My First First Love – Episode 3 “Fretting about Someone” Recap & Review


The Love Triangle

We begin Episode 3 at the police station where Tae-O takes Song-I away. Given their long history together, he’s not happy she didn’t tell him what’s going on in her life. She tells him she’s been feeling bad and couldn’t ask him to stay because of all his other friends staying with him. While Tae-O absorbs this new information, she tells him she’s been trying to deal with the situation herself and not have to rely on anyone.

At this point, Do-Hyeon arrives and takes her suitcase back to Tae-O’s house. After everyone has had some rest for the night, the next morning sees all four housemates discuss the situation and come up with an agreement that sees them doing chores in exchange for staying at Tae-O’s permanently. Determined to make good on their promise, Oh Ga-Rin and Choe Hun leave on a bus, looking for work.

While Tae-O tries to woo Ryu Se-Hyeon,  Do Hyeon and Song-I grow closer together. Meanwhile, Ga Rin and Choe Hun find a role as extras in a movie but hilariously, Ga Rin keeps exaggerating all her moves on camera, leading to them both getting fired from their gig.

The episode then ends with Tae-O going for dinner in his parents’ house. He learns from his Step-Mum that Song-I’s Mum owed them a lot of money before she fled and these debt issues may come back to haunt her. After dinner, Tae-O heads home, deliberating over what he’s just heard, where he overhears Song-I on the phone to her friend, talking about a guy she’s interested in. While Tae-O believes she’s talking about him, in fact it’s actually Do Hyeon.

My First First Love returns with another episode that deepens the character relationships and adds an interesting love triangle to the mix. Song-I continues to be one of the most intriguing characters in the show though whilst Ga Rin and Choe Hun’s rehearsals during their gig at the movie studio is arguably the highlight of the episode. Despite a rocky start, this Korean drama is really coming into its own now and it’ll be interesting to see where the characters go from here.


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