My Demon – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 16 of My Demon picks up where we sadly left off, with Gu-won combusting. Do-hee is overwhelmed with tears, and so are we. Even the deity is moved by Gu-won’s sacrifice and tears up. Meanwhile, all the clocks in Gu-won’s office stop running. Bok-gyu, Ga-young and everyone in the know, mourn Gu-won in their way.

Following the “death” of Gu-won, Do-hee drowns in grief and is unable to do anything. The police arrest Suk-min, but he only keeps ranting and laughing to himself. Suk-min believes he won and is content with himself.

The police think he is crazy and feel bad for Do-hee, who is unable to speak about the incident. The police believe she is reeling from shock and the fact that Gu-won is ‘missing.’

What happens to Suk-min?

After his arrest, he is given a death sentence. This means he can never leave the prison and will die there. It is little solace given all his evil actions, but it is nice to know that the ghost of his mom torments him.

On the other hand, Se-ra , his wife, tries to move on with her life and leaves the company to start a shelter for kids of domestic abuse. She apologises to Do-hee and promises to try to be better. Do-hee commends her for the courage to speak up and bring change.

We understand that Do-gyeong only wanted to save his mom and himself from Suk-min. Tragically, he was unable to. In all this, he was a victim of circumstance.

Su-ahn also abandons her brother and tries her best to align herself with Do-hee and Seok-hoon for the future of her kids. Ultimately, Suk-min ends up alone in prison, tormented by his mother’s ghost.

What happens to Do-hee after Gu-won’s disappearance?

As expected, she grieves her husband. The sadness of losing Gu-won is not easy, but thankfully, she has Seok-hoon and Da-jeong looking after her. As it had been the Christmas season, she hoped to be with him. They had made plans, but Gu-won was no longer there with her.

On Christmas day, she heads to the spot by the river and makes a deal. The deity pities her and agrees to honour her wish. Do-hee asks for Gu-won’s return and is moved when he suddenly shows up, and for a brief moment, time stops as water droplets float around her.

Just like that, our sweet couple reunite and embrace each other. They have been through a lot, and they deserve a happy ending.

How did Gu-won return?

Before dying, Gu-won made a deal with the deity. If you can recall, he bet on their survival when he was desperate to get his tattoo back safely. Given that he and Do-hee survived the tattoo transference, he won the bet.

The deity also felt moved by his sacrifice and Do-hee’s willingness to make a deal to get Gu-won back. As such, she granted Do-hee’s wish and gave Gu-won his job back as a demon. Ultimately, even the deity became #teamDoWon and decided it was time this couple found their happiness. The couple hits the ground running, appreciating every moment.

Gu-won finally reveals that Do-hee’s dad asked him to save his pregnant wife and child. Do-hee is surprised to hear that the deal was meant to save her and understands that she got ten years with her parents thanks to it.

They celebrate their Christmas and finally return to work. Everyone is happy to see Gu-won. However, Seok-hoon seems the happiest, given how many times he hugs Gu-won.

What happens to the company?

After the dust settles Seok-hoon becomes the chairperson and based on how he held the first shareholders’ meeting, we can rest assured the company is in good hands. Do-hee backs him, and even Su-ahn offers her support.

Does Ga-young leave?

Before leaving for England, Ga-young visits her old neighbourhood and runs into a young girl abused by her father. Ga-young steps up to protect the girl since she is also reminded of how Gu-won saved her from her father. She opts to stay in Korea and be the angel this young girl needs.

Ga-young’s character development throughout this show is admirable, and we only wish she ended up with Seok-hoon. Nonetheless, she is at a happier place, and we love her journey.

How does My Demon end?

While Bok-gyu and Da-jeong’s relationship grows strong enough to come out publicly, Gu-won and Do-hee hit a minor rough patch. Thankfully, it is nothing serious, just their typical bickering. They still love each other.

Four months down the line, they are still dedicated to each other. The show ends with the couple kissing in the park and the deity smiling at them.

The Episode Review

My demon takes its final bow gracefully and leaves us with smiles, just like when we started. This show has warmed our hearts for the past eight weeks, but as with all good things, the end has come. First, we must talk about the amazing chemistry between the leads.

Song Kang and You-jung did their best to bring their characters to life. The supporting characters also helped to move the story forward and infuse the comedy that lightened the mood. However, after episode 10, the show felt draggy. There were too many storylines that kept meandering.

This show could have done much better with 12 episodes instead of 16. Nonetheless, My Demon has been a fun watch. Let us know your favourite scenes and characters. We always look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “My Demon – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Really a great series. Loved Kang Song so much and wish him all the best in his military training. 💕

  2. I absolutely love the show from beginning to end! I love Song Kang! I’ve watched every movie he’s done….probably because he’s so gorgeous 😍
    He and his Costar had an amazing chemistry that made me tune in whenever there was a new epoisode.
    I would love to see these two do another love story soon

  3. Loved it hoping for another season, I will be watching it again. They had great chemistry together couldn’t get enough, love the ending

  4. I loved this show from start to finish..Great script, storyline, and characters. Gu won and Do do hee were expertly portrayed by Song Kang and his female lead. They build their love story so realistically. The hardest episode to watch was 15 with Gu won disintegrating before Do do Hee. The scene tore your heart out. Just glad I had a box of kleenex nearby. Sso happy with the finale is all I will say♥️

  5. I really enjoyed My Demon. I think the parts with the gang members could have been left out. I didn’t didn’t care for the dancer girl part. It seems like she was always doing the same routine for the performance. But overall it was good. I really love Song Kang. He is gorgeous.

  6. Congratulations very good love story, i hope that Song Kang and You-Jung will have another story in Netflix they are matched ♥️♥️

    Gu Won & Do Hee …Win Against All Odds😊😊😊
    Congratulations to the Scriptwriter & Director. Especially to the lead actors Song Kang & Kim You Jung 🥰

  8. Congratulations to the Scriptwriter & Director, executed well of the story. Especially Song Kang & You Jung portraying the character roles. In the ending of the story, LOVE CONQUERS ALL 💖 They win against the odds😊

  9. MY DEMON was a storyline I was very curious to watch as it had all the elements of a cursed demon, forbidden romance, and heaven and hell which were very similar to my own storyline Dark Fantasy Romance Dantalion Of The Goetia Series. I loved Song Kang’s cool and collective and devilishly handsome character😈 and many scenes captivated my attention, but the winner for me was when he sacrificed himself to save his love 💕 Sad to see it come to an end…

  10. Yes I liked the show am watching it again and found its better cos you can watch all the episodes in 1 day and through the night which I realized with all episodes just flow together like that

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