My First First Love – Episode 5 “Saying I Like You” Recap & Review


Another Surprise Party

Picking up where it left off, the sixth episode of My First First Love sees Tae-O and Song-I talking about what she confessed at the end of the last episode. He admits he heard her whole conversation while she was on the phone the other night and, after some deliberation, has decided they should just be friends. Confused about what he’s saying, she tells him that he is not the one she likes but it is someone he works with, leaving him to wonder just who this person may be.

While Tae-O ponders over this, Song-I and Do Hyeon meet for their date but Song is a little disappointed. After a pleasant date, she wanted him to ask her out but he doesn’t, leading to her doubting herself. Thankfully, Tae-O is at hand who reassures her and gives her some advice going forward.

Back at the house, a restless Choe Hun is getting agitated because he hasn’t heard from the people he auditioned for in the last episode. Ga Rin tries to get his mind off things with her cooking but it makes it worse, as she accidentally puts too much salt in the mix. Choe Hun instead goes and sees Tae-O, telling him that he should pay less attention to Song-I as they both have other people in their lives.

As romance blossoms, Tae-O’s father goes and sees Do Hyeon’s father at his restaurant. He tells him he’s increasing the rent and should have done so years ago.  As he leaves the restaurant, he sees his son and Song-I together, leading him over to the table and informing Song-I of her mother’s financial problems. As this moment passes and the two enjoy the rest of their meal, Song-I leaves while they both deliberate over their true feelings for one another.

Meanwhile, Tae-O drops Se Hyon home and receives a call from Choe’s audition saying he’s passed. Delighted, Do Hyeon sees Tae-O waiting for Song-I at the bus-stop to tell her the good news. As he watches on from a distance, he sees them walking off together, laughing and sharing a moment.

Later on, Do Hyeon and Song-I have lunch together after a surprise party for Choe Hun where he opens up on how he feels about the situation. He thinks Tae-O cares about Song-I and asks her outright if she ever had feelings for Tae-O. Before she gets a chance to answer, the episode ends and we’re left with a big cliffhanger to chew over.

The idea to throw a surprise party is something we saw in the last episode too and in a way feels a little bit of a lazy plot device. Still, there’s a good dose of drama here and the way everything seems to be slotting into place for a dramatic finale is certainly a welcome inclusion here. The undercurrent of romance between Tae-O and Song-I continues to be a dominant factor of this show and there’s no denying there’s definitely chemistry there. Another good episode for sure, My First First Love continues to deliver the goods in its fifth episode.


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