My First First Love – Episode 6 “Confession Day” Recap & Review


Confessions Of Love

The sixth episode of My First First Love follows the same trend that much of the season has followed. It picks up right where we left off from before with Song-I ‘s reply to Do Hyeon. She tells him that Tae-O and her must have been attracted to one another at some point but it was fleeting and in the moment; a far cry from how she feels now.

Speaking of Tae-O, we catch up with him in the library with Se-Hyun. She explains to him that she doesn’t see her Father that much as he has to travel for work. On the spur of the moment, Tae-O asks her if she will be his girlfriend and she accepts the offer.

Happy with his answer, later that evening Tae-O explains to Song-I that the only reason he was trying to get into film school was to ask a girl out and that he has no interest in the arts. The conversation then turns to the awkwardness between Do Hyeon and Tae which has been exacerbated as of late after the incident involving their Fathers.

Determined to try and solve the problem himself, Tae-O wants to talk to his Dad about the rent issue but Do Hyeon advises against it. They clear the air with one another in the process though, rekindling their friendship and sharing their plans with their respective partners in the future.

After an awkward encounter in public where Ga Rin pays for a mobile game with way too much cash, Choe Hun finds out that he has been cast as an understudy meaning he may never perform on stage. As he deliberates over what’s happening and Ga Rin starts her job in the supermarket, the two people accompanying Ga Rin at the airport show up, asking if he’s seen the girl and explaining there’s a big reward for anyone who has.

Behind his Father’s back, Do Hyeon offers to clean and maintain one of Tae-O’s Dad’s properties in exchange for not putting the rent up. Unbeknownst to him, Song-I overhears the entire conversation taking place. This leads her to see Do in a different light, realizing the two have a lot in common and both work hard to make ends meet.

Later in the evening, Tae-O takes Se Hyun home where he soon learns she’s living in Song-I’s old house. As the conversation turns to Tae-O’s friend, his girlfriend is none too pleased, asking him not to mention the past or Song-I around his current romantic partner. Despite some ensuing awkwardness around this, the two end the night with a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, Do Hyeon plucks up the courage to ask Song-I out. He turns up with flowers and explains that although he doesn’t have very much, he likes her and would like them to go out together. She smiles and listens, ending the episode with a look of quiet euphoria that certainly bodes well for them both in the future.

Despite Tae-O’s teasing glimpses at a future with Song-I, there’s no denying that Do Hyeon’s big gesture at the end of the episode is something that’s been coming for a while. It’s a very satisfying moment too, one that shows how far his character has come in a short space of time and highlights some decent characterisation for him in the process. Quite what will happen from here is anyone’s guess but another solid episode for sure with this one.


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