My First First Love – Episode 4 “The Guy You Told Me About” Recap & Review


The Audition & The Party

Episode 4 of My First First Love picks up right where it left off from before. Tae-O replays the conversation he heard with Song-I in his head, not realizing it wasn’t him she was talking about. As he sinks into a deep slumber, he dreams of Song-I where she admits she has feelings for him and the two kiss passionately.

The next day Tae-O tells Song-I he can’t give her lifts on his moped anymore because he will have a girlfriend soon, hiding his obvious confliction over the way he feels about her. However, he does feel bad about his decision and follows her to the bus stop, backing down on his initial reluctance and giving her a lift.

Meanwhile Choe Hun sings in an audition while Ga-Rin goes and watches him. As he nails his performance, the judges spin round to see Ga-Rin clapping enthusiastically. Afterward, they share a funny moment at lunch which lifts his spirits and gives him some real hope that he’s nailed the role.

After a flurry of bad news, Song-I’s luck changes as she and her friend both find out they’ve won the internship they both applied for. Intent on celebrating, she reaches out to Tae-O and asks him out to coffee. He refuses, pushing her away so she tells him over the phone about the job role instead that she got the job.

With unresolved tension hanging in the air, Tae and Do have a conversation about what’s been happening in the house. Tae tells him someone likes him but he has to turn her down whilst Do admits he’s starting liking a girl too. In an amusing twist of fate, both characters are obviously talking about Song-I without realizing it. This leads to Song-I deciding to sleep in a tent outside. Tae-O acts cold toward her to begin with, given his reluctance to fuel her alleged affection for him, but eventually warms up and the two connect.

With the love triangle brewing between the three central characters, Oh Ga-Rin decides to throw a party, which Song-I immediately suggests inviting Do Hyeon to. While Oh Ga-Rin and Choe Hun prepare the rooftop for the ensuing party, Tae-O has an interview at the film club. They tell him he might have a chance to get in but he needs to present a 5 minute short film with a catch – it has to make Se-Hyeon laugh.

Back at the party, they all celebrate Song getting the internship, mixing a heady cocktail of drink, good food and slow-motion clips of the various friends laughing and smiling. As the drinks start flowing, Choe, Do Hyeon and Song-I all admit they’re interested in someone, leaving things hanging in the balance going forward.

The fourth episode really showcases a change in tone and fortune for the inhabitants of Tae-O’s house. As the various relationships deepen and further trials and tribulations present themselves for Tae-O and Song-I, it’ll be interesting to see what direction the show takes from here but the halfway mark of My First First Love does a great job delivering a thoroughly enjoyable episode.


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