My First First Love – Episode 7 “A Rain Shower” Recap & Review


The Penultimate Realization

At the doorway where we left off from before, we return to My First First Love with Song-I telling Do-Hyeon she has always wanted the guy she likes to come to her house with flowers and profess his love. She also explains that she doesn’t want to tell Tae-O about them just yet as she always wanted to date someone in secret. It’s a strange offer but something Do agrees to go along with for now. Tae-O arrives home shortly after and tells Song-I that she will always have a home at his house.

As the two respective couples grow closer to one another, Se Hyeon brings Tae-O to her study group to the shock of Song-I as she’s obviously part of thisgroup and had no idea that Se-Hyeon was the girl he was seeing. Even worse, it’s revealed that Tae-O knew about her living in Song-I’s old house and as the drama unfolds, it turns out Se Hyeon orchestrated this to stir up trouble.

After some harsh words between the two girls, Tae-O and Song-I catch up some time later and discuss the events that took place earlier in the day. He explains that he felt bad that he had to go back to her old house which is why he didn’t tell her. Song-I discovers that Tae-O is doing Se Hyeon’s school research for her too which makes her very angry, sensing she’s just using him and not really in love as she proclaims. He tells her he’s only doing it because they’re both working on the film internship they are applying for which leads to the matter being dropped, for now.

Meanwhile, Choe Hun is practicing the dance but is having trouble keeping up with the moves. To make matters worse, he keeps deliberating over the reward for turning Ga Rin in but decides against it, unwilling to betray his friend. 

Back at the house, some ensuing drama between Song-I and Tae-O results in Tae-O eventually accepting that Song-I is in capable hands and both couples go on their respective dates, with everything seemingly going well for them during the night.

Later that evening, Tae-O watches some old videos of him and Song. At this point he realizes Song is not back and the rain is pouring outside so he goes out to look for her. He eventually finds Song-I, walking barefoot as she didn’t want to ruin the shoes he gave her. He bandages up her foot and tells her that she should leave her boyfriend because he let her walk in the rain. She defends him, explaining that he has a part time job and it wasn’t raining when she left him to walk back.

The episode then ends with all four roommates watching TV together due to the thunder outside which they’re all scared of. As they watch the box and try to keep their mind off the storm, Tae-O starts to realize he may have romantic feelings for Song-I.

This penultimate episode of My First First Love does an excellent job capturing all the emotion and drama that’s been bubbling up over the preceding episodes. Se Hyeon’s true colours really shine through here too and it’s something many people may have predicted at the start of the season. The devious way she coerces Tae-O and Song-I into their awkward drama really acts as the catalyst of change this episode that ultimately leads to Tae-O’s big realization at the end. Will Song-I and Tae-O hook up in the finale? Only time will tell but for now, this seventh episode certainly does well to build tension and leave things hanging in the balance going into the final episode.


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