My First First Love – Episode 2 “I Need A Room & You Have Many” Recap & Review



Deeper Connections

Episode 2 of My First First Love picks up right where it left off from before, with all four friends waiting for Tae-O to arrive home from his blind date. After seeing a girl prior to this around campus, Tae-O envisions the girl he’s meeting to be exactly like her. Funnily enough, when he gets there, his date happens to be that very same girl.

Still reeling from their first chat together, Tae-O returns home alone to ponder his thoughts. Only, he doesn’t get much of a chance to do that as he’s bombarded by his four friends that greet him at the door. Oh Ga-Rin receives a call from her Mum during the commotion but swiftly breaks her phone, much to the confusion of those around her. All of the friends tell him they have nowhere to go and beg to stay with him. The only one to not ask is Do-Hyeon. Just as Song-I is about to pluck up the courage to ask to stay as well, Tae-O tells her no, informing his friend there’s enough people living at his house now and to go home.

When he’s finally alone, he texts who he thinks is his blind date only to receive some pretty angry texts back. It turns out the girl he met wasn’t even his date, he just presumed as much. As the plot thickens, Song-I returns back to her old house only to bump into the very same girl that Tae-O has been seeing; she happens to live there now.

After a revealing flashback shows Song-I hiding her crush on Tae-O, we catch up with our protagonist as he goes on the hunt for the girl of his dreams. He eventually finds her too, holding up in an art club room around campus. Her real name is Ryu Se-Hyeon and she explains she never lied o him but did enjoy playing along with the facade.

Back at the library, Do Hyeon tells Song to go back to Tae-O and ask to stay there after seeing her trying to sleep in a library after-hours. After refusing to go to Tae-O, he takes her to his parents’ shop instead and sets up a bed for her, just as Song finally gets a call from her Mum. We learn from here that she left after her husband died and she’s not coming back anytime in the foreseeable future. Selfishly, she tells her daughter she needs time by herself.

Depressed and walking alone down a bridge, we leave the episode this week with Song-I calling a suicide hotline and trying to connect with the operator down the other end of the line. Unfortunately, this connection rings alarm bells for the operator on the phone, especially as suicide is mentioned. The police show up and arrest Song-I, leaving both Do Hyeon and Tae-O to scramble toward the police station and free her.

With the main characters already established, this week’s episode is really focused on Tae-O and his blossoming romance looming on the horizon. Whether this will last though is anyone’s guess but for now, the increased drama and teasing glimpses of romance, make My First First Love an interesting prospect going forward.


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