be seen but perhaps right now it’s only a matter of time before this occurs.


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