My First First Love – Episode 8 – The Finale – “Turning Point” Recap & Review


The Finale

After seven episodes, the season finale to My First First Love begins with the whole gang leaving to go to Gangneung.

Before we get there though, we jump back a few days prior to this moment where Do Hyeon and Song-I are planning the trip itself. Tae-O finds out she is going away by going through her computer. From here, he then confronts Song-I about the trip with her boyfriend which he think is too soon into their relationship to be thinking about doing this. Especially after the way he let her walk home in the pouring rain the other night.

After receiving some bad news at his audition, Choe Hun arrives home drunk and to keep his mind off his potential rejection, Tae-O suggests that they all go to Gangneung. That way, it stops Song-I from going alone with her boyfriend. In a cruel sense of irony, they also invite Do Hyeon along too.

Back in the present day, Tae-O tells all his friends that Se Hyeon doesn’t know they all live together and makes them promise not to say anything to her. During the trip, Tae-O notices that Do and Song are getting closer together and begins piecing together what’s been happening.

Meanwhile, Song-I and Se-Hyeon talk about Tae-O. She explains that they’ve been friends since they were 3 while Tae-O explains to Do Hyeon and about the night Song-I arrived home drenched because her boyfriend didn’t walk her home. He tells Do that he doesn’t trust Song’s boyfriend because of this, unbeknownst to him that Do is that mystery boyfriend.

After a lengthy car trip, they all arrive at the house Tae-O rented and settle in for the night. Song-I sees a message on Se Hyeon’s phone that happens to be from another man saying they should go on a trip as well. It turns out she’s been seeing someone behind Tae-O’s back this whole time.

The next day, Tae-O and Song-I go shopping together and as they get lost, they decide to go to the beach instead. Once there, they discuss their relationships and feelings toward one another, leading to them both promising to be with people who respect and care for them. After their time together, they arrive home to find Do Hyeon none too happy about their excursion together. He keeps it to himself for now, long enough to overhear Choe Hun receiving a call and learning his contract has been cancelled.

Song-I and Do Hyeon then meet by the pool. He tells her that he is not happy, bothered by the close relationship she shares with Tae-O and believes these negative feelings will only continue to grow. She tells him she can’t change the past but the present is certainly in their control, telling Do that he is her love story and she kisses him passionately, just as Tae-O walks in and sees them.

The series then leaves things wide open with a tantalising prospect for a second season. As Tae-O reflects on his true feelings for Song-I, quite what will happen from here is anyone’s guess. I do hope this one is renewed for a second season though as there’s certainly enough here to warrant it. While it may not be the best Korean drama of the year, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable binge watch nonetheless. It’s one that’s been entertaining enough to watch over the past few days and one that’ll hopefully catch on with a larger audience in the weeks and months to come.


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