My Father’s Violin Ending Explained: Why does Ozlem run away?

My Father’s Violin Plot Synopsis

The story centers on a young 8 year old girl called Ozlem. Her father, Ali Razir is a street performer and together they eke out a living with some of their friends. Unfortunately, when Ali becomes ill and dies, Ozlem is left in the care of his estranged brother, Mehmet.

With bad blood between the brothers and Mehmet’s arrogant, selfish attitude a big hindrance, can Ozlem thaw his icy heart and make him see the true meaning of life?

What happened between Ali Razir and Mehmet?

A lot of the drama in this film revolves around the baggage between Mehmet and Ali Razir. When Ozlem runs away from home after thinking Mehmet is going to give her back to the orphanage, he opens up and reveals the truth to her.

In the past, Mehmet and Ali Razir’s father passed away. In his absence, their mother married another man who ended up beating them every day. Their mother would ignore it, turning to alcohol and drowning her sorrows. In time, the pair ended up raised by an alcoholic and a monster.

The two brothers made a promise to run away together but a big misunderstanding ensued between the pair. Mehmet has been convinced his brother abandoned him. In reality, Ali could only afford one ticket for the boat, so he sacrificed his own life and wellbeing to save Mehmet.

Ali Razir had been following his progress all this time, with a book full of newspaper clippings and pictures of his brother through all these years. Why he never actually explained himself while he was alive or tried to catch up with Mehmet before his terminal diagnosis is another matter.

Does Mehmet patch things up with Suna?

When the pair have a fight earlier in the movie, Mehmet is left to reflect on his own selfishness and arrogance. Almost losing Ozlem is the turning point for this and with the young girl’s help, manages to win her over at a restaurant. He pours his heart and soul into his apology, which eventually sees Suna back in his life.

Mehmet’s harmony in life is reflected through his composition too, which he manages to complete just in time for the big production. Up until this point he’s been struggling to inject emotion and feeling into his work, which again is something that’s juxtaposed through Mehmet’s indifference and nonchalance to life.  Once he’s got all his affairs in order, the composition flows beautifully.

Does Ozlem die?

While Mehmet and Suna rehearse their big composition, Ozlem is left to her own devices. She heads to the vending machine and helps herself to a pot of nuts. The trouble is, she’s actually allergic to this and she soon heads onto stage and collapses.

Believing that Mehmet has not fulfilled his obligations as a responsible guardian – given he never read Ozlem’s file and saw what she’s allergic to – Inci decides to take the girl back to the orphanage, believing that’s what’s best for her.

When Ozlem demands to see Mehmet, he heads in to see her and explains that the violin Ali Razir had was actually their father’s, before he passed away. Mehmet decides to carve Ozlem’s initial on the back as a way of showing that she’s now part of the family.

Why does Ozlem run away?

When Ozlem is taken to the orphanage, she’s obviously not happy and runs away. The police have been notified but Inci rings Mehmet and asks him for help.

With the big performance about to begin and a full audience eagerly awaiting his composition, Mehmet decides to leave and races back to Ozlem. Ozlem is just wandering the streets, as it happens, and he manages to find her with relative ease. She’s surprised that Mehmet is there and worries that he’ll miss his big performance. So he grabs her by the hand and rushes back to the theatre, being sure not to tell Inci or the police where they are.

The pair arrive just in time to perform for the final song. After playing, the whole orchestra receive a standing ovation… and then the film ends.

Does Ozlem manage to gain custody of Ozlem?

Given how abrupt the big finale of the movie is, it’s fair to say that Ozlem would be taken back to the orphanage. The credit sequence shows Ozlem and Mehmet dancing in the street and playing the violin together so it’s safe to assume this occurs some time later after the events of the movie.

It could be that they’re honoring Ali Razir’s memory by performing in the street. Given Mehmet’s newfound dedication to doing what’s fright by Ozlem, it could be that Inci and social services realize that he’s a suitable parent after all and allow him to take custody of Ozlem.



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