My First First Love – Episode 1 “A Close Friend – Who’s Only Just A Friend” Recap & Review



Through The Years

My First First Love wastes no time getting to the heart of its story, beginning this Korean drama with Tae-O celebrating his birthday. He’s just turned 20 and his Dad has decided now is the time for him to stand on his own two feet. With the prospect of moving out looming ever nearer, Tae-O suggests inheriting his Grandfather’s house as it needs looking after. His Father agrees, telling him he has to be responsible and that he’s not allowed any girls over.

Agreeing to this request, we then jump forward a year to see a 21 year old Tae-O living alone for a year and wanting to find a girlfriend he can move in with. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple and as he walks into his room, he sees Choe Hun on the coach. He explains he’s quit school and is being kicked out by his parents.

Now no longer living on his own, we cut forward another year to see a 22 year old Tae-O with his friend Do-Hyeon on bed. He reassures Tae-o he’s just crashing there temporarily while his house is being renovated.

Now 23, another flash forward sees our main protagonist getting ready for a blind date. Before he goes however, he decides to visit his old friend Song-i whose having all her things seized and is on the verge of being evicted from her house. Admittedly, from here the episode gets a little confusing. We cut back in time to see various Song-i flashbacks, including one involving her Father dying and Tae-O making it his mission to cheer her up. Prior to this, we see another flashback of the time the two attended school together, with Tae-O overhearing Song-i telling her friends she’s never had any feelings for him.

The eccentric teenager from earlier, Choe Hun, surprises his parents by singing at a wedding. Unfortunately, they aren’t best pleased with this and his Father beats him for it. Disgusted with his son, he tells him to leave, taking everything he has ever bought with his money with him.

While Choe Hun deliberates over what to do next, at the airport we catch up with another character, Oh Ga-Rin, who goes to the bathroom and puts on a disguise before leaving. She’s heading for Tae Oh’s house and ironically, so too are the other characters we’ve caught up with in the show. The most dramatic of which, coming from Song-i.

After receiving an urgent call, she runs to her house to find people taking all her furniture away. She explains to the new owner that her Dad has just passed away and she can’t get hold of her Mum but the pleading is fruitless – there’s nothing she can do to stop this. With a suitcase in hand, she walks the streets while the four other characters converge at Tae-Oh’s house, waiting for him to arrive home.

As an opening episode, My First First Love does a pretty good job establishing its characters and setting a precedent for the tone to follow. While some of the flashbacks are a little confusing, with no warning over their appearance,there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless. There’s some good jokes here too and even early on, when Tae-O brandishes a knife and it’s construed as threatening to the family, the humour plays a big part in how well this one does.

Quite where the story goes from here is anyone’s guess but there’s enough intrigue to keep things interesting and keep you watching through to the next episode.


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