My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Real Reason” Recap & Review


Complicated Feelings


My First First Love returns for a second season after a few months’ hiatus. After last season’s open ending, it’ll be interesting to see what adventures are reserved for our five friends and quite what Song-I and Tae-o’s relationship will develop into.

The episode begins with everyone back home and with Song I happily dating Do-Hyeon. They are still debating whether they should tell Tae-O about their relationship and later discuss their future, where Do promises that he will buy her house back once he has made enough money.

After witnessing Song and Do kissing, Tae seems confused about the situation and takes it out on Song-I by acting unreasonably toward her. We also catch up with Cheo-Hun who is still looking for other auditions after losing his job and Ga-Rin who is worried about letting slip to Se Hyeon that they are all roommates.

In the evening, Tae-O speaks to Song-I about how Se-Hyon has been acting distant since the trip. He then gets annoyed as Song is still not telling him about her new relationship. The next day, Song and her friend witness Se Hyeon getting into another man’s car but she is not sure she should tell Tae.

After having dinner with some of her school friends, Song gets a lift back from Dae-Geon but instead of taking her home, he ends up driving to the observatory. Because of his reputation with girls, Song starts to worry and texts Do Hyeon. After not getting a reply, she ends up texting Tae-O which is just as well, given Dae-Geon makes his move and tries to lock her inside the car. She rejects him just as Tae arrives. Realizing what Dae is trying to do, he kicks him to the ground. Dae leaves which allows Tae to finally reveal to Song that he knows about her and Do-Hyeon. She explains how they met and tell him she didn’t mean to lie to him.

Meanwhile, Choe-Hun finally gives in to temptation and calls Ga Rin’s parents to reveal her whereabouts. Tae is still behaving unfairly towards Song but deep down  we see that he is actually jealous. As they head home, Do Hyeon is there waiting so Tae decides to have a talk with him. He explains that he has known Song for 20 years and that sometimes he may act concerned. However, Do-Hyeon asks him to back down a bit as he is now there for her, and he doesn’t need to feel responsible anymore.

At breakfast, Ga-Rin finally admits that she told Se-Hyeon that they all live together, which prompts Tae to go and find his girlfriend to apologize. However, she tells him that she knows why he didn’t tell her – Song-I. She tells him that she will only accept his apology if he tells Song-I to leave the house where we leave the episode, and drama, for now.

The first episode starts quite strongly with a few interesting developments for our five characters to deal with. The same tone and pace as the last season is here, blending romance, humour and drama quite skillfully.

Seeing Choe being so desperate that he betrays his best friend Ga Rin is an interesting twist and quite where it will lead to, poses an intriguing notion indeed. The second season does feel a lot like the first, which is not a bad thing. It remains quite enjoyable and the different plotlines make this Korean show an easy one to binge. The love triangle remains the big focus though and it’ll be interesting to see what will happen with this in the next episodes.


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